What Equipment is Needed for Boxing Training? – The Complete Guide

Many different gears are used in each boxing training type. And different training types can require different boxing gears. Some are necessary for training performance, some are needed for your safety and some others are necessary for not to knockout your partner. And in this short content, you can find what you need for ALL training types. I also have a few recommendations about these and you can also find them below.


Let’s start with the punching bag training…

I have witnessed that lots of people punch the bag with bare knuckles. You can break your bones and I don’t even want to imagine the injury risk for your wrists and it can also cause lots of different deformation types on your skin. So having boxing hand wraps and boxing gloves are musts for a heavy bag session. Actually, some boxing gloves are designed exclusively for heavy bag sessions. Their padding distribution provides better training performance and features like extended cuff are made for your hand’s and wrist’s  safety. If you are interested in it, then definitely check out these excellent gloves and their incredible features. In that writing, you can find way more information about these.

what equipment is needed for boxing


With that, punch starts with your foot and ends with your hand. When you punch, your legs and hips should move freely. And this truly determines how fast and hard you can punch. You actually don’t need a boxing short for heavy bag sessions but whatever you wear, it should help you move freely.

With that, I highly recommend you get boxing shoes. When you look at the ankle part of boxing shoes, these have different and bulkier designs. Also, these shoes provide traction and the design helps you punch more accurately! Thanks to the special design, these shoes also help you stabilize and support your ankle. Basically, it improves your training performance and provides safety. These also look really cool 😉

Check out Good Quality Boxing Shoes

So shortly you need boxing hand wraps, gloves, boxing shoes and a short, which allows you to move freely, for heavy bag training.


Double End Bag and Speed Bag

You definitely need speed bag gloves or hand wraps for speed bag training. Because after you spend a long time with a speed bag, welted seams of the speed bag can hurt your hand. However, there are some speed bags which don’t even have welted seams and these also have perfect balance so you don’t need any equipment when you use them. If you are interested, you can check out these bags and their amazing qualities. But normally when you train with speed bags, you surely need gloves or hand wraps.

When you punch the double end bag, you move and do footwork. So you need a short which allows you to move freely. You also need gloves and hand wraps for double end bag sessions as well. These bags provide more resistance than speed bags and these also tend to have tougher constructions.



During sparring you need to protect yourself and you also need to protect your sparring partner as well.
First of all, you need boxing hand wraps and gloves. With that, your gloves should have lots of padding quantity and the padding should be soft. So when you punch your partners, they don’t get hurt a lot 😉 And the leather of your sparring pair should not have any rough edge because it can cause cuts on your partner’s face. There are some pairs which can provide all of these and if you are interested, you can check out these sparring gloves and their other exclusive features. And let’s not forget that your gloves should also have attached thumb so you don’t hurt your sparring partner’s eyes.

what equipment do you need for boxing training

Alright, it is enough about your sparring partner’s safety now let’s talk about yours. You definitely need a mouth guard since it protects your teeth and gums. It also protects you from concussions! Seriously, anything can happen and I even witnessed that a few people lose their teeth during sparring sessions! These mouth guards disperse the shock and in this way, the shock is distributed in layers of mouth guards. So your teeth are definitely “safer” while wearing a mouth guard.

I have bad teeth genetics but as you might have realized that I am extremely careful about it and nothing happened to my teeth during sparring. So always wear one and be protected. And I highly recommend you get custom fit mouth guard over boil bite. Because these are highly stable and literally don’t move. And I have seen many boil and bite mouth guards which fall of people’s mouths. Custom ones just protect your teeth better as overall. These are more expensive but when it comes to protection you should spend it. And in my opinion, these mouth guards are totally worth the investment. With that, if you buy a double mouth guard, you will need time to get used to it. Because I really did not feel comfortable at first and always wanted to spit while wearing a double mouth guard and my boxing buddies also said the same thing.

Alright, let’s continue with the most important equipment for the safety. Honestly, there are really bad boxing headgears on the market. Even though some of these fit your head perfectly these can slide or even you can feel punches as if you have no headgear. Well, it protects your head so I highly recommend you get the best protection possible. If you need to get one, definitely check out these good headgears. I have sparred for years and I have lots of experiences with many headgears. In addition to these, you can also find my research and my trainers’ experiences as well.

With that, you also need boxing shorts for sparring. Even though your short allows complete freedom of movement some boxing gyms don’t even let you spar without a boxing short. Especially commercial gyms are really strict about this rule.


What about Pad Work?

Other than boxing hand wraps, gloves, and pads, in my opinion, it would not hurt that you wear a mouth guard during the drills. Even though your training partner is not supposed to hit you still there is a risk.

Also if you are the mitt holder, you need a good boxing body protector and groin protector (guard) as well.

beginner boxing equipment

Conclusive Thoughts

These are everything which you need to get for boxing training and I strongly suggest you always have all necessary gears for your training type so you can get the best protection possible and also show better training performance!

If you have all the right gears, you can even feel better mentally since you know that you have the best protection possible! If you have any questions related to “what equipment is needed for boxing” or anything to share please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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4 thoughts on “What Equipment is Needed for Boxing Training? – The Complete Guide”

  1. Great post very informative! My boyfriend loves boxing but he’s still a newbie and he’s been looking for good equipments too. He could definitely use some of your advise and recommendations! Thank you for this well-written post!

    1. Good equipment for boxing can be difference between the worst and best workout and I actually have really bad boxing gloves when I first started. After that I did more educated choices 😉
      And I am glad that I can provide more educated choices for him.

  2. My son was looking into boxing and we were wondering how much his equipment will cost. By the look of it, it should not cost us an arm and a leg.
    So he will need a pair of gloves for the punching bag and another pair for the sparring. Are there universal gloves that will suit both of these needs or it must be two separate gears like for the car (winter and summer tires)?
    Also, I believe that boxing pads will be provided by the club, though we might get one at some point to practice at home.
    Thank you for the great overview.

    1. Yes, these cost but not that much. I understand what you are saying and yes there are some training type gloves which can offer both sparring and heavy bag training. Actually, it is ideal for beginners and you can check out this writing. You can find a lot more in-depth information in there.
      Yes, boxing clubs or gyms provide pads and however, if you will be practicing at home, you can just get one as well. These also are cheap. Above I provided a link for that.

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