Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review, Are these Ideal for Heavy Bag?

Title produces lots of gears for boxing. They pay great attention to safety and some of the products definitely provides the best training performance and Gel World Bag Gloves is one of them.

Lets start with unique features and sizing chart of the pair, then continue with extensive Title Gel World Bag Gloves review.


Title Gel World Bag Gloves Product Overview

Protection Rating: 10.0Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review

Heavy Bag Training Quality Rating: 9.6

Durability Rating: 8.7 (lasts  around 2 years)

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 9.1

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Unique Pros

  • Cowhide Leather
  • Ideal for Heavy Bag Training
  • Exclusive features for heavy bag session
  • Incredible quality padding
  • Has all safety features
  • Last around 2 years


Exclusive Features for Punching Bag Training

If you are looking for a heavy bag glove, then seriously don’t look any further, this is the one. Title has all safety features for ALL training types and also it has lots of padding quantity. So after heavy bag session, your hands soreness will be little to none existent. Besides that, wrist support is another vital quality for heavy bag session because if your wrist gets hurt well it is likely to continue hurting at least 2-3 months more and I already had an injury in my right wrist, even if I didn’t, I would never consider using a pair without proper wrist protection. Title has it and also gets a lot of good ratings. Certainly, safety is one of the top reasons.

Its weight distribution is also ideal for heavy bag training and there are not lots of padding at upper side of the gloves, so your hands won’t be losing any speed while punching the bag. On the contrary you will punch faster and the impact will be obviously more.

After punching with a glove, its padding returns the original place in very short amount of time and it helps with the training performance and the durability of padding.

Title’s padding delivers the shock so well and you will literally move the punching bag more with Title. With that,  these safety and training performance features make Title Gel World Bag  simply the best gloves for heavy bag session. You can choose your own pair according to sizing chart below.


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Can You do Sparring with it?

It has all safety features for YOU, but not for your sparring partner. It has good and lots padding to protect your knuckles, wrist support to prevent any serious injuries, but it delivers the shock very well and this is why it is called as bag gloves. Even though your hands and wrists will be safe, your sparring partner’s face won’t be.


How Many Years Will the Pair Last?

Its leather is cowhide and durable than most of the other heavy bag gloves. Title is a company which doesn’t overprice its items and it is the best boxing gloves that you can get in this price range. Also, it has great moisture wicking lining which also extends the duration a lot and make your hands comfortable at the same time. You can certainly expect it to last 2 years. After that, its padding slowly start losing its quality.


Design and Color Selection

It is old school style and does not have sleek design. There are red, black pink colors of this pair. It is also velcro. You can wear it and take it off quite easily.


Are you ready for sweaty Heavy Bag Sessions?

Title Gel World Bag is IDEAL for heavy bag training. It can and will take constant punishment for years. Thanks to its quality padding, it will give you the same and quality punching experience. I strongly believe that your hands can’t be any more safe and you can get quality punching experience with this pair. If these features of incredibly popular gloves are appealing to you, get your OWN Title on amazon and start training with it. As a side note this pair of gloves always get amazing feedback from forums, sites and basically everywhere. This pair is also at top place of my best boxing gloves for heavy bag list as well. If you have any questions related to the review or personal experience with this pair, you can comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review, Are these Ideal for Heavy Bag?”

  1. Great site you got here Furkan.

    There is a ton of information which is fantastic!! You seem to have covered everything we need to know.

    I particularly enjoyed reading about the lifespan of these gloves. Sounds ideal for some serious Heavy Bag sessions

    Thanks for the info Furkan appreciate it!!

  2. Hello Furkan.

    These gloves really seem to be what I’m looking for. Lately when I do my training session I end up with my hands hurting all over, and it is starting to affect me when I work. I work with computers so you can imagine that I need my hands in good condition.

    I’ll try these, I tell you how it goes!


    1. I am sure Title will protect your hand and your hands won’t be sore after heavy bag workout so you can work comfortably with your computer 😉
      You are always welcome Ruben.

  3. Nice Job with this information here Furkan,

    I like the wrist support and safety information. This is a well detailed review. Looks like these can last a few years? that is good. which means good quality with that much use.

    Thanks for the info

    1. You can do bag work at least 3 years with Title Gel World. The wrist part is tight and solid. Seriously I can say that it is the best pair of gloves for wrist support.

  4. Awesome! i’ve always wanted to give boxing a go. i didn’t know that there were some many things to it. if you were to pick a beginners boxing set, what all would you buy?

    1. If you think of doing only bag work as a beginner Title Gel World Bag is suitable for you. You will also feel the bag less and even while you are punching hard, your knuckles feel almost nothing.

  5. I’ve always wanted to get into boxing. What a great sport! How would you compare boxing to MMA? Did you watch the McGreggor v. Mayweather fight? It’s unfortunate that I missed it. I live in in China, so we don’t always get to catch big events like that due to the time differences. Anyway… great products here! What would you buy if you were a beginner?

    1. Of course, I watched it and well, I knew very well that Connor McGregor did not have a chance against Floyd. But it was pretty exciting to see many people get hyped for that match.
      This pair provides ultimate protection and if you only do punch bag training then this pair is ideal for you.

  6. Love the website dude, great information in regards to the bag gloves review. Especially for those who aren’t too familiar with gloves specifically design for a bag and glove specifically designed for punching your sparring partners facing. I personally like the gloves myself and love to put them to test on a bag and maybe punching my sparring partners face too. Thank you for the information and now it’s time to tap out.

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