Speed Bag vs Double End Bag – Should you Choose one?

double end bag vs speed bag the differences and similarities

I always love the variation of boxing exercises. There are punching bag training, focus mitts, jumping rope, speed bag and of course double end bag training. Each one has unique and its own benefits. Speed bag and double end bag training types are similar however there are also some vital differences between these two and below you can find all of them.

Let’s start speed bag vs double end bag with accuracy…


Accuracy and Timing

Both speed bag and double end bag are great for improving timing and accuracy. In order to get amazing benefits, punching these with right timing is truly everything. Also, have you seen how Manny Pacquiao controls a double end bag? If you watch it, I am sure that you will immediately realize how he can punch with incredible precision during the matches.

should you prefer double end bag or speed bag

Sometimes people hit the double end bag hard and literally wait 3 seconds to hit it again. It is a really wrong way to do it and here is a great guide for how to hit a double end bag. If you are interested in doing double end bag session, there you can find what to do and what not to do in great detail.

You can also improve footwork timing with the double end bag and thanks to this workout you can understand how to move better during sparring.

Speed bags are also incredible for improving accuracy. These are really small and punching these with consistency can really try your patience but it is also really rewarding. So be patient. With that when you get expert with speed bag you can start training with a smaller one and have even more challenging workouts. This improves your accuracy and timing even more.


Muscle Building and Calorie Burning Differences

You simply can’t improve your footwork much during speed bag training. You can still do it, however, comparing to double end bag training it is much less. It is the first reason that you burn more calories during double end bag sessions. The second reason is that you also need to protect yourself, block double end bag etc. Thanks to these, you can burn more calories!

However, if you want more toned shoulders and arms, you should start learning how to punch a speed bag. This training provides constant tension on your shoulders and arms and you can expect to see results in a very short amount of time. I also did a very detailed research about it and if you are interested, you can check out speed bag’s benefits for more information about it. You can also see other physical benefits and how many calories you can burn etc. on that page.

Both of these provide tension on your muscles from many different angles and you can do both of these training types for greater results.


Let’s continue with the main difference…

The Positioning of Your Body and Head

In my opinion, it is the most important difference between these. Heavy bag and speed bag don’t hit you back but double end bag does. You can practice how to move your head or block the double end bag with your arm and boxing gloves. These will definitely sharpen your defense skills and improve reflexes. In this way, it helps you spar better and you will get beat up less than usual. And if you wonder more details about it, you can check out double end bag benefits.



What about footwork? You can do some footwork with speed bag and when you get expert and are comfortable with it, you can do more. However, footwork in double end bag training is much more challenging.

When you can easily punch and do defense during double end bag session, you can actually improve your footwork significantly. Because according to its movement, you need to position yourself and you need to do it very fast.

Difference: You need to be in a suitable position to hit a double end bag whereas you don’t even need to move during a speed bag session. So, if your main goal is to improve footwork then double end bag is a way better option.

double end bag vs. speed bag

All about Punching

You can do lots of different punching techniques with a double end bag including cross, hook, uppercut, jab… However, speed bag simply does not offer you any of these punching techniques. So here double end bag has a huge advantage over a speed bag.

If you are looking for improving your precision and punching technique then there are some great double end bags with perfect weight distributions. You can also adjust the tightness of the ropes according to your level. If you make it loose it will be harder to strike because variation will be more. So if you are a beginner, do it a bit tighter. In this way, it has less freedom and you can control the bag easier.

Whit that, as you can guess you can increase the speed of your punch with a speed bag more efficiently. You can also train with a smaller speed bag for faster sessions.


About Equipment

Both of these bags can hurt your hands. These generally have welted seams and eventually, these will have rough spots. You need some kind of training gloves or hand wraps for a speed bag session. With that, your speed bag should have balance and should not leak air much so you don’t get odd rebound rate. If you are looking for one, I am sure that these good speed bags won’t disappoint you. And you can do your speed bag training with these sturdy boxing hand wraps quite well.

Gloves and hand wraps are simply necessities for double end bag sessions. In this way, you can practice jabs, hooks, uppercuts with boxing gloves. And it is seriously a priceless experience. Other than focus mitts and sparring training, you don’t have a chance to practice these with resistance. So if you want to practice these punching techniques without a partner, double end bag training is your best option.

If you want to do this training type you can start looking for a double end bag. It should have a decent rebound rate and we all want a sturdy one, right? These best double end bags can provide you just these and more. And if you are looking for a pair to use in double end bag sessions, have a look at these excellent boxing training gloves. You can use them in every training type including double end bag and heavy bag.


Final Thoughts

These both training types will sharpen your boxing skills, improve your reflexes and help you get fit. With that, both of them provide some similar benefits however each of these also has some own unique benefits as well.

In my opinion, double end bag definitely deserves more popularity. You can practice jabs, uppercuts, cross, hooks and you can even practice defense! You can block it with your pair or you can position your head according to its movement. And you should do it very fast otherwise you can be beaten by a bag. According to me, double end bag is an incredible training whether you do boxing, MMA training or not. Speed bag has also its own incredible benefits as well. You can improve your precision incredibly well and at the same time, you can improve your speed. It is also known that lots of boxing legends including Sugar Ray Robinson spent a great amount of time with speed bags.

Shortly, it is best to get the benefits of both of these amazing training types.

I hope that you enjoyed the reading and if you have any experiences or anything to say please have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of Peter Gordon, MARINES and HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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4 thoughts on “Speed Bag vs Double End Bag – Should you Choose one?”

  1. I never knew there was so much more depth behind punching bags. After reading your review I also feel that the double-end bag would be the best type of bag, and provide the style that I would be looking for.

    This is a great article; great info and well put together!

    – Nehpets

    1. There are lots of styles and each has unique features. Double end bag training is really underrated and it should be done way more.
      And I am actually glad that it is for you.

  2. Thank you for a great article..

    It sounds like you can definitely do a lot more and better training to sharpen your defensive skills with a double end bag..

    Which brand do you recommend or doesn’t it matter?

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