Review of Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

Everlast produces a myriad of boxing equipment. I used the company’s boxing headgear, gloves and also this speed bag platform. These products have one thing in common. These are very affordable but truly some just suck and is this platform one of them? In this Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform Review, you can find my experiences, the features of this product, warranty period and I will also make a point whether it is for you or not.

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform Product Overview

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speed Bag PlatformExclusive Features

  • Quality and sturdy 1″ drum
  • Provides good workouts
  • Adjustable height
  • Assembly hardware and swivel included
  • Truly the best cheap speed bag platform
  • The most popular speed bag platform on the market


  • Wall mounting hardware is not included (However, you can get it on Amazon or any hardware store. It is pretty basic)

Training Quality Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Quality/Price: 10.0/10.0

Warranty: 4 months

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

First of all and the most importantly the strike board is made of quality material and it is 1″. It is just enough to take a constant beating for a couple of years.

This platform uses Everlast Swivel which actually made my best list a long time ago. Basically, it provides good rebound rate and your speed bag won’t stop or give unnatural rebound rate ever. You have no idea that how much this actually happens with many other swivels and platforms. It also provides freedom for your speed bag which you can see it clearly in the video at the middle of the page.

My Experiences and Who Can Use This Platform?

In Thailand, I trained with it around 4 months. It was not a boxing, MMA or Muay Thai gym so I am actually glad that gym had a speed bag platform. Anyway, it is adjustable so it is actually perfect for a gym. Anyone can adjust it according to their height and train with it. You can also change the height and try different punching techniques etc.

I actually don’t know how much it was used in that gym before me but it was going strong and 1″ platform looks durable and can be used for a couple of years. As a side note, many boxing forum members say that they have been training with it more than 1-2 years. I think it is a really good sign about the durability.

It is also “more silent” than many other platforms and because of this many people get this speed bag platform for their own homes as well. You can seriously thank the material of the platform for this. Also, it has vibration inhibitor design which absorbs the shock and reduces the noise. This will also increase the durability of it. Speaking of the platform, as a side note it won’t hurt the cover material of your speed bag (considering that you have a quality speed bag) for a very long time and again it is a very common problem. This platform also reduces it and it is another advantage of it.

The diameter of this platform is 24″ and it is not too big or too small. You can hang any size speed bag to it.

You can check out the video which shows Everlast Elite Platform clearly and you can see it from many angles. You can also see the swivel and how it provides freedom below.

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Installing and Usage: The manual has step by step guide and you can implement these within minutes. With that, if you have advanced installation question or any question, you can even call the call center. I also checked many verified purchase feedbacks on Amazon, it seems like everyone installed this platform without any issues. This platform comes with swivel and assembly hardware so you will just need to get a very basic wall mount hardware which can be found on Amazon or basically any place. It comes with 4 months warranty which is standard (as far as I know) for Everlast. It always gives 4 months for heavy bags, stands etc.

Who Should Not Get This Platform: Well, if you think of using a platform for a decade, you should go with X-MARK which can be found on at the top of my most quality platform list. However, if you plan on using a platform for a couple of years and don’t want to break the bank, then this is seriously your platform.

Quality Platform with Excellent Price

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform has an excellent price. Actually, many of my boxing gloves have more expensive price tag. According to me, this is the most important reason why it is the most sold speed bag platform on the market. I checked many online seller data, it sold a lot more than the others and it will give you way more than your money. I also used this adjustable platform in Thailand for months and always got a good workout and thanks to vibration inhibitor qualities, it will be durable. If you are interested, have a look at the price on Amazon and keep in mind that you will also have 120 days warranty.

Final Notes:

Everlast has been producing this platform for a very long time and it has been used basically anywhere including MMA gyms, fitness centers and of course boxing gyms. Also, I have read many posts about this platform on many boxing sites, forums etc. and people are just pleased with the product and the price. Seriously, there is not much else to talk about Everlast Elite and you should definitely keep in mind that the other platforms, which are in the same price range, are just total jokes. These are generally not made of quality materials, don’t give smooth rebound rate or have any warranty periods whatsoever. If you consider the quality price ratio, Everlast is at the top spot without a doubt. I hope that you enjoyed reading my review and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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12 thoughts on “Review of Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform”

  1. Many friends recommended me this speed bag platform. I want to use a room in my house to get trained and it looks like a good fit.

    How much noise does it make when you use it?

    1. Man Everlast Elite is a great platform however it makes a little bit less than moderate noise level. But keep in mind that it is not going to be thunderstorm like many other low-quality platforms do.

  2. This is something I could definitely use as I already have a few fitness equipment’s in my house. I have practiced boxing all my life and this would be nice to have in my possession.

  3. I’ve always wanted to get one of these, however I live in a small house so I have to be conscious of the noise. I love the demonstration vid it really shows you’ve thoroughly reviewed this product. Do you happen to know of any alternatives that aren’t as noisy?

  4. Hey Furkan, great review. I am impressed that this platform has longer durability and warranty than other manufacturers. That just goes to show how quality Everlast equipment can truly be.

    What is the one biggest drawback of this platform in your opinion? Is it the 2-year durability or the mere 4 month warranty? I’d love to hear back!

    1. Man. I think your question’s answer would be 4-month warranty. Because you can still continue training with it after two years but it will start vibrating after that point. Though it won’t affect the training quality a lot.

  5. Hello Furkan,

    Another quality review coming from you, man!
    Everlast is a popular enough name in order to sound credible and trustworthy.
    The best thing according to me when it comes to this specific speedbag platform is the fact that it is adjustable. In that way, everyone can use it no matter the height.
    The ratio quality/price is fair enough so I’d definitely go for it!

    1. Great to see you here again man. According to my data, it is the best-seller and as you said quality/price ratio of Everlast makes this platform appealing for many people.

  6. Thanks for the thorough review of the Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform. It seems like a great product. I’ve tried to get the hang of using one of these platforms to no avail; do you have any tutorial videos that you’d recommend for beginners?

    Also, are there any cheaper alternatives for those who can’t afford to purchase the platform?

    1. It is a good product and in my opinion, it is the cheapest one which has quality so I really can’t offer a cheaper platform. You can have a look at Johny’s guide for how to speed bag. He wrote down all about it and considering that you are a beginner, I highly recommend you read it all.

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