Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag Review, Is it any good?

Ringside has two really popular free standing heavy bags and these are widely used in boxing, martial arts gyms, homes and basically anywhere.

I have gathered the information below from various boxing forums, verified purchases and read the documents about these. Below you will find these bag’s exclusive features, reviews and see which bag is more suitable for you. You will also find out how you can get the most out of Ringside Elite.

Without further ado let’s start Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag Review with Elite.


Ringside Elite Free-Standing Heavy Bag Review

Exclusive Features

Ringside Elite Free-Standing Heavy Bag Review

  • Durable cover
  • Very good and adjustable swing rate
  • Can add or remove weight
  • Removable foam collar
  • Can provide too much resistance
  • It is made for people who are up for a challenge
  • Best bag of Ringside

Warranty: 4 months (money back guarantee)

Weight: 270 Lbs. (The base can be filled water or sand)

Height: 6’4″

Training Quality (swing) Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Ringside Elite is upgraded version of the other Ringside Model. It has good quality foam and after you strike, it absorbs shock very well and distributes evenly. This increases the durability of the bag significantly.

Its base is low, so you can practice low kicks and knee strikes. In order to stay stable many free standing heavy bags have high bases and you can’t practice low kicks with them however you won’t have that issue with Ringside Elite.

What are the differences between Elite and older Model?

Firstly, this one has way bigger capacity. You can fill the base with water or sand up to 270 lbs. The other model has 140 Lbs. So Elite can provide way more resistance. However if you fill Elite with less water let’s say 100 lbs. it still gives optimal resistance rate. And when you get stronger you can add more weights to have more resistance. This is the reason of why Ringside Elite is for everyone. It also has foam collar and below there are more details about it.


What does this collar exactly do?

This bag barely swings and gives a lot of resistance with its 270 lbs. base and it has removable foam collar. This also can add extra resistance. Imagine that you made your most powerful punch and the base literally does not move. So it also becomes very suitable for people who like to do explosive strikes as well.

As you know it gives optimal resistance rebound rate whether it is totally full or not. So if you are a beginner or intermediate you can fill the base according to your need. With that I said this bag has removable collar and it can add resistance. It can also change the swing rate. You can just remove or put it back according to your preference. Whether you want more resistance or not, thanks to its huge capacity and removable collar you will always get good workout. This is why Ringside Elite Free Standing Heavy Bag is perfect for everyone. Thanks to that it can also be used by many people without no issues about optimal swing rate.

Also when you get used to same swing rate you can always remove or put collar back to its position and you can fill, empty the base for different swing rate. This variation increases your coordination and also your timing vastly.

This bag always gets amazing reviews on amazon (verified purchases), boxing forums, sites and it made many best lists including my best free standing punching bag list. I am sure that you will be really pleased with your experiences with Ringside Elite. Ringside Elite is upgraded version of the older model and it simply the most quality bag of Ringside. And it should be your number one choice. It is also used in many boxing classes as well.

Check out the video after 2.00 (first part is for other bag).


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Important Note: The bag below simply has way less quality than Ringside Elite.


Ringside Free-Standing Heavy Bag Review

Exclusive Features

  • Durable cover
  • Good swing rate
  • Can add or remove weight
  • Overall good quality bag

Warranty: 4 months

Weight: 140 Lbs. (The base can be filled water or sand)

Height: 56″

Training Quality (swing) Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

Durability Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

This bag’s cover material is exactly the same of the model above and it is really sturdy. With that it also has the same good quality foam. So you can expect same durability of this bag.

However its capacity is way less than the capacity of Ringside Elite and it is 140 Lbs. Even though the bag generally stays stable, this one is simply not suitable for you to make explosive strikes. After an explosive strike, it will most likely move and won’t be a suitable position for you to strike again. However if you are a beginner or won’t need more resistance, then it can be suitable for you. Like other bag you can fill the base with water or sand.


Which Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag is for you?

Actually your choice definitely should be Ringside Elite. Whether you are a beginner or not it can provide resistance for your need. Because firstly you can change the weight of the base. And secondly it has also removable collar for you to change the swing rate of the bag according to your preference. In my opinion Ringside Elite is the best in its class and it will surely improve your striking skills quite significantly. Also the price difference between Elite and other model is around $100. This might seem a lot. However remember that the resistance variation is a lot for Elite and if you use the collar for less swing then you can use Elite Model way longer than the other model. Keep in mind that you will get stronger and you will definitely need more resistance in future. So I highly suggest you to go with Ringside Elite.

Even though I trained with it only one time, my punching experience was quite well. As I said earlier it gave optimal resistance rate.


Final Notes:

Ringside has sold many punching bags and I have read myriad of verified reviews (verified purchases), also checked out forums. Shortly no one left a negative review. These both bags get close to five out of five star ratings from many users on amazon. I also used Ringside’s equipment and I have very good experiences with it. Also the company has very good reputation. Based on my experiences and researches you can go with Ringside. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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14 thoughts on “Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag Review, Is it any good?”

  1. What manly man has not wanted a heavy bag to knock around in the basement or garage? Besides the “mucho-macho-boost,” exercising with a heavy bag is intense and definitely gets results. Great review man. Thanks for the information and the links.

    1. Man it is seriously great to work out in home or garage. It is just relaxing and when I have that chance I train more 🙂 You are welcome and I am glad you liked it Alan.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading this review even though I don’t do any mixed martial arts but I used to do some boxing when I was a teenager.

    This does look like it’s a real good quality heavy bag and it was good to watch the video and see the guys testing those three bags out including the Ringside Free Standing Heavy Bag.

    If I had a bigger garage or a spare room, I’d probably get it as it seriously looks like a lot of fun and a great way to de-stress; thanks for your review.

    1. It is really quality bag man, it will be perfect for spare room 😉 because it won’t hold dust much. I am glad you liked it Adrian

  3. Hello Furkan – Thanks for adding this review the bags looks good and hope it will add value for the cost mentioned. Currently I’m going to gym and may require this at my home for practice. Also the warranty mentioned for 4 months is there any specific conditions on that?

    1. Hi, man this is a great choice for home. It won’t leak whatsoever and thanks to cover material Ringside is actually quiet as well.
      As for your question I just checked their warranty specifications there is none. They basically cover everything. I will send that link to your e-mail tonight.

  4. Great post and review. I was going to say maybe I’ll go with the cheaper version since I’m a beginner, but I’ll take your advice and go with the higher quality bag. More bang for your buck! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, Ringside gives you more than your money’s worth and it is definitely not like other free standing bags which can fly with a light kick.

  5. Hey! Thanks for the great review! I’ve been getting into kick boxing and wondering which bag would be best for that? I am guessing the Elite since you can change the resistance. Thanks so much for the insight into these bags.

    1. Yeah, you can change the resistance easily and in addition to that, you do low-kicks, knee strikes without hurting your shin.

      With that being said, considering that you adjust the weight properly after you do powerful blows the bag will not move. I am guessing that you will like that bag. In my opinion, you can seriously consider Ringside Elite.

  6. Hi!

    I always thought about having a hanging heavy bag but after reading your review I would say that I need a standing one instead. I like the idea of practice low kicks and knee strikes!

    The reviews had what I wanted to know, thanks.

    Do you know how I should keep these kind of bags in good condition?

    Regards, Jan

    1. Hi Jan,

      Getting a free-standing punching bag will be better for you. Because it may not be possible to train these with hanging ones. In order to train them with the hanging ones, heavy bags should be really close to the floor and tied with an anchor. If that is not an option for you, get a free standing one.

      You can clean and condition them regularly for more durability and you can read the product description for the necessary information about how to clean and condition it.

  7. Does anyone know where I can find the base part for the Elite? I’ve looked on their site and on Amazon with no luck. Also, I tried contacting Ringside customer support 4 times and never heard back from them – except for the confirmation emails letting me know my requests were sent. I’m not trying to get one for free, I just want to find one and buy it without the punching bag. I would appreciate any help with this.

    1. I understand your situation. You can try to find Ringside Elite on different sites and contact their customer services. You can say that you are willing to pay and give other details about your situation. I hope it helps.
      What happened to the original base?

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