Revgear Boxing Gloves Review

Revgear Boxing Gloves Review and my opinions about the brand

Revgear was established in Los Angeles, California and just after a couple of months it was established, it started delivering products to all over the world. The company produces various different fight gears however it specializes in boxing gloves and when you have a look at the company’s boxing gloves, you can see that there are many styles of boxing gloves including Mexican, Muay Thai, bag gloves… Many successful coaches suggest their stuff to people and one of these names is Rafael Cordiero from Kings MMA. By the way, you know Kings MMA, right? It is one of the most famous MMA centers in the world which has boxing, MMA, and various other martial arts classes.

Anyway, without further ado let’s start Revgear Boxing Gloves review with quite good quality training gloves.

Revgear 10500 Pro Leather Training Gloves Review

Revgear 10500 Pro Leather Training Gloves ReviewProtection: 9.0 / 10.0

Training Quality: 8.5 / 10.0

Durability: 8.6 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.5 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 9.4 / 10.0

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Especially front and upper compartments are quite bulky and even when you look at the picture you can see that it has a lot of padding.  Alright, let’s talk about padding. The gloves below also have the same padding type so I will not mention about this below. The padding density is a bit above average. It is nothing like Fairtex Boxing Gloves padding which is super dense or Boon’s padding which has normal density. It is somewhere in between. The padding’s shock absorbance and heavy bag performance are above average. You can hear a satisfying “pop” when you punch a punching bag with these gloves which have decent padding.

Training performance: B+

Revgear 10500 Pro Leather is suitable for all training types since it has all the qualities for training and safety. For example, it has attached thumb for sparring. So you won’t hurt the face (eye) of your sparring partner and it is also reinforced so you don’t have any thumb injury. The attached thumb also helps you make a proper fist. And if you are a beginner or just prefer this, this quality will surely come in handy.

Speaking of the attached thumb, your thumb will not be in a weird position which is a quite common problem for many boxing gloves and this can lead to various injuries so it is a plus that you will not have any of these with this glove.

The palm compartment is made of vinyl and it does not need to be made of quality leather since this part barely gets any deformation. In my opinion, this is a good way to save some money. The other parts’ construction is different, made of decent leather as it is supposed to be.

However, the construction is not suitable for longevity. According to my research, the duration is around 2 years and when you see the price you will understand that you get the best bang for your buck.

Check out the Price 

There are reviews of other Revgear Boxing Gloves, which are popular, below yet these have lower quality (training and materials) than Revgear Pro Leather and also more expensive price tags so before you read I just wanted you to save some time.

Revgear Elite Leather Boxing Gloves Review

Revgear Elite Leather Boxing Gloves ReviewProtection: 8.7 / 10.0

Training Quality: 8.1 / 10.0

Durability: 7.9 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.0 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 8.5 / 10.0

Revgear Elite’s some of the qualities are the same. This one also has an attached thumb to provide safety during sparring. And Revgear Elite also has all the necessary qualities for being a training pair. The leather is “rougher” than Pro Leather.

Alright, there are reasons why you should choose Revgear Pro, which is the pair above, instead of Revgear Elite. First of all, this one has a tough cover material and actually there is not any need for it. Since there are many people who buy these gloves for sparring since both gloves have attached thumb. So the tougher leather can actually hurt your opponent and it lasts actually shorter. So what is the point? The second thing is that Revgear Elite is heavier so your punching performance will be lower and you don’t get better protection. All overall Revgear Elite gets C+. However, if you are thinking of getting Pro Leather, which is just superior to this one, just scroll up and you will see the link there.

There are other Revgear Boxing Gloves like Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Gloves and Deluxe, however, these are just the lower quality versions of the boxing gloves above. For example one of the models has just different looks and one has different padding type which is injected. This padding type works quite well for sparring gloves since they can control the density and position of the padding quite well. However, please note that this pair is training type and this quality does not bring any advantage for other training types. Even it is a disadvantage in most cases. So there is no point to get Revgear Gloves other than Pro Leather.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on gloves like Winning, I would say that you should consider Revgear. Revgear Gloves have generally all around better quality than the gloves which are in the same price range. Especially the leather is quite sturdy.

Many boxing gloves just don’t leave any space after your wrap your hands with hand wraps. Sure it is supposed to be but some of you may prefer wrapping your hands two times. Revgear provides a bit more space than other gloves and it provides an all overall good fit. Wrist compartment is quite thick and it adds extra wrist support. It is also longer than usual. Basically, there is not any negative side of the wrist support. However, there are not enough air channels in gloves so these do not provide premium air flow or heat exchange. So if you want your hands to stay cool, you may want to consider other brands like Fairtex BGV1.

Revgear has also boxing gloves for women, kids, fitness as well but honestly, I did not find enough information to write a review about them.

Guys as you may know I am quite experienced when it comes to boxing gloves and in my opinion, other than Revgear 10500 Pro Leather Training Gloves, there is not any other pair to talk about and I included all the details about the popular pairs in this Revgear Boxing Gloves Review. However, I know very well that there are many other pairs of the company so if you need information about any other pair leave a comment below (please be specific) and after a quick research about the model, I will reply to your question.

Image Courtesy of U.S AIR FORCES CENTRAL COMMAND via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved

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20 thoughts on “Revgear Boxing Gloves Review”

  1. Nice review, very honest too. I have tried the Rev boxing gloves. They are not the greatest but they are very good gloves. Especially for the price. It is a great pair of starter gloves for those who cannot yet afford the higher end gloves. Or for those who are doing it just to stay in shape.

    1. I always try to give the most accurate information and Revgear Boxing Gloves are mid-level boxing gloves. And as you said the price is just perfect who are just want to start out yet can’t afford gloves like Cleto Reyes. These can do to the job for boxercise classes since they actually don’t do boxing. Many of them don’t even know the basic combinations. And after they get in shape they stop doing “boxing”. So these gloves can be also ideal for these classes.

  2. I have been looking for a pair of good boxing gloves for my nephew and the Revgear were high on the list. I like your review, because my nephew has heavy hands but he is still a starter. He’s less than a week in and I don’t want to spend a lot if he doesn’t stick with it. Which makes these gloves perfect! Great review!

    1. There are a lot of entry-level Revgear Boxing Gloves which are budget friendly. Considering that he has heavy hands, he should pick one which has more padding. Well, I hope he will continue going to boxing classes as he will benefit from boxing in so many ways.

      I still appreciate the day which I decided to go to a boxing gym.

  3. Thanks for specifically detailing that the Revgear 10500 are great for beginners. That’s exactly what I was looking to find out since I am just getting started. Do you have a specific recommendation for how to tape up or if you need to tape up as a beginner?

    Every boxing movie ever shows this am I’m just learning the basics so trying to figure out if I need tape too!

    1. Yeah, if I was a started I would train with 10500 too.

      If you mean wrapping yes you need to wrap your hands. There are quite easy ways to do it. It protects your hands and stabilizes your wrist more. It basically improves the protection and wearing only a boxing glove is not enough if you are not wearing a pair of Winning.

      By the way, the taping is optional in BJJ.

  4. How well can these hold up for punching bag exercises? I am looking for gloves that are not so bulky to be using for my punching bag exercises. So I would like to know whether these would be suitable for that.

    1. You should get a pair which has more padding quantity and offers good protection. Revgear 10500 is also suitable for you.

      I know that you don’t feel good with it but you should know that it will protect your wrists and knuckles from the big impacts. And trust me you will get used to it eventually.

  5. Thank you for going into such great detail about the features. You spell out why each feature is important in terms of practical use, and that will help me make my final selection. I’m looking for a pair of boxing gloves for my 14 year old son who is just starting out. He doesn’t want to use the gloves that are passed around and shared, so I’m going to buy him a personal pair. It looks like this might be a good place to start since the brand offers low prices and decent quality. I can always upgrade if he sticks with it. Thanks for helping a mom figure out what to look for in this market!

    1. Yeah, I have been there. It literally sucks to train with gloves which many people sweated in or even bleed. These are affordable but be careful sometimes they don’t have the right size. If you know the oz. which he is using, you can get that size.

  6. Very interesting and thorough review. I was in this sport 2 years ago and I know to chose quality gloves that can serve me well and protect me in the same time. Revgear 10500 Pro are awesome and I would recommend it to everyone as number 1. Thanks for reviewing this perfect gloves, boxing is one of the most popular sports today.

    1. Choosing a glove is a really important process and I totally agree with you. I think that the cushioning of 10500 Pro could be improved and the padding is protective enough but it is far from being the best.

  7. Where my son trains,all the gloves there are Revgear . The instructor loaned a pair to my son, who then ordered a pair of his own. He’s been boxing for 4 years, but will not order any other type of gloves.

    He has pretty large hands, but these gloves fit him like a second skin. I am just curious at what the lasting quality of these gloves? Most say they are beginner gloves, what’s your take on this?

    As I have been looking at Christmas Presents.

    1. I guess it was a commercial gym. Because I really haven’t seen any people who train with Revgear in local gyms. I guess he was lucky that they had a suitable size because these gloves run generally tighter. These have more padding quantity at knuckle compartment.

      If you are talking about Revgear 10500, it lasts around 2 years and it is more than the other models. But don’t expect much from the second model which lasts around a year.


    When I looked at the pictures of both types, I immediately loved the Revgear Pro because of it’s design. It’s not all black. I love the little addition of color around the wrist area. So when your review confirmed my choice I was really proud indeed.

    I love the fact that you also take the health of the opponent into account when reviewing these gloves. Revgear Elite really appears to be heavy, and it’s actually more expensive than Revgear Pro. Your review has really made it easy to select a glove without much hesitation. Great write.

    1. It is a nice detail and this makes the difference in the looks department. Well, it is not much heavier than usual. It is just a few grams.

  9. I mean just from the look of it – those are some Badass gloves. They must feel insane good for the price range – referring to the Pro Leather gloves. The elite leather ones also look good and probably feels nice, but not just as Badass. And the Pro ones overall just seem to be a much better fit for me.

    Not long ago I got to feel what rough gloves mean for sparring. Not fun considering you’re just sparring and getting ready for a match. Although, I do find that roughness can be of benefit sometimes (essentially to build some character and toughen up), it’s usually not the way to go though. I bet either of these are much, much softer than the one I had the “luck” of feeling on my face, yet in my opinion, you really don’t need rough gloves for sparring. Makes no sense.

    Anyways, thank you for all the advice and insights, I truly appreciate it, Furkan!

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

    1. Hey Matiss, well looks can be deceiving as these are not really premium. I would say that Elite is pretty average and the other one is just above average so don’t get excited.

      Exactly, you want your partner to punch with gloves with really soft padding as you don’t want to experience any significant injury during just a training.

      Man, I really don’t want anyone to toughen up with hard gloves. I have seen horrible injuries when people punch each other with wrong gloves in the ring. So sparring gloves are enough for toughening up if your opponent goes hard.

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