What are the Best Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands (Equipment)?

There are numerous ways to improve your punching power. And doing shadow boxing against resistance is one of these. It also provides many other benefits and besides Canelo Alvarez must be doing it for a reason right? I will mention other incredible benefits at the end of the writing.

Below I picked most popular and quality shadow boxing resistance bands and equipment for your convenience. These will basically do the job well and below you will also see their exclusive features of these products as well.

Let’s start with best shadow boxing resistance band…

Everlast Shadow Boxer Product Overview

Everlast Shadow Boxer ReviewTraining Quality Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

Durability: 9.4 / 10

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  • It doesn’t have straps (very easy to use)
  • Durable heavy duty tubing
  • Perfect for hooks, jabs…
  • The best shadow boxing resistance band on the market
  • Very good value for the money (really affordable)

Yes you see it right. Everlast has another boxing equipment in another boxing equipment category. And unlike Everlast Boxing Gloves this one has good quality.

You will use your own body for resistance and you can increase the tension a lot with this band. After all you do it with your own body so you can increase it quite easily.

It also does not have straps that always annoy me while training.

Considering that researchers, who work in Everlast, always work on producing boxing stuff, it is actually a really great idea to prefer the product of Everlast for shadow boxing. Because they already produced many products according to the dynamics of punching. And many people’s first pick is this band and it is definitely my first pick as well.

Price: Everlast Shadow Boxer is really cheap and considering its amazing features and durability, it gives way more than what you pay. Check out the recent price.

Flex Active Sports Quality Resistance Bands Product Overview

Best Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands (Equipment)Training Quality Rating: 8.7 / 10.0

Durability: 9.4 / 10


  • Durable latex
  • Perfect for hooks, jabs…
  • Lifetime free part replacement
  • Widely used in many gyms (commercial and local)
  • Free exercise videos
  • Different colors for different resistance intensity

This is the second best option after Everlast. Flex Active is very popular in gyms and one of the most important reasons is lifetime part replacement warranty.

Its latex is a little bit thicker than regular bands and it handles pressure quite well. So the company can give lifetime free part replacement. When you consider that and part replacement warranty there is no wonder why gyms prefer Flex Active.

The colors represent the resistance level. For example red one provides the most resistance which is 35 Lbs. (heavy). Blue one provides 15 Lbs (light) and the yellow one provides 25 Lbs. (medium) resistance. You can choose it according to your need or you can get a complete set and as you get stronger you can train with a heavier one. Also, you can always go back, change resistance and do cardio with lighter one etc.

After you buy this band you will also gain free access to online workout videos.

Price: Price tags of resistance bands are actually quite good and Flex Active is no exception. It also has money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product in any way you can return it, however I really doubt that will happen. Also the price of the complete set is incredibly well. You basically pay for two bands and get three resistance bands. Check out the latest price.

BAS-RUTTEN Mass Suit Product Overview

BAS-RUTTEN Mass Suit ReviewTraining Quality Rating: 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.9 / 10


  • Can create a lot of tension for whole body
  • You can use it for running, weightlifting and even swimming
  • Sturdy
  • Full body system
  • Perfect for hooks, jabs…
  • Most developed and best shadow boxing resistance equipment on the market
  • Many professional athletes use it
  • Perfect product for people who do their training seriously

Sometimes BAS-RUTTEN produces truly revolutionary equipment and I can say that they put some hard work for these. BAS Body Action System Deluxe (some kind of punching bag) is just an example. And BAS-RUTTEN has also top notch quality Mass Suit and it is used by many professional athletes.

You can do every movement with it. You can run, do weightlifting, push up and obviously you can do shadow boxing with it. It even allows you to swim with it.

For example if you spar or compete in any sport branch, doing all of these movements against resistance will give you a definite advantage against your rivals.

This mass suit provides resistance for all of your body. You can get fitter, lose fat and have denser muscles way faster with it. Comparing to other resistance bands or any other equipment, your coordination will also improve much faster.

I really think that if you do your training seriously and you can spend more money for a product, BAS-RUTTEN will be perfect for you. As I said before you simply can’t get some of these benefits elsewhere.

Price: As you can guess its price is high. With that it is truly one of a kind and definitely keep in mind that it provides truly unique benefits. Check out the most recent price.

Benefits of Using Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands and Equipment

Firstly you will practice uppercuts, jab, hooks and other punching techniques against resistance and you will start doing movements faster and stronger.

You can do aerobic and resistance training with any of these equipment. So these will also provide you denser muscles. And so many professional athletes do shadow boxing against resistance and Canelo Alvarez is just one of the names.

If you have torn muscle tissues you can also use any of these resistance equipment lightly and recover yourself. I had had torn muscle tissues in my shoulder because of weightlifting. Actually many people said that it will pass with time. Well, it did not and I used resistance bands. After three times of usage pain was completely gone. Every time after I had used resistance bands I felt better. And as you may know that many physical therapists also recommend resistance bands for their patience to recover from torn muscle tissues.

This equipment on this list is widely used and these brands have been producing, upgrading these for quite some time now. I can easily say that according to your need and preference you can go with any of these products.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading and find a suitable shadow boxing band or equipment for yourself. If you have anything to share please leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “What are the Best Shadow Boxing Resistance Bands (Equipment)?”

  1. I’m not a boxer myself but my son-in-law is. I’m going to show him this, but he’s at the gym right now. He knows all about this kind of thing. Just how much equipment does a boxer actually need? The Mass Suit looks interesting. Is this something that is required and how much does it cost? (Just curious)

    1. You can check out all the equipment needed for boxing writing for that information. In that writing, I wrote every gear and why you need them.

      I like the looks of The Mass Suit, too and it improves the muscles. It also provides you to do shadow boxing with more resistance so you can benefit from it more.

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