RDX MMA Gloves Review – Are These Any Good?

Firstly any RDX products, which I have ever used, give incredible quality price ratio and the company mostly produces above average products. However, RDX always tends to produce at least one superior product which always enters many best lists.

I can say that company really knows about fight gears and determined to be dominant. With that how about the MMA gloves? Are these any good? RDX has a myriad of MMA gloves on the market. With that, I selected the most popular ones which are trained by many people in MMA, boxing and Martial Arts forums. Also, comparing to ALL RDX gloves, the gloves on this list have way better feedback from verified purchases (online shopping sites) as well. In this RDX MMA Gloves review, you can find out all about these gloves and also sizing information for your hand. I also have personal experience with one pair and below you can also read it too.


RDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Training T1 Gloves Review

Protection Rating: 9.1 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating (Grappling, padding…): 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 9.3 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon


  • Genuine full grain cowhide leather
  • Good wrist support
  • Padding distributes the shock extra well
  • Ideal for all training types including bag and pad work
  • Have all safety features and very quality wrist support
  • Comfy and gets rids of moisture quite fast
  • Incredibly popular in boxing and MMA gyms
  • The best RDX pair
  • Very good quality price ratio

This glove is made of genuine leather which is cowhide and it is incredibly sturdy and feels good. It has also double stitching and considering the reviews on MMA forums it does a pretty good job for extending the durability. According to my researches (and I read seriously a myriad of buyer testimonials), you can use this pair at least 2 years.

The padding of it is a bit harder than usual and distributes shock fairly good.

It is snug fit and when you move your fingers, it provides a bit more tension than usual. It is not much however you should know that before you buy it.

With that, the finger part is not bulky and as you know the padding is a bit stiffer than usual. So the padding actually helps with grappling because it is a bit stiff and thinner than usual. Thanks to this, you can do better ground work. Of course, there are far better MMA gloves which can give you better grappling performance however it is still quite good and you can be sure that it will provide you to use your dexterity very well.

Training Performance: I would give 8 out of 10 for ground work and 9.5 out of the 10 for heavy bag and focus mitt training performance.

Safety: It has a very solid Velcro closure and it is snug fit. According to a myriad of reviews, it stabilizes your wrists quite well and please note that these reviews also include people who regularly do punching bag training.

I also checked many fitting ratings. It is snug fit and if you get it according to the size information, it will be like custom made for you.

Break-in Period: It is only 2 weeks.

Sizing: Below you can find the sizing information and you can choose all RDX MMA gloves on this list accordingly.

Size: S Wrist (A) less than 6.25″ Knuckles (B) less than 4″
Size: M Wrist (A) 6.25″ – 7.00″ Knuckles (B) less than 4.5″
Size: L Wrist (A) 7.00″- 7.75″ Knuckles (B) less than 5″
Size: XL Wrist (A) 7.75″ – 8.5″ Knuckles (B) less than 5.5″

Price: Well this is the best part. It is the most quality RDX MMA Gloves and literally gives you more than your money’s worth. The MMA gloves, which are in the same price range, just do not provide solid durability or training performance at the same time and I am really sure that you will love the price.

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RDX MMA Maya Hide Gloves Product Overview

RDX MMA Maya Hide Gloves ReviewProtection Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating (Grappling and Padding): 8.8 / 10.0

Durability: 8.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Good and classic design
  • A bit more padded finger department
  • Suitable for all training types
  • Layers of padding
  • Above average quality glove with really affordable price

Firstly, it is suitable for all training types and has a classic design. Maya Hide is not the most durable cover material however it is still better than gloves which are made of vinyl or other synthetic leather.

Well, I need to say that the wrist part is alright and nothing spectacular like the pair above. If you don’t punch the heavy bag in a proper form then because of “alright” wrist department, you may have trouble with it. If you can provide fairly a proper form however it is all good but you should definitely keep in mind that before buying it.

My Experiences: I trained with RDX MMA Maya in Thailand for about 2 months and I felt that the wrist strap does not provide enough wrist support. It felt like there is not much connection between hand and wrist compartment. However, the overall training performance is definitely above average. The padding quality is also alright. It delivers the shock quite well and does the job just fine. After heavy bag sessions, my knuckles are only a bit sore. As a final note, I also did some punch mitt training and never felt any soreness whatsoever. Even though I actually don’t remember about comfort much but still I remember that I did not complain about sweat or heat. So you can assume that it is comfy enough 😉

The liner is a bit rougher than usual however it did not bother me at all and you will have 1-2 weeks break in period. So you will start getting natural striking experience very soon.

Price:  Have a look at the price on Amazon. It has many color selections including pink, blue and red.

Final Thoughts

Well RDX Cowhide Leather MMA Training has a better design, padding quality and leather. The durability is just superb and many people, who train MMA, do ALL training types with it and so far I generally read very good things about it on everywhere. So if you want to get the most quality RDX pair, then definitely have a look at the price on Amazon. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my RDX MMA Gloves reviews and if you any questions or anything to share, please just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.


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10 thoughts on “RDX MMA Gloves Review – Are These Any Good?”

  1. This is some good information for some great gloves.
    I am thinking about getting my son into fighting also and would like to know if they have kids sizes also.
    I really like these because they will protect his hands but need to know if the sizes are smaller or larger in size.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. I honestly don’t know whether RDX has a kid’s model or not so I honestly can’t evaluate the quality of it. However, if you liked one of these models and it has a suitable size for your son, you can get it without any issues. Just check it out on the product page.

  2. Now this pair is a little more expensive than some in a previous post of yours. I am curious if they have more padding, or are just a better quality? Is spending the extra money worth it for this type of investment? How long will a pair generally last? I look forward to your response.

    1. You left a couple of comments so I really don’t know which pair you are talking about. If it is grappling gloves and yes the first one has more padding for protecting your hands while punching. It also has more layers.

      RDX Cow Hide Leather will last around 2 years.

  3. These gloves look nice, I do a little bit of kung fu in my spare time and need some good gloves for wrestling on the mats. Without gloves, it can be hard to get a good firm grip on your opponent and you sometimes slip off due to the sweat. As you mentioned you want a glove that feels like it is part of your hand, not a separate entity.
    Do these gloves breath? also, do you need to wear an inner glove for sweat etc? Thanks Brian.

    1. Man, you should definitely do your research well because Kung Fu is quite different and I really don’t have any idea about this martial art. So you need to do some more reading.

      Air regulating qualities are decent and it uses cowhide which is a good material for wicking the moisture. This pair is quite tight and the finger compartment’s design is quite minimal and there is less cover material which is used for making this pair. So you will feel like as you described.

  4. Hi Furkan, these RDX MMA gloves look awesome for those into boxing. They are made out of good hard wearing material and look like they would last years.

    A good boxing glove would for sure be worth its weight in gold. I’ve done a little boxing before (I absolutely love it for fitness), but I’ve never used decent gloves like these, so therefore I have ended up with injuries, particularly wrist problems. I guess it goes with the territory, but if I was to ever get into it again I would make the investment to buy good quality to take care of my hands.

    1. MMA gloves’ protection is not really good if you will only punch.

      Even though some models of RDX MMA Gloves have decent padding, the wrist support is just not enough and you may hurt your wrists.
      If you are doing only punching training, basically you will need boxing gloves instead of MMA gloves.

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