Where can you Buy Grant and Winning Boxing Gloves Online?

I have been doing boxing training for years and I have been in many countries and cities and have met many pro boxers and guys who only train just like me. One thing was common and that is the respect for Winning and Grant. And as you may know, many pro boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Billy Dib have a huge collection of these.

Where can you Buy Grant and Winning Boxing Gloves

Update (Disclaimer): After Amazon started selling these gloves, I changed (updated) the article but I don’t know whether it has them or not now.

However, wherever you are, it used to be difficult to order them due to the old-fashioned ordering and non-existent marketing. I will get into these later.  If you are interested you can check out the reviews and have a look at Amazon whether it has them or not. 

Winning Boxing Gloves

Grant Boxing Gloves

Almost a decade ago I remember that my friend and I were trying to find an online place to buy Grant Boxing Gloves for his sparring sessions, however, I remember that all we found is an e-mail address and a bank account where we should do the payment. Back then, I did not have a website owner and I was quite skeptical about it so we ended up not buying it.

I am sure that this happened to many people before and because of that many people did not have the experience of punching with these gloves.

That was one of the problems.

And the other one was the authenticity. Even though there were trustworthy sites like fightoutlet etc. these didn’t tend to provide authenticity or certification. (With that, right now I don’t know whether these offer it or not)

Well, back then I remember that many people asked these on various forums and shopping sites. Now many of those sites were removed but Sherdog still has plenty of posts and writings on this topic.

Even now many people are looking to buy these gloves online.

Why Were People Looking for Online Places to Buy These Gloves?

Normally you should find these gloves fairly easy, right? Since these are best of the best.

Well, if you are reading this article, you are knowledgeable enough that it is just not true.

You can be sure that people buy from trustworthy shopping sites over and over again and you can basically find information (feedback, experiences) everywhere including on these sites so basically we can trust it. I also got e-mails and as you can see in my posts I also got many comments which basically say that they are satisfied with these pairs.

Considering my experiences, Grant used to take orders with e-mails and pretty old fashioned ways. However, it started changing after many other boxing companies had started promoting their products quite well. So I am guessing that this lowered their sales. Twins Special and Hayabusa are quite good examples for that. Don’t get me wrong both Hayabusa and Twins Special have certain quality but the good advertisement is a huge part of their success. However, these are not at the same level with Winning or Grant.

These also used to work on Facebook (I think they still do) but it is also useless since according to many comments on my site, many people just don’t use to order from there and it just does not work well.

So both of these companies started doing advertisements as well. Even if you are not in the US (The Uk, Canada etc.) according to my research there are at least some models (velcro or lace up).

If you are interested you can check out the review of Winning and review of Grant.

What about Custom ones?

Guys, honestly I don’t recommend custom gloves since I have heard many horror stories especially about the padding and even some of the pairs’ labels are not stitched correctly so I did not include any information about it.

I wrote this writing according to my experiences and if you are an old-school fighter you probably would know all of these ; ) and more. With that, I just wanted to have an article on this topic.

If you have anything to add or suggestions for ordering Winning and Grant online, please have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of Beckham pz10 via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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