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13 More Reasons to do Boxing Training and Why We Will See Punching Bags Sale More

Boxing training is such important that it can improve many aspects of our life and we can’t get these benefits from most of other sport training. In this article you will find 13 incredibly important reasons to do boxing training. 

I don’t want to even imagine myself today if I haven’t improved my physical, mental power with boxing training over the years. I literally can’t wait to wear my best boxing training gloves for the next intense training. This feeling never gets old. After lots of researches has published, nowadays there are lots of punching bag sales in almost every sports store and I am sure these sales will continue to increase.

It keeps you fit :  Just think about the intensity and variation of boxing training, you are punching bags with 400 gr weighted training gloves, move your foot as quick as possible, jumping rope, doing HIT training, shadow boxing and many more exercise types. It is almost impossible not to be fit if you do boxing training properly.

Losing Belly:  Can you imagine how much calorie you can burn in just one boxing training session? Well I know some intense workouts can burn calories more than 1000 Kcal. One of boxing training trick is to listen music. So it can help increasing the tempo. In that way, burning more calories is faster than ever. The other reason of losing a lot of fat is various exercises types. You are doing not only HIT cardio, you are doing strength training, endurance training… These together allow people to burn fat like crazy.



One of Growing Trends for Women: Lots of women models like Gigig Hadid, Adriana Lima and many more do boxing training for a reason. These intense workouts keep their stomach so damn flat and pop their abs. Thanks to these models’ guidance, so many women have been signing up for gyms. When I saw women boxing gloves’ sales couple of years ago in a very basic sport store, I was REALLY surprised. Because that place did not even have outside running shirt.


Incredible Muscle Tone:  Boxing training gives muscles an incredible tone. Bodybuilders do VERY intense workouts to have more dense muscles and still some can’t  achieve it. We all know that lots of bodybuilders support their gym routines with wearing their training boxing gloves and throwing punches furiously. Who does not want nice muscle tone? It looks incredible 😉

Connection between Body and Brain: Famous boxer Michael Olajide says  “boxing training builds deeper connection between body and brain by pushing brain to remember each movements in milliseconds”. So who are we to argue 🙂  Also, lots of researches backs this up. After couple of boxing trainings, boxers start doing  movements  auto pilot and faster next time.  It improves the motor neuron functioning which we don’t use much in daily life.


Mental training:  If you have seen any boxing movie or Tv series , you
have watched that main boxer guys strengthen mentally with lots of intense trainings. I haven’t watched a single movie that a mentally messed up boxer wins competitions and trust me I have watched lots. Even movie producers can’t imagine that:)

Boxing training pushes body so hard that it is impossible to feel relaxed as physically when you wake up next morning. Even though people have lots of pain and exhausted body, they still want to go to next training. It is crazy. Such a challenge can only be accomplished by mental power.


Discipline: Discipline is very important quality and VERY hard to attain. Anyway, I recently saw Southpaw. The main guy have not worked for years. After some time; he wears his boxing training gloves, gets discipline and mental power with boxing training. He does not give up, finish every single training and gets ready for next one in very early morning. I had actually very similar experience and I have also witnessed that some of my own friends have experienced the same thing.




Schools are aware of it too: When parents buy boxing gloves for their kids, they want their children to  have skills like dedication besides physical ones. Kaingaroa and Murupara Schools in New Zealand already have started boxing classes for kids to teach them necessary skills in life. As a plus, when they train with punching bags, they probably have not much energy to make trouble for their teachers:) I seriously would consider buying boxing gloves for my kid If I am a parent someday.


Dedication: I greatly appreciate this quality of sports. After you finish boxing training for greek gods, all of physical, mental challenges just crushes you and your body say “give up”  “rest little for today” or something else. Yet you still go to next training on time and wear your best boxing gloves. Even if people have not dedicated for a thing in their life,  they have dedication for one thing now and possibly will dedicate for more things in future. This is why there are so many inspiring boxing movies or real life examples out there. When dedication occurs once, second time comes sooner or later. These bring overall satisfaction to people’s lives.


Improved Cardiovascular Strength: I tell my parents to walk 3 times per week. I want this for their blood flow, lung and heart health. We all know the famous cardio trainings of  boxing. After training, getting a good breath can be quite a challenge. However, it improves cardiovascular health and endurance significantly by pushing the limits of body.


Overall Body Strength: It has lots of training type. For example, you get the incredible metabolism boost of HIT cardio. When you punch and kick punching bags, which are at least 90-100 pounds, you get the strength training and there are many other types of trainings which improve our body in many ways. When I get right nutrition to my body and do boxing workout, I feel invincible.

After a hard training, you can even enjoy eating more with fast acting carbs like a chocolate bar or my favorite high calorie milkshake. I think of it as a little price after putting so much physical and mental effort. Also body burns it in very short amount of time and replenish glycogen stores with it. So no need to feel guilty if you are trying to get in shape:)


People generally forget this when they talk about boxing: Even though boxing training is a very intense sport,  it actually brings little tension to joints. This is really great  since lots of people in other sports fields such as bodybuilding suffer from joint injuries and it is also great for older folks to start doing boxing training.


Reduced Stress: No one has perfect life.  Everyone has different problems. Nowadays, lots of  people just need to forget their problems and focus something  else. This is where sport training helps people. Just because of this reason, I have witnessed lots of people to start boxing  and it also have helped me too.

Based on mayoclinic  researches;  After having a rough workout, people tend  to have better mood and the level of  “good hormones” such as endorphin increases its highest levels. It makes us to feel less stress. Also it aids sleeping better. Sleeping is one of the best way to reduce stress. In sleep, brain recovers itself like body. So stress’ effects decrease with good amount of sleep.



Meditation:  In this decade people focus on finding ways to relax a lot, because we benefit vastly from it. It clears mind and focuses only one thing which is relaxation. When people go to gym and wear boxing training gloves, they can only focus for certain things and it is the training and nothing else. Brain focuses on movements  and coordination of body. Since people burn so much calories during these workout, there is not much calorie to think about something else. So it exactly does mediation’s mission.

To sum up; there are lots and lot of reasons including physical and mental ones to start boxing training. Also there are incredible and admirable qualities to attain from it. Starting boxing training is not about the gender and age. Everyone can start now and begin benefiting from this incredible sport. It would be so nice to see more punching bag sales  in sport stores:) If you think of starting definitely have a look at these best boxing gloves for beginners I am sure that these will definitely help you to train better 😉

If you have any questions or any personal experiences related to boxing training, please leave a comment.



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Reader Comments

    1. As you said you can release so much energy and you may not even realize how much energy after training, time just slips away when you train boxing:)

  1. Hi Furkan, this is a well thought out post and definitely an eye-opener. I typically lift weights for my daily exercise, however boxing looks like something I want to get into especially because it helps you burn a lot of calories, resulting in better weight loss just like you mentioned.

    Thank you for this great article,

    1. Hi Brandon, I see getting in shape is important for you, daily lifting weights can make you have better body. And I know lots of bodybuilders supplements the workout regime with boxing training. As you said you just get in to lose more fat:)

  2. Both my brother and brother-in-law have got punching balls rather than bags. They are popular and I have also considered getting one. There are certainly plenty of health reasons for getting one. And also I would be more in shape. Do you have any instructions for beginners that I may follow?

    1. Well for beginners, you should beginner workouts and cardio, I remember the first time I started for boxing, geez, I simply suffered from exhaustion so be careful about the nutrition for recovery. I am working on covering this subject extensively in boxing tips section:)

  3. Great review on boxing! I think the reason why we’re seeing much more interest in boxing is partly because MMA has gotten so popular and people are looking for different ways to stay in shape. Boxing is a great cardio work out!

  4. So many great reasons to try boxing. It would be an intense workout with many benefits. I tried kickboxing before and found it really fun and a great workout. Great post.

  5. Hi Furkan,

    This is a great article and I definitely agree with all your reasons. I am a woman who has been boxing on and off for few years as part of my fitness routine. I absolutely love it!
    I also found it to be an outlet for my anger when I was going through a really stressful period in my life.
    What age would you recommend getting children started in boxing?

    Love and light,

    1. Thank you Vivia, I experienced same thing as you do. For children to do boxing workout there should not be no limit for age, however they want to do training they should not before:)

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post. I had no idea there were so many benefits to boxing! I have wanted to try for years and now I have even more incentive to.

  7. Hi Furkan

    I like your site, it’s so funny that just last week I had a discussion with an acquaintance about punching bags and adding boxing to your set of exercises and today I stumble across your website.

    I like the information you are sharing and it is so true it can just be very stimulating to ones mind and very good to your physical health as well.

    Can you perhaps advise where I can buy myself a nice punching bag that would work good for ladies, and the best gloves for us ladies as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I will have a divided section for punching bags and also for punching dummies too:) Most important thing is to have health mentally and physically you are welcome Filichia.

  8. Excellent article! Love all that information you were able to put in one post about how boxing is excellent for your health. I have never thought about the fact that boxing is not so hard on the joints, which is a really good thing to consider for sure.

  9. Informative article. There are so many benefits to boxing and everything that goes with it, as you stated in the post. It is not just about learning how to box, it is the whole package that goes with it that makes one great.

    Thank you for a great article!

  10. Such an informative article. Thank you so much for sharing it, it seems like a good sport. In your opinion, when is a good time for kids to start with this activity? I think it’s a great idea if kids could spend their energy on something like this.

    1. I think there should not time limit to start this sport for kids:) If they mentally ready they can start right away with right gears:)

  11. Oh I do miss boxing. Many years ago I went to a Boxercise class in a gym, and it was amazing. It was great exercise, but I also found it exhilarating and fun. It really channelled by energy. Sadly, I haven’t found suitable classes in my local area, so I am still looking. Having said that, I now do Yoga and Tai Chi, and these are very good also. But I do miss the raw energy of the boxing!

    1. I am aware of this problem. And sadly My old neighborhood don’t have boxing place too. Then I buy heavy bag,bag stands and start training in home. It was actually great to have my own training space. maybe you can try that:)

  12. I always knew boxing was a good workout but I never knew it was that good! I’m currently recovering from an ACL repair and I used to run a lot but I think this would be a lot less stress on my knee. I will have to give it a try when I get back in the gym!

    1. Well, when I first started I was not aware of it too. I discovered some of them myself and I observe some of them from my training friends:)
      You can definitely try even you do it home some exercises, if you have some boxing gears.

  13. Great post and I really liked how you put Dedication and Discipline on this list. I also think boxing can definitely help you development these two attributes, which can help you in many aspects of your life like your career.

    Great list! Is there anything that you particularly look for in boxing gym to join?

  14. An informative article. I just never thought of boxing before. I guess I saw it more as an income earner for some, but I thank you for pointing out all the health benefits. Would you recommend this sport for people with diabetes?

  15. Lots of benefits, even meditation. Great article! They have recently placed a boxing square in my gym, so I will definitely try it!! Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Jenny, You should definitely try and I gather information about Just for women and women gears. I surely let you know.

  16. Nice post and great points you posted there! I have not put on my gloves and hit the bag in a while but after reading this I think I will! For me I like the mental side of it more so than the physical, its a great release after a stressful day and can really help you clear your mind.

    1. I sometimes put my training intentionally after stressful days. It helps and I feel so refreshed. I am glad to know you will do training soon Great time with punching bag Adam:)

  17. Thank you for your post! I have never been a fan of boxing as I have never been into fighting. You give so many motivating arguments for the advantages, you even tempt me…

  18. Great post.I’ve been trying to improve my physical activities these days by doing workout.but seeing your post i just got convinced that i should switch to boxing apart from the set benefits.It is also a skill to protect myself.
    Thanks for this great post.

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