What are the Benefits of Boxing for Weight Loss? – The Key to an Amazing Physique

New boxing gyms and classes open every single day and there are lots of reasons for it. Some people go there to learn about boxing skills, some go for fun and some people go for losing weight. I still witness that so many people benefit from it and have incredible transformations.


Let’s start with the benefits of boxing for weight loss with training types…

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is a great way to warm up and cool down. Your muscles work in the same way as in sparring, doublewhat are the benefits of boxing for weight loss end bag or punching bag training. However, after you punch, there is nothing to hold us during shadow boxing so it is also a great way to train your back muscles.

According to Caloriebee, a 150-pound individual can burn 200 calories during 20 minutes of shadow boxing and actually there are some ways which can provide greater weight loss and muscle building benefits. If you are interested then check out here.

After you start doing shadow boxing easily, you may want to increase the intensity. I know some people use dumbbells. However, it does not matter you do jab, cross, hook or uppercut. This will definitely hurt your punching technique. With that, there are some boxing gloves which have ideal weight distribution to benefit more from shadow boxing. Also, you can increase the intensity with resistance bands and you can lose more weight and improve your punching technique at the same time. You can actually do these with resistance equipment which is a lot of fun and offers really challenging workouts. For that, you can check out these bands.


Speed Bag and Double End Bag Training

Speed bag only trains shoulders, arms and wrists so is it really beneficial to use it as a weight loss equipment? It actually burns 200 calories in 20 minutes and you will use only shoulders and arms during the session. So, speed bag training will burn your shoulder and arm fats like crazy. As a result, you will have “toned” arms.

Double end bag training is mostly used for improving speed as well however you hit the bag from different angles and the resistance will be more than a speed bag. You can also do more footwork. So it will burn fat and challenge your muscles in a different way.


Sparring and Focus Mitt Training

When you do sparring, you wear boxing headgear, hand wraps, mouth guard and gloves. So you are already “heavier” and your sparring partner will also challenge you. Your heart will beat so much faster than any other training type. In this way, you will burn more fat in a shorter amount of time. According to FitDay, a 170-pound individual can burn more than 310 calories during 20 minutes of sparring. It is seriously great exercise for burning those extra calories.

Even though you won’t have headgear and won’t be “heavier” during pad work, your training partner will challenge you. So focus mitt training will also give you similar results.

There are some pairs which are suitable for ALL training types. These have all safety and training performance features for every single training type including punching bag, focus mitts and sparring. If you are interested doing any of these training types, check out these quality training gloves and their unique features.

boxing burns belly fat

Heavy Bag

Lots of Victoria Secret models have heavy bag training session in their exercise routine and I know many bodybuilders support their weight lifting routines with punching bag training to have even better results.

This workout truly has an incredible blend. It is anaerobic, aerobic, resistance and high-intensity interval training at the same time. When you have all of these benefits together, muscle fibers will be challenged a lot and obviously muscle mass will increase. There is no wonder many bodybuilders have it in their workout routines.

According to Livestrong’s research, muscles reach fatigue in a lot of different ways during heavy bag training and in this way, your glycogen stores will replenish very fast. So you will start burning fat sooner than most of other training types.


Boxers need to have durability for long fights so they do lots of cardio including running, jumping rope, speed bag training…

You can burn more than 150 calories in 10 minutes of jumping rope session. And

does boxing build dense muscles

keep in mind that it is a regular session and if you do high interval intensity training or if you do different jump rope techniques including double unders, triple unders, scissors, side rope… the results will be even greater.

This is one of the most important reasons why boxers have great physique and “sharp looking muscles”. You can also read about why do boxers jump rope for other benefits. And if you are interested in having a great shape and losing fat, you can have incredible training sessions with these amazing jump ropes. These are preferred a lot by boxers and people who do boxing training.

Obviously jumping rope is not the only cardio type however it is preferred more because it is superior to many other cardio types and also improves boxing skills in the process.


Burn Belly Fat

Punch starts from your foot and ends with your hand. When you do it, you will rotate your hips and torso as much as possible to make a greater impact. When you do this movement, your core also works. And it is one of the best ways to burn belly fat and flatten the tummy.


Denser Muscles

As you see can see, these exercises have different benefits including aerobic, anaerobic… Thanks to these various benefits you will develop denser muscles. And denser muscles burn more calories in this way you will have higher basal metabolic rate and lose weight.


Conclusive Thoughts

I do boxing training constantly because I learn new things including self-defense and I really love the variety of exercises. Also sparring is really fun and exciting to do and thanks to headgear, mouth guard and soft padding of my partner’s gloves I don’t get hurt a lot 😉 Other than these it helps you to have a muscular body and lose fat. Even though jumping rope is really challenging and sometimes make you feel like a fool (it happened to me many times), it is also a great way to burn fat.

If you have any experiences about benefits of boxing for weight loss or anything to share, please leave a comment below.


Image Courtesy of U.S Navy,  Peter Gordon and HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Boxing for Weight Loss? – The Key to an Amazing Physique”

  1. Thanks Furkan. As usual, you have composed a very thorough, informative post. I have been primarily swimming for exercise, but have been growing tired of it, and looking for a new exercise.

    You have motivated me to me to start incorporating some boxing related activities into my workouts.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. I try my best as usual 😉 And swimming is also great as you said however if you incorporate boxing training with swimming that would be even better for your body 😉

  2. need more upper body strength, have lost a lot over the years, especially after a car accident. I used other types of exercise to keep my back from throwing out. Would the heavy bag would be beneficial to give preventive tone in the upper back, in my case, along with weight loss too?

    1. It can help however I recommend you to start with shadow boxing then continue with other boxing training types, heavy bag etc.

  3. What a great and informative article. Thank you for explaining different benefits of boxing, and the exercise that goes with it. You just reminded me how much I enjoyed jumping rope in the past. After reading your article I am determined to go back to this exercise, also I want to start working on my core muscles and arm muscles using the techniques that you mentioned. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jumping rope is a really good workout for boxing and it is also challenging.
      It is good that you did it in the past now you can get used to it in very short amount of time. Also boxing training (especially heavy bag) will help with your abs and speed bag will be good for your arms as well.

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