Venum Headgear Review – The Complete Guide

Venum Elite Headgear

Venum produces many boxing equipment types and you can see a product for every need and budget in its catalog. I really appreciate it but sometimes the products don’t have every safety feature. With that Venum has very popular headgears. However are these any good and will these protect you in sparring session? In this Venum Headgear review, you will see these products’ pros, exclusive features and cons as well.

Let’s start with the most popular one…

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear 

Protection Rating: 8.8 / 10.0

Training Quality and Vision Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 8.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.5 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.4 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Good protection (triple foam padding)
  • Adjustable velcro system (fits well)
  • Incredible quality price ratio
  • Wicks moisture well
  • Made in Thailand

I actually did not like Venum Challenger series before. Because Challenger Boxing Gloves don’t even have good wrist protection and its cover material is not durable. With that comparing to Challenger pair, Venum Challenger Headgear’s quality is very different.

First of all its foam does a very good job for absorbing the shock. And Venum uses the same foam for all of its products.

Because of triple foam, you probably expect that it is “heavier” than regular headgears, but it is not. And that just tells the quality of padding. It absorbs the shock and it is light. These two together provide you amazing safety and training performance during the sparring.

Challenger has sturdy leather construction and you will feel good with its cushion.

Venum always makes sure that you stay comfortable and many buyers also experience the same thing with Challenger 2.0. Even though it is not related I had the same experience with Venum boxing gloves too.

You will have 100% vision with it and it fully protects your forehead and cheeks. It basically does what you expect from a headgear.

These are the reasons why it is the most sold headgear of the company.

The other headgears in this price range are total joke. If you are looking for an affordable and quality headgear I strongly recommend you to get Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear.


Venum Elite Headgear

Protection Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Training Quality and Vision Rating: 9.2 / 10.0

Durability: 8.8 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 8.9 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Good protection (triple foam padding)
  • Adjustable velcro system (fits very well)
  • Extra protection for ears
  • Provides good vision
  • Wicks moisture incredibly well
  • Most quality headgear of Venum
  • Handmade in Thailand

You probably ask that “Why Venum Elite Headgear is the best product of the company?”

Well first of all, it has extra protection for ear department. When you take an impact to this area, it distributes shock to other areas so you will be affected less from the impact. Also its cover material (Skintex) is sturdy and thanks to these you can expect very good durability from Elite.

Actually it has one more unique feature. This product is handmade in Thailand. Because of that you will have a short break in period. With that, its construction is more detailed than other products and it fits just excellent. Thanks to this feature it slides less and always provides 100% vision.

Also when a headgear stays stable obviously it will protect you better.

Thanks to “no sliding” it also gets good rating for its training performance. I actually want to tell you that soon I will post most quality headgear list and Venum Elite Headgear will be definitely there 😉

Elite is also slightly lighter than regular headgears. So you can move, dodge and counter attack even faster with it. And thanks to this feature you will get beat up less 😉 Speaking of punches when you get punched, you will see it clearly and even if you see the punch a millisecond before, you can react better. In my opinion it is just priceless.

These are all the reasons why Venum Elite is the top product of the company.

The other features and qualities are exactly the same with Challenger 2.0. Venum Elite Headgear also wicks sweat and moisture incredibly quick and has same triple density foam which absorbs shock very well.

It is also smaller than “regular” headgears and it won’t make your head one big giant target. And I have been there more than once. This can affect you psychologically and when you get hit it also starts to affect psychically as well. So a headgear, which is a good fit for your head, can make a real difference. And no product can be a better fit than handmade ones.

It is also very easy to wear and take it off. Its Velcro system is bigger than regular and you can adjust according to your preference. Not many companies do that. All I can say is that Venum Elite Headgear deserves its name. And it also gets very good feedback from amazon, boxing and martial arts forums.

It has also many color selection including orange, black and pink.


Conclusive Thoughts

When I search for a product, first I look at its safety features. And then I look at its training Venum Headgear Reviewperformance. Both Venum products provide these well. However Venum Elite is “lighter” so you can move faster with it. And also its cushion and handmade design are just superior. You can expect to use Elite much longer than Challenger 2.0. I also have many experiences with products which are made in Thailand. These always provide incredible comfort and these two headgears are no exception. With that the price difference between these two products is just so little and if you will get Venum I highly suggest you to go with Venum Elite Headgear.

Venum has very quality boxing gloves and horrible ones. This is also same for its mouth guards. Sometimes these bad products (generally cheaper ones) do not offer good protection. However this situation is not same for its headgear and both products are solid. If you get one of these, I am sure that you will be really pleased with your choice and use it for a long time. These also have very good quality price ratio.

I hope you enjoyed reading Venum Headgear Review and if you have any questions or anything add please just leave a comment below.


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6 thoughts on “Venum Headgear Review – The Complete Guide”

  1. The “no-sliding” feature of the Elite headgear is definitely a must. If the helmet moves at all, you can forget about how effective the padding or the ear protection is. Plus, a moving helmet can definitely distract you in the fight.

    I really like how these helmets are handmade. You can tell they are of high quality and will last a long time. The Thai people know their stuff.

    1. Ears can hurt if a headgear slides while getting a punch and even though it will not cause any ear injuries that just sucks. These need to stay still and Venum gets quite good ratings for staying still. After staying and training in Thailand for a long time I know that these guys care a lot about the fight gears. I even held the mitts for professional fighters who train with Venum gears religiously.

  2. michael j lisbona

    Very informative! My Son has done Judo and wrestling since he was 5 now 13, so I now the importance of protecting the ears. He did a little boxing a year ago and now is interested again, so I’m loving your site.

    1. Both of these are heavily padded around ear compartment, however, this part is a bit outside. So it will not bother his ears while doing training. Thank you so much man. Well it has been a while so before he spars, he should do mitts, bag work etc. for a couple of months.

  3. I have never tried any of the Venum headgear, but I like your thoughts on the subject. Safety comes first and performance and comfort after that. I also agree you really cannot go wrong with most products made in Thailand. They have the perfect mix of safety and comfort. Does venum have any headgear with the nose bar?

    1. Lightweight means nothing if the head takes all the impact. Man, there is something about the products which are made in Thailand. Almost all of them have good quality. However, I am considering the huge brands like Venum.

      I did some research, however, I could not find one, however, you can have a look at these headgears with nose bar. I sparred with some of them and even though I had a nose injury before these were good as they can be. In this writing, you can also read my experiences like how I felt after taking a hit, sliding…

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