Should You Really Get a Punch Tracker?

Alright, this writing is all about my friend’s experiences in Thailand. I actually have never used a punch tracker but when I will go back to Europe I will definitely buy one.

At first honestly, I was really skeptical and if you followed me on any social media (twitter), you probably would have known that I am an old school guy and generally don’t like this kind of technological stuff at all.

With that, after I had observed my friend’s progress and done a research, I concluded that there are seriously many reasons for getting a tracker and in this short content, you can find them. At the end of content, there are some recommendations about these trackers and you can also find my research as well.

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should you really get a punch tracker

First of all, I had sparred (boxing) with this guy around 9 months before he moved back to living in suburbs of Thailand and I was curious about the trackers so I asked him a lot of questions.

This punch tracker was actually a Japanese product and I did not even understand the name of it. Anyway, basically, I was experiencing that he was getting better and better in this period. Yes, he was training hard and he was getting faster and stronger but I noticed that his punching technique was also improving significantly and later, I found out that there are a couple of reasons for that.

When I talked about it with him he said that the punch tracker gives data for velocity and intensity stats and measured the intensity of workouts.

In order to improve his stats, Atid (my Thai friend) changed his punching technique slightly and always aimed for more intensity.

In my opinion, this made the real difference.

In these 9 months, he was mostly training with a grappling dummy and punched it with several techniques (hooks, jabs, uppercuts …) and he always tried increasing the intensity data in the tracker.

Also when he was tracking the data, Atid started doing his sessions with intent and according to me, he seemed to have way more focus. Obviously, you want to see better results after each time you train and this gives you extra motivation to go hard. After all, you don’t want to see the same results over and over again, do you?

So if you are one of the people, who punch the heavy bag aimlessly, you need to get one of these. Because I am sure that some of you are already in this group. Well, at least I know that I am in it.

One thing is to note that while he was training, he used Training Mask 2.0. He trained with this elevation mask 5 sessions and after that, he trained without a mask for a couple of sessions. This was one complete cycle.

According to his experiences, this gave him an edge. After he trained with this elevation mask 8-10 cycles he always improved the intensity at least 0.5%. It may seem little but imagine that you improve your stats in the tracker around 0.5% after one cycle. Considering that, elevation masks are definitely worth it.

Also, keep in mind that this guy had been doing boxing and MMA training around 8 years. So if you have trained less than Atid, I am sure that your results will be far greater than his.

With that, many people seem to forget about this but you can’t always show better performance so you can understand whether your routine is good or not with a punch tracker quite easily.

experiences with a punch tracker

My Research and Recommendations

There are many punch trackers on the market, however, there are only a few products which are preferred more and after I make a thorough research about them, you will definitely see the reviews in this writing! With that, you need to be careful about pricing since some of them are sold separately. For example, you need to get two trackers to place on each arm. So, before you get one, do your product research well so you don’t break the bank for no reason.

After I have been in the industry for a couple of years I realized that the company types play a huge role in this. For example, a boxing company, which produces boxing headgears, gloves, shoes etc., doesn’t have any good technological equipment to produce a punch tracker. Even though these pure boxing, MMA companies know everything about punching, the tracker is a completely different story. Shorty, don’t get a punch tracker which is made by a boxing company. With that, there is an exception to this rule. Everlast works with a company which is called PIQ and these companies produce a tracker which gets decent ratings. So shortly, if a boxing or MMA company do not collaborate with other companies, I highly recommend you to stay away from the punch trackers of these companies because even though I have not used one, I saw many horrible reviews online!

Should You Get One?

After I saw his improvement (punching technique and speed), I really think that it can work for everyone who does boxing, MMA, Muay Thai or any other martial arts which includes punching. I also decided to get one a long time ago.

According to my research, there is a really good quality punch tracker on the market and it is one of the most popular ones. If you want to know about it, you can check out my Hysko Punch Tracker Review.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and I know that there is not much information on forums or sites and many guys/girls on YouTube get sponsorship money (don’t trust any of them and always search the products on Google!) to market the products so even though these are my friend’s experiences, I thought that I should definitely have an article on my site.

If you have experienced any other benefits of these trackers which I did not mention, just have a comment below and let’s talk. Also please keep in mind that when you add your experience below, there is a chance that you can actually help someone!


Image Courtesy of Pierre-Yves Beaudouin and U.S. Navy via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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