Ringside Focus Mitts Reviews

Overviews of Rİngside Focus Mitts

Ringside has been producing various boxing gears for a decade and has some good reputation among martial artists. With that, Ringside has two incredibly popular focus mitts on the market and these have been widely used in many commercial and local gyms as well.

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I also trained with one of them and my experiences were absolutely great.

In this Ringside Focus Mitts guide, I will walk you through about the qualities and show you which one can be better for you as well. Also, definitely read the price sections!

Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Review

Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather ReviewPros

  • 100% genuine leather
  • 2.5” quality padding
  • Padding distributes the shock well
  • Excellent wrist support for mitt holder
  • Good stitching
  • Quality air regulation and get rid of moisture fast
  • The sturdiest punch mitts
  • These look really amazing

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Firstly, I want to talk about padding quality. In my opinion, this is literally the difference between a good quality focus mitt and the bad one. It makes every quality of the mitts better or worse. When you punch or kick mostly the middle part of the padding has deformation. With that, if this distributes shock evenly, it increases the durability of the padding.

Ringside Heritage Punch Mitts just does this job perfectly.

So we know that the padding can take a beating.

The Leather

These punch mitts are made of %100 genuine leather and it is cowhide. So it simply won’t have any rough spots or cause cuts, which is the common problem for most focus mitts, about three years. When you have incredible padding quality and combine it with cowhide, you get an incredibly sturdy product.

You can expect to train 3+ years with these punch mitts. And it is actually quite important for many fighters including me. When I punch or kick I always want to experience the same smooth punching experience and the quality foam delivers that.

I had to check out the stitching quality on forums because I did not use Ringside until it is useless. According to my research, the stitching is really solid and it is a bit bigger than usual and this is actually expected as it needs to hold more padding quantity than usual.

Thanks to padding quality trainers will be relatively comfortable during the session. Because as you know the padding distributes shock well so trainer’s hands don’t face all the impact. I am sure that trainers will really appreciate it.

With that, these punch mitts have a hook and loop system with D-rings. Based on my research, it literally provides a custom fit for your hand. And it won’t “slide” during the mitt session and you can continue getting good quality training performance even after you do really powerful punches and strikes for years.

I actually did a punch mitts list a long time ago and Ringside Heritage is at the top place of that list. It really deserves that place. I also used this one in my old boxing gym in Thailand and had amazing experiences with it.

Training Performance of Ringside Heritage

I had incredibly smooth and natural punching experience, which I prefer, and even though these mitts had been used for more than a year, it was still going very strong. The leather does not have even a small defect. My friends, who held the mitts, never complained about the heat etc. and I also researched and surprisingly I could not found many complaints about the comfort of these mitts. Actually, this is a very rare situation in the online world. It is also padded with extra foam at the finger compartment and these even absorb the shock even more.

So it is fair to say that mitt holders get premium safety and comfort.

As a side note even though these mitts look bulky, these are incredibly light and one weighs 15 oz. This shows the padding quality once more. It absorbs the shock well and trainers will be relatively less tired after a session.

These punch mitts are suitable for boxing, MMA, kickboxing…

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Price: There are some boxing equipment which are just excellent. Some of them are Winning Boxing Gloves, Outslayer Heavy Bags etc. And Ringside Heritage is one of them. In my opinion, it also looks really cool.

Check out the most recent price of Ringside Heritage

Ringside Pro Panther Review

Ringside Pro Panther Boxing MMA reviewPros

  • Quality padding
  • Excellent wrist support for mitt holder
  • Really light!
  • Sturdy
  • Quality air regulation
  • Gets rid of moisture
  • Upgraded model (gets better feedback)
  • Easy to wear and take it off
  • Very good price for the quality

Ringside Pro Panther has the same padding. It basically provides a very smooth punching experience and extends the durability of the mitts.

However, the quantity is less so it is lighter. It is protective enough however, the padding quality worsens over time. And after that the mitt holder’s hand might have more bruises than usual. But that will not happen before two years.

It has a curved structure and I witnessed that many people in boxing and MMA gyms train only with curved ones. It provides a bit more control for trainers. I also feel more natural while throwing hooks.

Differences with the older model: Ringside Pro Panther is the upgraded model of Ringside Panther. So what are the differences between Ringside Pro Panther and the older model? Firstly, the padding is the same but the older model’s cover material will have defects way sooner than Ringside Pro Panther’s cover material. You can expect to punch Ringside Pro Panther at least one year more than the older model.

And the price is not different. So considering these Ringside Pro Panther definitely provides more quality-price ratio than the older model. You see I help you save some money.

Also based on my experience, Ringside will probably remove the older model from the market. Because this one does quite a good job and has way better quality-price ratio. Secondly, Ringside Pro Panther offers more protection for the mitt holder. It has wrist pad guards and these provide extra stability for trainer’s wrists. As you may know, wrist injuries are quite common in boxing training and even though this looks like a small upgrade, it actually has a vital importance.

Price:  The leather quality is alright however even though the quantity of padding is less than the other it is quite protective and protects you from hand injuries. Considering these the price is just excellent. Check it out on here for the accurate price of Ringside Pro Panther.

Which Ringside Focus Mitts are for you?

The focus mitt training sharpens your skills and also provides fat loss etc. When it offers various benefits, many people, who aren’t boxers, also train with them.

With that, Ringside Focus Mitts is one of the most preferred products for commercial gyms and many boxing classes give their punch mitt sessions with Ringside products. According to my experience, these are the most used punch mitts on the market.

However, which Ringside Punch Mitts are for you?

If you want to have same punching experience at least 3 years with premium quality leather, then Ringside Heritage Focus Mitts are for you. I also have experience with it and you will have a smooth striking experience and these don’t cut your arms. Also, the stichings are quite tight as well.

However, if you are on a budget, Ringside Pro Panther might be for you. It is not made of real leather like the other punch mitts and even though the durability is shorter than Ringside Heritage, you can get good striking experience around 2 years with Ringside Pro Panther and keep in mind that it has the same padding which is superb.

If I sum it up, you can’t go wrong with either of these mitts. If you are going to a boxing gym, you might even have trained with them and you may have not even noticed that you were punching these. These are truly popular.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions related to any of these punch mitts please feel free to comment below. Also, if you want to add something for differences between the older model of Panther then please comment below as many people ask for that in my main punch mitt article.

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2 thoughts on “Ringside Focus Mitts Reviews”

  1. I love the genuine leather heritage panther mitts! They look quite vintage but modern at the same time and they look more durable than the pro panther ones you have on this post.
    When my son finally decides to start his MMA training I would definitely buy those ones.
    Cheers for this

    1. These are great for boxing, MMA or any martial arts. The padding of these can definitely take a beating and I am sure that your son would love the looks of these Ringside Heritage punch mitts too.

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