6 Techniques and Tips to Improve your Kicking Power

Improving kicking power can benefit your performance in MMA or any other martial art, which involves kicking, out there. You can even intimidate your opponents with it!

There are many proven ways, methods, and exercises to improve your kicking power and you can find really effective 6 methods, techniques, and tips below.

1. Learn How to Kick

If you don’t know how to do kicking techniques (front kick, back kick…) properly, how you can expect to develop a kicking power?

Firstly, you need to learn them and practice them over and over again. So you can adjust your body and foot position according to your target and deliver the maximum power.

Firstly, you can start kicking MMA heavy bags, which allow you to do a lot of kick types and have relatively soft shells, with striking type shin guards and learn the basic kicking types. These protect your shin and instep so you don’t have any injury.kicking power

Basically, work on them until you don’t do any mistake after that you can actually start developing them.

Alright, even though you can develop your striking with heavy bags quite significantly, you just can’t simply do many techniques with heavy bags including butterfly and crescent kicks. However, you can do these with good kick shields, which can be controlled easily, and obviously, you also need to train with a holder who is an experienced MMA trainer. Since experienced trainers can provide you quite versatile kick sessions and types.

2. Stronger Legs

There are many exercises like high knees, deadlift, plyo box, squats which can build leg muscles. However, just don’t focus on one rep range. For example, do 2-3 reps with heavy weights and 12 reps with lighter weights. You should definitely mix it up.

Because lower rep range allows you to build denser muscles and as you may know higher rep ranges builds the most muscle.

However, if you do any kind of martial arts, you need to do both.

If you want to see how these are done properly, there is a YouTube video which explains all about them and gives a lot of tips to implement during fights, too. You can also observe how to move your leg (how you should stand, basic stances, how you should move your hips etc.) for each exercise (plyo leg extensions, jump squats, and working out with a heavy bag) and doing them right will definitely help you increase your kicking power. So I highly suggest you check the video below.

3. Kicking Speed

As you may know, the speed of your kick is actually the most important factor for kicking power.

Jumping rope is one of the most preferred workouts for martial arts and it does not only benefit your kicking speed and helps you reach your fitness goals but it also gives you timing sense and improves many other necessary skills for martial arts.

There are actually many other drills like agility ladder which also help you have quick feet as well. Just pick and start one which you are comfortable with.

I am not going to provide you “a training routine” here like other sites since I don’t know your skill level or strengths and weaknesses. Shortly, I believe that every MMA training program should be customized for every individual. So you should ask it from your trainer or just send your training video to one of the online MMA trainers who are trustworthy and you can go from there.

Note: Thank you for trusting me enough to ask for a training program but please don’t send me an e-mail or a video for it. I always have lots of work and I honestly don’t think that I can find enough time any time soon.   

4. Work on Your Balance

Many people, who just start kicking or are more advanced, do not have good balance at all. When this is the case, it is not possible to control the center of gravity well and obviously, they can’t reach their maximum potential.

Train with Different Balance Board Types!

If you are having a trouble of controlling it or improving it, my favorite method is to work out with different balance board types. Since every balance board type is unique and when you train with different models like skate, circular, you will master controlling your center of gravity faster. Also, don’t worry if you suck at it or can’t even stand still for two seconds. Trust me on this you really can’t be worse than me about it ; )

There are also breathing techniques and tips to help you out on this particular subject. You can check out this article about breathing for them. I also have been using these methods and tips for improving my breathing and I really think that it can help you with it. For example, I started having more balance while kicking and punching after I learned how to implement them. And I also saw a significant difference while I am doing uppercuts and combinations. I know that this is not totally relevant but I also started controlling my body more while I am doing right cross, left hook, right cross.6 Techniques and Tips to Improve your Kicking Power

5. Improve Your Explosiveness

More explosiveness provides you to deliver the maximum shock deliverance in a short amount of time and many training types, which are mentioned above, improve your explosiveness. However, you also need to improve your lower body, upper body and core strength for kicking more explosive.

Most preferred training type for kicking more explosive is jump box training and it also builds thigh muscles.

You can also throw medicine ball and have a more balanced upper body and core strength as well. And focusing on explosive throws is the way to go.

6. Work on it Regularly!

First of all, if you don’t exercise regularly, you will lose muscle. This is also the case for the speed as well. For example, whenever I don’t do drills with a kick shield, I generally see a small decrease in my kicking performance.

You also don’t want to forget how a specific kick is done and you can actually tweak it with time and do it better.  When you spend a lot of time with your trainers, they can give you a lot of tips for it so you can do kick types more efficiently. Thanks to these tips, you can even save more energy!

Being consistent is the only way to achieve your goals in martial arts.

Conclusive Thoughts

Improving your kicking power is not really a rocket science. There are many proven ways, tips to increase it and it is also really cool that you can start doing them immediately! It is vital for almost any martial artists out there and if you are like me and train for MMA, doing it regularly will help you increase the chances of beating your opponent in sparring drastically. I can also tell you that you will be more confident.

I know that there are many other effective methods out there so I really would love to hear your suggestions below!

Image Courtesy of Amanda Mills, USCDCP via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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2 thoughts on “6 Techniques and Tips to Improve your Kicking Power”

  1. Hi
    I have been searching for an exercise to strengthen and tone my legs as i had partial knee replacement on both knees a couple of years ago and they have got a bit weak and fat as i will admit i havn’t really tried anything to help them back to how they should be:(
    Finding your post has given me some hope that i can get them stronger and lose the fat.
    I am not very good with balance so i will use your methods, i also have what we all call bingo wings can boxing help this? if so how long and how many times a week should i do this?.
    Do you think it would be ok to for me to do this kick boxing and also will it strengthen my legs?
    Thanks great info.

    1. These will do the job just fine. I understand that but I really can’t offer any solution to your problem because I am really not knowledgeable enough to give advice to someone in your condition.

      However, you can start just start doing exercise just one day per week and try getting enough rest since as I understand you have not done any exercise in a while. You should also need to avoid exercises which are not easy on your joints. And I really have no idea whether you should start doing kickboxing or not. You need to consult your doctor.

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