Why do Boxers Wear Gloves? – 4 Solid Reasons

why do boxers wear gloves

I don’t want to even think about the consequences if we don’t have gloves in matches or boxing training. There can be some serious results both for you and your partner. In this short writing, you will find reasons of why do boxers wear gloves.

Obvious reason…

1. Protect knuckles

When you punch a tough item, your hands get shocked especially impact point, the knuckles. Your gloves’ paddingboxing gear for sparring will soften and dissipate the shock. In this way, your knuckles won’t be facing all the impact. It is still the most affected area but the impact is far less than punching with bare hands.

Also when you punch with a glove, impact area is more, this lowers the intensity of shocks on your hands



2. Protect Your Opponent

When you wear boxing gloves, obviously your punch will be heavier. But lots of people forget that punching power is all about the momentum. With gloves, your punching speed decreases and this has a huge impact for punching power. Your delivered punching impact shall be less than punching with bare knuckles.

Also when you punch with gloves, impact area is bigger. In this way, impact will be on larger area. This will also soften the shock.

These protect your opponents or sparring partners to a certain degree 😉


3. Decreasing the Likelihood of Cuts

We see sometimes cuts, bleeding noses in matches right? With that, can you guess what would happen if we use bare hands? When impact area decreases (punching with bare hands) , the force on impact surface will increase drastically, so it would be a blood bath.

why do boxers wear gloves

4. Wrist Support

It is one of the most important aspect for boxing gloves. Some boxing gloves have wrist support and it will protect your wrists against shocks. Also let’s not forget that most serious injuries happen in wrists and it is very hard to recover after a wrist injury. I actually had an injury with my right wrist. Even months after the injury, I felt some pain during my boxing training. It took me 5 months to totally recover. So, as you can guess, I care a lot about this feature. I actually did not even review gloves without this feature let alone training. This feature protects your wrists and gives extra stability at the same time. Also, it is even more important in punching bag training, because it is hard and your wrists face highest shocks in this training.  You can learn more about this feature and amazing gloves with this feature on here.

Wearing gloves will protect you and your opponent whether you are in boxing match or not, also it decreases the chance of cuts. If you have any questions, experiences related to “why do boxers wear gloves” content, please have a comment below.


Image Courtesy of U.S. Army and Expert Infantry via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “Why do Boxers Wear Gloves? – 4 Solid Reasons”

  1. I’ve never done boxing seriously or against an opponent but I definitely see why it’s important to wear those gloves! I was in the gym today and playing around with a boxing bag and with one punch (not even a full-out punch), I could have seen why I needed to be wearing gloves. Not only in terms of my knuckles but in fear that I would sprain my wrist. They are so important and never again will I (play) box without them!

  2. Is it worth it to sacrifice value for some of these benefits? I would imagine that lower quality gloves might have less support and potentially hurt the repercussions of boxing.

  3. Mate, your post on why do boxers wear gloves is brilliant, it explained everything, the reasons why. And as I fan of boxing you brought home to me just why they do. I had not REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT until reading this, and now I know. So thank you.

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