Rival Boxing Gloves Review – Which one you Should Get for Training?

Rival is definitely not the best glove company out there and definitely does not have lots of gloves. But they have a few and quality products for training. They mostly focus on single training type. I mean they have either produced gloves exclusively for heavy bag or exclusively for sparring workout session. In this Rival boxing gloves review, you will find Rival gloves’ unique features and sizing information for your hand.

Let’s start with unique features and after that, you can find extensive reviews of best Rival gloves.

Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Protection Rating: 9.7Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves Review

Training Quality Rating: 9.6

Durability Rating: 8.4 (lasts 1-2 years)

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 8.1

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Unique Pros

  • Perfect Leather
  • Ideal for Heavy Bag Training
  • Extra Features for Heavy Bag Session
  • Last around 2 years


Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves

Rival Boxing Gloves ReviewProtection Rating: 9.1

Training Quality Rating: 8.9

Durability Rating: 8.4 (last 2-3 years)

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 9.1

Unique Pros

  • Ideal for sparring
  • Have every safety features
  • Good padding quality
  • A lot of padding
  • One of the best in its class



Rival Boxing RB50 Intelli-Shock Compact Bag Gloves

Rival Boxing RB50 Intelli-Shock Compact Bag Gloves ReviewProtection Rating: 7.5

Training Quality Rating: 7.4

Durability Rating: 7.2 (last 1 year, probably less)

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 4.9

Unique Pros

  • Can be usable for Heavy Bag


Rival’s Boxing Evolution Bag and High Performance Hook and loop Sparring Gloves are excellent and let’s continue with their extensive reviews and sizing information.


Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves

Overall Rating: 9.4

Durability: 2 years

This one is produced exclusively for heavy bag session, also has the most desired and extra features for heavy bag. According to me, it is the best product which Rival has ever produced for boxing.


The most Important Feature for Bag Training

I know as an experience that the most important safety feature is wrist protection in heavy bag training. The most serious injuries happen when wrist cuff doesn’t exist. Lots of companies say “we have lots of good padding your hands are safe” etc, I am sorry but I call it total BS. You should not use gloves without wrist protection, of course your knuckles are safe with padding but not your wrists. When I first started training, I had no clue about wrist protection feature and I always had little pain in my right wrist. I thought it was normal and I admit, it was silly rookie mistake to think it is normal. Anyway, soon enough I had another glove and couple of months later I did not have that pain. I was so lucky because I figured it out before having an injury. It is vital feature for a pair and it is even more vital for heavy bag glove. Because the training’s definition  is to strike a very tough object. Wrist support is essential for heavy bag training and Rival Boxing Evolution Bag has this feature so you can get as furious with the heavy bag as you can 😉 According to table below, you can choose the pair.


heavy bag gloves sizing char

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Is Everything else about Padding Quality?

According to boxing community , padding quality is one of the most important features for bag workout. Rival has quality padding and it forgets its memory very quick. Let me tell you about it with a short example. You start heavy bag training, you want to get the best punching experience as much as possible. After striking with a glove, a few seconds later, this same glove has to face again with huge impact. Its padding has to return to original state before this impact for delivering same punching experience. In that way, durability of padding improves as well. This is the main reason is that these bag gloves are rated as EXCELLENT and  provide impeccable workouts with this quality.


This Distinct Feature Makes This Glove Superior to Others

Some other quality gloves have the exact same features discussed above.  So why this glove has better ratings? The reason is that it is VERY optimized for heavy bag training. It has exclusive features for heavy bag workout and it is %33 lighter than other gloves in its class and absorbs %15 less energy every time you punch the heavy bag. I definitely can’t calculate exactly how much it benefits your training but it definitely provides a better workout. I am sure that some of you drink coffee, energy supplements or protein shakes… just  to have  %5  better results for training, well you can simply train with Rival Boxing Evolution Bag and get better results.  How amazing is that?


Will Hands be Comfy Enough During the Training?

Rival’s inside gets crazy hot due to intense heavy bag session and it has airflow tech and micro fiber construction for this problem. There is constant air flow with outside and these features help to get rid of any kind of moisture. If all of these amazing features are appealing to you,  buy your own Rival Boxing Gloves on Amazon.


Rival High Performance Hook and Loop Sparring Gloves

Overall Rating: 9.3

Durability: 2 yearsRival High Performance Hook and Loop Sparring Gloves Review

It is a good thing that a company focuses more on particular training type. Actually this is the second and only product which boxing community loves and it has very good reviews on boxing forums. I personally did not use this glove. However, based on my researches I will  explain its good sides and bad sides of this pair.

It gets lots of good reviews for its leather which is very important for sparring session. The pair has lots of different kinds of deformations, frictions at high intensity and its leather can take it all. But, it only gets normal reviews for its padding, nothing special. It is is cool because you won’t be punching heavy bag, you will be striking much softer things like sparring mitts or your sparring partner’s body or maybe face 😉 It also has good lining so your hands stay fresh and sweat free all the time like the Rival’s heavy bag gloves.  If you do mostly sparring sessions, you can have decent workouts with this pair. According to sizing chart below, you can choose Rival High Performance Gloves on amazon.


training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart


Which one Will You Get?

Well if you are looking for all around glove which you will do heavy bag and sparring together, I recommend you to buy Rival Bag Gloves since you can get maximum benefit from heavy bag training and it is much lighter than its class. Although remember that it will be still heavier than normal training gloves or sparring gloves. It can put  you little disadvantageous in sparring but still it can be usable and it is simply PERFECT for heavy bag training.  you can get your OWN  Rival Bag gloves and get the best punching bag training with this solid pair. Also if you consider doing sparring sessions with  Rival High Performance Sparring Gloves, I strongly recommend you to do only sparring with it. Even though it has good protection, its padding memory only gets normal reviews which means you probably can’t use it for punching bag workout. I hope you enjoyed  Rival boxing gloves review and if you have any questions or any  personal experiences related to these pairs,  please leave a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “Rival Boxing Gloves Review – Which one you Should Get for Training?”

  1. Good blog post. I have found that heavy bag training is pretty rough on my shoulders and my wrists. I try not to punch too hard on the heavy bag, to protect my shoulders and wrists. I’ve only tried the standard UFC boxing gloves, but never tried the Rival boxing gloves. Does the type of hand wrap also help to alleviate any shoulder or wrist pain?

    1. Actually boxing hand wraps have not much difference and Rival has incredible pairs for heavy bag. It can be a great choice for avoiding wrist pain.

  2. wow love this article, i wanted to begin practicing this sport and i didn’t know nothing about the equipment i need and which is the best, so thank you for this post.

  3. Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves look like a great option for my needs. I like that they stay cooler and return to form quickly. Being lighter seems like a great benefit too. But that got me thinking, would it be better to train with a heavier glove to help build up strength and endurance, then switch to a lighter glove when sparring of fighting to help increase strength? Any suggestions?

    1. Well you should get a pair fits for your hand by looking the sizing chart. And as for your question you can train with heavier bags. Lots of bag gloves will tend to provide you better sessions and Rival Evolution Bag Gloves will just provide you that Patrick.

      1. Hi,

        Just wondering.if you could help me with a recommendation on gloves for bag and mitt work.

        I’ve reduced my selections between Rival RB10’S, Fairtex BGV9’S and Cleto Reyes Training Gloves.

        Thanks in advance

        1. They are all great gloves with good padding quality however Cleto Reyes is my personal favorite which can outlast the others and you will love the feeling when you punch the mitts with it.

  4. Furkan – Excellent article by the way I really liked Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves because it has more features than other reviewed, Could you please let us know the price for the same? Thanks Mana

    1. Man if there will a discount for Rival High Performace, you will get an e-mail. But I really don’t think that it will be soon. You are welcome, man.

  5. I actually box myself and coach and I must say I do like the Rival Boxing gloves.

    The quality is second to none, I also have the pads for when I coach and they are the best pads I’ve ever had!

    brilliant thorough review!!

    1. I have never pucnhed the focus mitts with Rival. But people say good things for pad work performance and based on qualities and my experiences with it (heavy bag and double end bag sessions) I would not expect less from it.

  6. Wow… such a detailed review & I learned so much about the different features of boxing gloves. I wonder though, as we have different sizes in hands, how do we determine what glove size is best for us?

  7. Hi Furkan,

    I think it has been around 12 years since the last time I was boxing, and I have to say that I am pretty amazed by these gloves! I remember my heavy leather boxing gloves that would rip after sweating in them a few times.

    I really like that you also include the expected durability in your post! Great review! Might get back into boxing after all…

    All the best,

    1. Yeah I remember modern bag gloves, these just don’t have enough padding and it is not uncommon to see a few small spots just after a couple of sessions. These pairs just are not used to last long.
      These will protect your hands quite well so Rival is one of the rare pairs which can be perfect for beginners.

  8. Very good and informative. Great overview to get an orientation which boxing gloves suit best. I learned a lot new things due to your article. Is there a way, aside from wrapping before putting your gloves on, to prepare your hands? Is there a special protection cream or oil you are using?

    1. There are inner gloves which are quite well. I would say Winning Knuckle Guards are quite good and it gives a tight feeling which hand wraps give.
      No, I never use oil or protection cream before I put on my boxing gloves. I also have never seen anyone using it. Also, I go to a really old local boxing gym and if I use it, I am sure that people in that gym will talk and joke about me for years.

  9. I totally understand you when it comes to wrist protection. I also injured my wrist when I was training with a bag and that pain lasted for several months. Wrist injuries are one of the most traumatic common injuries that you can face and it prevents you from applying your full strength.

    Rival gloves look pretty decent and I definitely will think about buying one for heavy bag training. They also look kickass!!

    1. Who has not experienced it? I had many buddies who experienced a wrist injury at least one time. Some are more serious than the others and after I had it, I could only go about %70 percent and this just sucked and some days I did not even want to go to the boxing gym.
      Yeah, Rival gloves look quite stylish and have awesome colors.

  10. HI Furkan,great review on this particular brand of boxing gloves.I like how there is plenty of information for the beginner through to the experienced fighters.I didn’t realise there was issues like wrist cuff protection to consider when buying a pair.Your boxing experience shines through in this article to show you know what you are talking about.Great work Furkan,thanks heaps for the info :))

    1. Rival’s has light pairs and also some more protective ones. It basically offers versatility thus many professional boxers prefer this brand as well as total beginners. When it comes to the cuff part I really think that Rival and Title are just at the top. I also think that the cuff parts (not all, but some pairs) of these offer more wrist support than my favorite which is Winning.

  11. Great article, I have to say I absolutely love the rival gloves. They have never disappointed me. Some of the best pair of gloves I have ever used. Very durable, great padding, easy on the wrist, and they do not get hot. If you are a professional it is a glove I would absolutely recommend .

    1. The brand is fairly new but they know what they are doing. For example, I just love padding distribution.
      Especially bag gloves provide a quite firm wrist support and I just started using Rival Boxing Evolution Bag Gloves during my free standing heavy bag routines and so far the padding matches with Title’s quality. Anyway, I will include my experiences 9 months later in a different post so be sure to check out the site!

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