Tatami Nova GI Review – Is It any Good?

Tatami Fightwear has a huge reputation among BJJ practitioners since it has been producing good jiu-jitsu gis for decades.

With that, a myriad of people wear religiously Tatami Nova Gi and roll on BJJ mats and in this short writing, you can find the reasons behind it. At the end of writing, you can also find some really interesting notes about this gi.

Tatami Nova GI Review

Tatami Nova GI Review – Is It any Good?Training Quality (weight + freedom): 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.2 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

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Exclusive Features

  • 425 high-tech weave
  • Light
  • Really solid stitching
  • Rubber collar
  • Comfy
  • Light pants (rope drawstring)
  • Free white BJJ belt!
  • One of the most quality gis!

The company describes the weave as high-tech weave. Just after a closer look, I can easily see that it is single weave and it also has contrast type stitching.

Considering my experiences, the contrast stitching works excellent for BJJ gis and almost all top-notch BJJ gis have it. This stitching type makes it quite durable and it is actually known for stretching without causing too much deformation. With that, Tatami Nova is also triple stitched. It is also reinforced in stress points for preventing your gi to be baggy and thanks to that, it also lasts more.

With that, as you may know, the single weave is not the most durable weave type, however, let’s not forget that this gi gets A+ for stitching and considering all of these it gets B+ for the durability.

It provides quite a good range of motion and pants can also stretch well. According to me, the most important reasons for the popularity are the design and fitting. The single weave is light and the pants are 10 oz. which is light for pants as well (pants tend to be 12 oz.).

Thanks to all of these, it actually gets really good training performance feedback from authoritative BJJ figures and Jiu-Jitsu forums as well.

Rubber collar wicks the moisture very well and as you may know the single weave is the best weave type for comfort so this jiu-jitsu gi is really suitable for you to roll and do ground work on mats for a really long time!

Guys, if the fitting rate is not superb, this gi simply could not be so popular. According to my research, it has one of the highest fitting rates, if not the highest fitting rate!

There is actually a review video and if you want to see Tatami Nova closely, you can check the video below.

Some Interesting Notes: As you may know, this gi became so popular and people loved it so much. Because of it, this company produced other Nova models. Basic Minimo and MK4 are just some examples. These have slightly different designs however the company kept the original look. I even remember that there were 4-5 people who trained with Tatami Nova and did grappling work in my old MMA gym. This alone tells a lot. However, I highly suggest you try the basic model first and then after that you can try these new models according to your preference.

As a side note, this amazing jiu-jitsu kimono also made my best jiu-jitsu list a long time ago.

Free Belt: It comes with a free and quality white jiu-jitsu belt so if you are a beginner or just want an extra belt, you can get Tatami Nova BJJ GI.

The materials are also suitable for dummies and once the gi is useless or you start training with another kimono you can dress a grappling dummy with this gi.

Aesthetics: It has a classic design.

Some Tips: If you want to use this gi longer wear a rash guard underneath this gi during your BJJ sessions. Since even though the single weave is not affected by sweat much it is still affected. So you can consider a rash guard which can help you have more sessions with Tatami Nova.

Price: Kimono is not exactly a cheap BJJ equipment however in my opinion Tatami Nova is fairly priced. And if it was not, I am guessing that not so many people would have bought it.

Conclusive Thoughts

Shortly, it provides perfect grappling performance, it is light and thanks to the solid stitching, it is quite durable. So it is an excellent gi for BJJ training. These are the reasons why both beginners and advanced jiu-jitsu practitioners do their sessions with Tatami Nova. Considering everything, you should not be surprised that it always makes the top places of “best kimono lists”. If these are appealing to you, have a look at the most recent price and see whether you will like the price or not.

Well, in this Tatami Nova Gi review I tried to be thorough as much as possible however if you have any further questions just have a comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Tatami Nova GI Review – Is It any Good?”

  1. The fightwear looks like it’s very comfortable and breathable. It also looks like it allows great movement which is perfect for doing jiu-jitsu where you’ll be moving quite a lot. I love the color too! It’s very vibrant and draws me in.

    This was a very informative review. Thanks!


    1. It definitely does. That is the reason why people buy it.

      There is not so many gis which have a lot of color selections and I am glad you liked it.

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