What Size of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

“What size of boxing gloves do i need” question’s answer depends on your weight and training type. In this short content you will find sizing information for your training type.

For All Training Types

If you consider doing heavy bag and sparring session, then first thing is to consider that lots of gym only allow you to spar 16 or 18 oz.  Also, you can use training gloves in speed bag training as well. These training gloves are exclusively made for all training types and general guideline is the following chart. Keep in mind that, if you think of buying Cleto or Winning, these are snug.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

You can also take a look at best boxing gloves, there you can also find sizing information and can choose your own right boxing gloves at the same time 😉


For Only Heavy Bag Training

Your gloves main mission to deliver max punching impact and protect your hands, wrist against HIGH level shock at the same time. There is also M, L and XL versions of some brands and you can also find it below.

heavy bag gloves sizing chart

If you are interested of getting suitable gloves for punching bag training, check out best boxing gloves for heavy bag.


For Only Sparring Training

As you already know, lots of gyms don’t allow you spar less than 14 oz and actually lots of sparring boxing gloves start from 14 oz. You can use following chart. With that, you can find most popular safe sparring boxing gloves here.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart

These are all sizing charts of all types of boxing gloves and if you have any more questions, I will be happy to help you out.


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2 thoughts on “What Size of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?”

  1. Again, as a profane to the sport,I really didn’t know you could have such a wide choice Furkan. My son when he was sparring and ended up taking part in some minor local competition, did get a couple of sets, very different from each other in weight and shape. But me, I’ve never got the hang of it all, other than his safety. It is reassuring therefore to learn that clubs are quite strict on what is allowed and not, as it shows their interest for the safety of the boxer is paramount.
    Thank you for the info, Furkan.

    1. that is really cool Giulia, congrats to your son 😉 Every training type need different needs and here is what matters the most is size. Then you may have to get bigger or smaller oz.
      Yes,they are generally pretty good at running these kinds of training. You are welcome

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