Ringside Heavy Bag Stand Review – The Complete Guide

Ringside has many products on the market and some of these products have really good quality and honestly some are not even worth buying. And based on my experiences I have never seen a company whose product quality changes so much one product to another. Anyway Ringside has a very popular heavy bag stand and it is one of the first choices of boxing and MMA gyms. I have trained with many heavy bag stands and Ringside Prime is one of them. I had trained with it almost 5 months. I know that it is not long but I am really sure that it will give you an opinion about this punching bag stand. Alright let’s start Ringside Heavy Bag Stand Review.


Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand Product Overview

Ringside Heavy Bag Stand ReviewExclusive Features

  • Very sturdy and stays stable
  • Made of quality materials (steel construction)
  • Ideal for home, gym…
  • Shock absorbing materials and design
  • Does not vibrate
  • Quiet
  • Easy to set up
  • Incredible quality price ratio

Warranty: 4 months return policy

Height: 7’11”

Durability Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Training Quality (stability) Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.7 /10.0

Best Place to buy: Amazon

As I said earlier I trained with Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand about 5 months and Everlast Heavy Bag, which was 70 LBS.), was hanged to it. While I was training with it, this stand allowed me to do footwork for full 180 degrees.

With that it did not vibrate or it was so little because I did not notice it. And basically there was no noise whatsoever. For that you can thank for quality steel construction. This quality also extends the durability a lot.

Alright now let’s continue with the best part 🙂 That Everlast Bag was tall. Because many people came there to practice MMA so that gym always got taller bags. When bags are tall, many stands have stability issues especially after couple of years. However this stand did not have that problem at all.

Considering that stand had many hard workouts in my old gym, this stand stayed like a rock. And in my opinion it is truly impressive.

And if I used a product and that product has a problem I always tell it with details in my website. I actually had that vibration problem with one of Century Heavy bag stands. For that you can check out the review of Century. It was not pleasant experience and this can lower your training quality as well. This also lowers the durability of the stand significantly. Personally I really hate it and I don’t want you to get a stand with this problem.

Ringside Prime has classic design and there are still many companies which produce stands with “classic” design. Because it simply works and holds the bag without vibrating and swinging problems. So they don’t mess with it.

How long you can use Ringside Prime?

I only have couple of months of experience with this stand. So I don’t have that experience. However I read many reviews on amazon (only verified purchases), also saw feedback of many members on boxing (sherdog and couple of others), MMA and martial arts forums. If you are using it in your own home, based on my researches, you will have at least 3 years of solid training sessions. And if you get Ringside Prime for a gym (MMA, boxing, commercial, fitness etc.) you will have decent training quality (without vibrating and rock solid stability) around 2-3 years.

Customer Service 

You probably have heard Ringside before and you might even use their products. Once I had a slight problem with the company’s boxing gloves (IMF Sparring). The company changed it pretty quickly with a brand new one. And considering the feedback of people, customer service gets generally good feedback. And please note that Ringside has been around for a long time and produced many boxing equipment. Boxing gloves, boxing shoes and punching bag stands are just a few of them. And the other product’s customers seem to be happy with their experiences as well.

Easy to Install: The shipment will come with manual. And that manual has very clear, easy to implement and step by step directions and you will have only couple of pieces of equipment to assemble. I think this is a huge plus because once I had to install Amber (which is another brand) and it had many pieces and was really hard to figure out what to do. As a side note many verified buyers on amazon describe it as very user-friendly

Dimensions: The width is 35 inches and deep is 52 inches. So thanks to design, it does not cover much space. This quality makes this stand perfect for home and basically everywhere. And keep in mind that it is silent. This is why many people get it for their home.

Price: Well the price of this stand is incredibly good. Currently I own 3 different boxing gloves and 2 of them have higher price than Ringside Prime. With that I also had only good experiences with this stand. Considering the materials (steel construction) and durability honestly you have a pretty good deal.

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Final Thoughts

It really does not matter that if you think of buying a stand for your own home or gym, this stand has suitable qualities for everywhere. It is silent and won’t vibrate for years and honestly it has an amazing price. Considering the reputation of the company, I strongly suggest you to get Ringside Prime Punching Bag Stand on amazon. I also trained with it and had good experiences. This stand also made my best list a long time ago and as another huge plus this has been preferred by many commercial gyms. As you may know that these gyms never get a low quality product. And definitely keep in mind that it doesn’t vibrate or doesn’t make metallic noises at all. Even though it does not have fancy qualities like adjustable legs etc. it is a really good quality product and does the job just fine.

If you have any questions or experiences related to Ringside Heavy Bag Stand, please just have a comment below.


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11 thoughts on “Ringside Heavy Bag Stand Review – The Complete Guide”

  1. LaShaun Williams

    I love boxing! This is an excellent stand and the thing I like most about it is it’s great for gym or home use. I recently cancelled my gym membership and I was looking for something to replace it.

    1. Man, you have an excellent opportunity. You can get a stand for your own home, I am not that lucky. I am glad for you and Ringside is absolutely a great choice.

  2. Hey Furkan

    This is a great article and the stand really does look excellent.

    I have some friends that have been telling me for a long time that this is an excellent way to get in some good exercise, so it’s about time I went ahead and bought one.

    The added bonus with this one is the lack of noise, that will make it a popular purchase for the spare room 🙂



    1. Man Ringside has serious quality and the instructions are also clear to implement. So I am not surprised that your friends talk about it 😉 Have nice sessions man.

  3. Hi Furkan, great review and it would make a great addition to my garage gym. I clicked on the link and it sent me to something else. Is this because the ringside prime heavy bag stand isn’t available in the UK and if so do you have an alternative?

    1. Hi man. I am glad to see you here again. I also checked and it is not available in the UK right now. It will probably come in a week but in the meantime, you can have a look at my Century Stand review. Maybe you can find something you like.

  4. You might want to jank this type of back really close to the wall. It has a platform for adding weight to it stop the friction but if you out a professional boxer to hit this type of back it will move it anyway. By doing proper form and technique of punching you’re generating a vast amount of power.

    1. If you are a heavy puncher, I agree with you. But let’s face it most of the people just can’t punch that hard. After you have a good form and build some muscle mass, this should be installed close to a wall. Even though it is heavy (having a platform, heavyweight) does not stop it from moving.

  5. I’ve considered getting one of these for my home several times. I love the way boxing works out your core better than just about anything!
    I think this one looks like a very high quality bag but why would you estimate it’d only last 2-3 years? Is that with everyday use or just a couple times a week? What does it mean if it starts to vibrate?

  6. Hi Furkan!

    Thank you for the great review! I don’t know a lot about these products… The thing is that my son has decided to start boxing. He’s 15 years old. Is it early or late to start boxing at that age? And what heavy bag stand for home would you suggest me to buy?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. It is a great age to start to boxing. It is definitely not late!

      This Ringside Stand is alright and has a huge capacity to accommodate him for a long time.

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