Venum Attack MMA Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Venum is founded in 2007 and the company has grown rapidly. I have been following the industry for a really long time and the growth was quite impressive. And I know that a myriad of MMA fans have trained with various Venum MMA gears over the years.

Venum has a pair which is recommended for beginners and more advanced fighters and it is Venum Attack. However, why is that?

In this writing, you will find the reasons of this and some really interesting facts about this pair.

Without further ado let’s start. 

Venum Attack MMA Gloves Review

Venum Attack MMA Gloves ReviewTraining Quality: 9.2 / 10.0

Safety: 9.4 / 10.0

Durability: 9.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.6 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 8.9 / 10.0

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Exclusive Features

  • Training type gloves (mitts…)
  • Good foam quality
  • Tapered design and good fit
  • Fingers have enough freedom
  • Great comfort

Let’s start with the training performance. The layered foam moves just a bit while punching. It basically does not move much and it is the most preferred type for MMA training.

As you may know, MMA gloves can’t have a lot of padding. Because it restricts freedom so the layered foam is preferred a lot. These layers distribute the shock twice so your knuckles feel less impact than usual. The padding at the upper side has the same (very close) padding density and this can be quite useful while you are punching the punch mitts. Since your hands will be protected well during your sessions.

If you also consider that the foam is layered, I can say that you will feel way less soreness after your sessions. The finger compartment’s inner part is reinforced. This stabilizes your fingers quite well and reduces the injury risk.

If you consider the safety, in my opinion, you can go with Venum Attack for every training type with no problem whatsoever.

Cover Material: Venum uses Skintex for a lot of martial arts equipment and gears. I also used Venum Boxing Gloves which are made of Skintex. It is sturdy and when you hit the bag or mitts, you will feel that the leather just stays in place does not have deformation too much. This is why Skintex is preferred a lot for martial arts equipment. I even know that many MMA shin guards are also made of it.

Training Quality: Venum Attack is suitable for every training type and as I stated above, the foam barely moves and provides decent training performance and this is why it accommodates so many people. Also, the finger compartment is a bit slightly tighter than usual. So if you like these, I can suggest you train with Venum Attack.

Shortly, this pair’s training performance is way above average and gets B+ easily.

Comfort: Strategically placed meshes provide quite good air flow. So the durability will not be lowered much. Skintex is also known for wicking the moisture well. Shortly, Skintex is Venum’s signature material and it does the job just fine.

Popularity: I got a comment a month ago and it basically asked why this pair is really popular. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, this pair provides “safe” MMA training sessions and many people give good feedback for the design and in my opinion, these are the main reasons.

Fitting Reviews: According to my research, it is slightly above average. Also, it has a longer velcro closure and thanks to the length, you can adjust it according to your wrist.

Aesthetics: It looks really awesome. In my opinion, black and white colors show the style of Venum quite well.

Final Thoughts

Venum has many MMA gloves on the market and these constantly make the best of lists including mine. And if you go to any MMA gym, I am sure that you will see someone who is doing a training session with Venum Attack. If you ask me, this MMA glove can be your training pair since this training pair provides good performance and I know very well that Skintex can take a constant punishment for a really long time. And as a side note, this pair is made in Thailand.

Price: One thing is to note that according to me, Venum Attack has an awesome price tag.  If you are interested, click here to see it. And I am sure that many of you will think the same.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the review and if you have any thoughts, questions, just share it in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Venum Attack MMA Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?”

  1. Yes I agree with your review. This gloves overall are a very solid pair of training gloves. Nice wrist protection and great padding in the front to protect your teammates. Only issue I ever had with the gloves was the webbing was a little wide on the fingers, but overall a very solid pair of gloves.

    1. Man, I could not gather the information about webbing. So thanks to you we can add that the gloves have wide webbing and Venum Attack may not provide an ideal fit for small handed people. Man, seriously I appreciate the input. Even though I get help from various experts, there are a lot of details about the MMA gears so thanks again.

  2. These look like really good gloves. I used to box and did karate, as well. We had gloves, but nothing like the Venum Attack gloves . . . these look amazing.
    With my kids coming up on the age where they are interested in martial arts, so this is perfect for them!

    1. If you did boxing a long time ago I am not surprised that you have not seen this pair.

      Because Venum Attack is fairly new and it can accommodate everyone as it is suitable for all training types. It can be actually great for beginners. Because considering the other MMA gloves, it also has more padding quantity thus it protects better.

  3. Furkan, I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of this brand. But you’ve given me a good amount of detail about it in this review, so I’m going to purchase and try it out for myself.


    1. I am surprised you have not heard of it before. This is a quite popular brand and has various popular MMA gloves on the market.
      Let me know whether you like it or not.

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