Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review – Which ones are Better for Training?

Twins is one of the oldest boxing gloves company out there and they have always some good products on market. Twins has produced lots of boxing gloves as well as kick boxing, muay thai, mixed martial arts gears. I can honestly say this company is  very experienced about martial arts. Even though they have not the top notch gloves like Winning,  they have decent quality pairs. In this content you will find the best twins boxing gloves’ review, unique features and also sizing information for your hand.

Twins has 2 decent quality products which are Special Boxing Gloves and Signature Fancy. With that, Signature Fancy Gloves are just  different style and color of Twins Special Boxing Gloves.  


Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro and  Twins Signature Fancy Boxing Gloves

 Twins Special Boxing Gloves ReviewBest Place to Buy: Amazon

Protection Rating: 9.0

Training Quality Rating: 8.8

Quality / Price Ratio Rating: 8.1

Unique Pros

  • Have ALL safety features
  • Ideal for all training types
  • Durable Leather
  • Good for budget                                                                                      
  • Wide color and design selection
  • Last around 2 years

Twins Special and Twins Signatures Fancy Boxing Gloves’ essential features are exactly the same. However the only differences are their design and color styles.  Fancy Boxing series are for who wants to express themselves. Actually, I am not a guy who cares about it (yeah I am very old school), however, some people do and they have very wide color selections, designs. Also all of this company’s products are made in Thailand.

As a side note: Twins Special is always number for best ones for the money lists. It just gives you more than your moneys worth.


Let’s start the extensive review…

Twins Really Know about Difficulties of Martial Arts

One thing is that I really appreciate about Twins. They are always careful about safety. Their pairs have wrist protection to prevent serious injuries and it is a simple must for gloves. Actually I don’t even consider training or reviewing the gloves without wrist protection. Also these two pairs have lots of quality padding.

I have witnessed  lots of people including myself suffered from knuckle pain and sore hands. Twins put so much effort to make your knuckles and wrists safe as much as possible. And I am sure your hands will be safe while using it.

I actually have no idea how is their product development. But I do know this, when companies have LONG history of producing martial arts equipment, they  always offer the best protection possible. Maybe the reason they get enough complaints on forums and other places over the years, after that they do their best. That is what I would do if I have been in game a long time. Anyway, these features above  makes these  Twins Special Boxing Gloves suitable for various trainings, whether you will do sparring, heavy bag or speed bag session. According to sizing chart below, you can choose your pair.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

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How Long the Leather will Last?

Having good leather changes durability a lot and even the quality of training. When the pair has quality leather, it holds padding better and makes the glove better as overall. I always believe in investing in leather. It definitely pays off later. Even though, Twins Special doesn’t offer much in this particular feature, its leather is definitely above average. and you can certainly expect to train 2 years and get same quality experience in every training.


Will your Hands still be Fresh at the end of Training?

Nowadays we tend to be comfortable as much as possible. if there is a thing to make our life easier, why wouldn’t we? Nylon mesh is the most common feature found in quality gloves and when company has long history about boxing, muay thai, martial arts; they know what their customer need. Twins is the one of the first companies which included nylon mesh to gloves for thermal regulation during the rough workout. Twins Boxing Gloves in this list surely have this relaxing feature.

Going with the Trend

Velcro or lace up? I have been getting this question a lot. Lots of trainers, people who train boxing normally answer this question  “they are equal”  “it is a personal choice” . However I disagree with them. Lots and lots of companies have much more velcro gloves than lace up. The reason is that velcro is easy to wear and take it off. Also people generally don’t have the training partner with themselves every single time. Even they do, I honestly don’t see much lace up gloves in gym.Many people train themselves or in home, so they prefer velcro pairs instead of lace up. Not all the time but generally, companies produces more velcro or cheaper than its lace up matches. Twins also goes with this trend and their best boxing gloves are velcro.


Final Thoughts

Even though its leather quality is not the best you get, these pairs still have more quality leather than average pairs on market. Also let’s not forget the other features of these gloves are PREMIUM, especially its padding and wrist support. And when I consider of company history, I say go for these gloves. These both have wide color selection. With that, Twins Fancy Boxing Gloves have even more selections and different designs, if that is your thing. These pairs are leading products of Twins. Right now Twins Special Boxing Gloves have incredible prices on Amazon  and if you are looking for expressing yourself with lots of color selection and designs, then pick up your own Twins Fancy on amazon.  I hope you enjoyed this content and if you have any questions about Twins Boxing Gloves review or related personal experience, please leave a comment below.

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27 thoughts on “Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review – Which ones are Better for Training?”

    1. There are lots of boxing gloves which are used only for one training type and Twins is not one of them so it can be a very good option because you can do all training type with it.

  1. Hi there, that’s a nice review! I want to join a boxing gym.

    looking for some good gloves for beginners like me, what do you suggest? I’m actually short on budget I would love something good and not so expensive!

    Waiting for your response

  2. I don’t box, but even I recognized the “twins” logo.

    It sounds like “twins” offer a great value for money

    I would think that since you use the hand a lot in boxing, it’s better to go with the best brand, right?

    1. Twins is great and I think its pair is one of the best value for money. I actually just released an article and Twins get the top place for quality price ratio. I think same as you, but even best brands have some bad products and this model of Twins is just great and you just can’t go wrong with it 😉

  3. Hey, great review. I am only looking boxing bag for having a stress release in the garage. I have been looking into gloves and these would be great for protecting my hands in process. I know my friends will laugh when I do, but very practical for me I think hehe

  4. I had to come back and check out gloves I could use personally, I really liked the sound of twins, these already had my attention and have a great rep among fighters.

    I will definitely be putting these on top of my list for future purchases.

    1. Twins is quite good choices and has very affordable price. I think it has the best price quality ratio and I am sure it will be a good choice for you Damian.

  5. Thanks for the reviews. Discover something about boxing gloves and really like how the Twins sound. What do you recommend for a starter just beginning the sport? I don’t have boxing equipments or a gym membership, is it easy to setup a boxing gym at home?

    1. Actually Twins is very good option for a beginner. You can do every training type including double end bag, focus mitts… Actually I will write a post about boxing gym at home and I will send you e-mail when I write it. It can save you tone of money and you can still get very good quality training. Other than sparring, you will have all benefits faster 😉

  6. Just wanted to say that I appreciate that you only review products with excellent safety ratings – although I’m not much of a boxer, I really feel strongly that we need to do what we can to protect our bodies as much as possible during exercising and play. I’ve suffered countless sports injuries over the years – and am paying for it long term now – I’d hate for even one person to have jammed up shoulders or wrists just from using poor quality gloves. Great review!

    1. Thanks Marlaine, I actually had wrist injury and I truly understand you 😉 and Twins will provide excellent safety and if you start boxing it will surely protect your hands.

  7. Sparring with gloves?
    I know safety is a priority when it comes to training. I guess I’ve been watching way too much television. I too have suffered injuries sustained while sparring, it goes to show that taking precautionary measures to be safe while staying fit should be at the top of the list of things to do to prepare beforehand. I love the fact that you are listing products (boxing gloves), as the main source of protection.

    1. I will always list boxing gloves which have safety for sparring. I really don’t want to knock out sparring partner during sparring 😉 and these pairs need to provide good punching experience, so we can get fit faster and good at sparring.

  8. Great review! It’s true that Twins is a very well known brand. Many people I know that are into boxing prefer this brand but it’s good to know the reason why they are considered the best like the use of nylon mesh. I honestly had no idea that there are 2 different types of boxing gloves Velcro or Lace up. I asked the people I know and all of them use Velcro. I personally like the designs of “Twins Signature Fancy Boxing Gloves” but still I’m gonna ask: which pair is better for training for women the “special boxing” or the “fancy boxing”?

    1. It actually does not matter. Fancy has more design and color selections and that is it.
      Twins Special is really good for women because it has a lot of padding to absorb the shock so you can go with either one of these.

  9. I love how your website is set up. It’s easy to navigate. I am not into boxing or MMA but I am looking for a nice set of gloves to get started with, do some sparring and kick a little but so the Twins seem like the best route. Thanks for making it seem simple to choose from!

  10. Win Bill Huang

    To me, boxing is boxing. It is a little weird that people would consider style on their boxing gloves. I mean after doing years of punching, it is very clear that the boxing gloves will wear and tear. I think what you need is quality like you mentioned.

    I like how twins care about safety for the hands and wrist. Back then, when I was play boxing with a punching bag, I actually over strained the muscles around my wrist. That was pretty painful. Ever since then, I have been very careful when it comes to punching recklessly.

    You mentioned that the boxing gloves are made of leather. Are they synthetic or real leather? I heard synthetic leather lasts longer.

    As for the lace up gloves. Honestly, I have always seen in movies that lace up is the common tradition. However, if you are not a pro, and you are just training yourself at home, I think hook and loop fastener (aka velcro) is the way to go, because boxing gloves will wear off over time. Nevertheless, it is still worth a purchase, because boxing gloves are also nice protection for our fists and I want them to remain healthy while training martial arts.

    1. Yeah, I agree with that and it actually does not matter whichever training you do. These will be useless eventually. But, the training type actually plays a huge role in this. For example, the leather quality plays a huge role while you are doing drills and if it is synthetic, it is more likely to have small defects.

      That straining can happen during it especially you are overtraining and I can imagine that since I also have been there. When that happens, I just stop training for a couple of weeks and do warm up with resistance bands. It helps me heal way faster.
      No, quality genuine leather tends to last more than the others. Twins Special is actually a very good example for that.

      Yeah, many people don’t even want to deal with lacing the boxing gloves and velcro is just preferred more.

  11. I have a punching bag in my spare room and my boxing gloves are wearing off, it is time to change them and the Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro look like a very good substitute for them. The wrist protection should be a must-have for all Boxing Gloves, and if you add the nylon mesh to the mix, we have a winner, my hands will love them.

    1. I really would love to have a heavy bag in my home and you are lucky lol. In addition to what you said, it also has a lot of padding which has good quality. The wrist compartment is actually smaller than the other gloves however it is quite tight and provides enough for your wrists.

  12. Twins are one of the only high quality gloves that I have not tried. Always hear really good things about them, and fighter have told me they are very durable and last for quite a long time. Good review on explaining the strengths on this particular glove. I also like the fact that you mention it is a glove you can use on a heavy bag, mitts, and in sparring.

    1. I guess you had lots of gloves then (Winning, Hayabusa, Cleto Reyes come to my mind. I think that these ones definitely have more quality but if you used all of these then you can give Twins Special a shot. You will find the padding softer than the other gloves and while you are punching, the glove will have extra momentum which you will probably love.

  13. I’ve been doing pretty extensive research into my next pair of gloves and seem to have narrowed it down to the BGVL-3 or the Fairtext BGV9. I need them mainly for heavy bag work. Which would you recommend of those two? Or would you suggest something else?

    1. Hi Dave, it is nice to see you here again. BGGVL-3 is more suited for clinching as it has narrower wrist support but this provides less support while heavy bag workouts. As we talked about before BGV9 is just fine for working out with bags and all-around training. However, if you get gloves for only heavy bag sessions, there are better choices out there.

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