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Winning Boxing Gloves Review – Are these Best Boxing Gloves on the Market?

Imagine a company doesn’t do any professional advertisement. This brand’s website looks like 10 year old boy’s term project and still can sell like crazy and everyone talks about it. I forget to say that its products are most expensive ones on the market. And it is happening in 2016. It sounds very absurd right? However when the product quality is superior to ALL other products on the market, this situation becomes normal. I had used Winning boxing gloves for two and a half years and in this Winning boxing gloves review , you will find the most popular Winning gloves’ unique features, pros, cons and sizing information for your hand. And yes there are cons.

The only difference between these models is that one of them is lace up and the other  is velcro style.

                                                                                                                                                                         Winning boxing gloves review                                 Best Place to Buy: Amazon                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Training Quality Rating: 9.9

Durability Rating: 11.0 / 10.0 (I know it is out of 10 😉 )

Color Selection: Both of them have very wide color selection



Wrist Support

This feature is a must for a glove. Even though every single glove should have this for safety of your hand, only quality boxing gloves have it. Lots of people generally focus on protecting their knuckles and forget that most serious injuries are wrist injuries. These gloves have ultimate wrist protection and after the first punch you feel the difference,  you won’t feel any discomfort with your wrist.

Wrists injuries usually happen in punching bag training. Due to the my bodybuilding past, I  have a problematic right wrist. When I throw a right hook, I sometimes feel pain and stop training for couple of minutes. However it happened just a few times with Winning. Honestly, it is my favorite glove for this aspect.  Also lots of famous boxers including Floyd Mayweather, Eric Morales did their heavy bag training sessions with Winning models.


Padding – Does It Provide Quality Heavy Bag and Sparring Training?

The boxing community refers to these gloves as “pillows”. I also did lots of heavy bag sessions with it and my knuckles were NEVER sore. Your knuckles won’t be feeling any impact whatsoever and gloves still deliver the shock of the punch. It provides the best quality padding on the market. This pair is literally number 1 in this department. Also after you punch a heavy bag, the same glove will have a huge impact in very short time. So after the punch, padding should return its default very very soon. There are lots of boxing gloves which can accomplish it and again Wining provides top quality for this feature too. These qualities make this glove perfect for heavy bag workout.

I also did lots of sparring sessions with it and my sparring partners did not make any complaints about the gloves hurting them. And I am sure I was not that bad and managed to punch them couple of times 😉  Thanks to its leather, it is also DURABLE against any deformation types during the sparring.


One and Only Negative Side

Well, there is a negative side of this glove and it seems like all best boxing gloves have this same issue. My other favorite boxing gloves is Cleto and I experienced the exact same problem with it. Winning gloves are tight. After you wrap your hands there is literally not much space in the gloves. However inside of these gloves are very comfortable, you won’t feel any discomfort but it is really pain in the ass to take the gloves off especially if you wear lace up.


Will it Last?

Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves ReviewUnlike “neverlast” oops I mean Everlast, Winning Training Boxing Gloves can be used more than 3 years. Because its leather is top quality  and it is the main reason of its expensive price tag. I had used mine two and half years however I had been training with my other glove from time to time. Also lots of trainers and some boxing training buddies had used this pair very long time.




Even though it is tight, comfort is amazing. You will also feel the hand liner very soft and comfy as well. Winning training gloves have very quality thermal regulation to keep your hands dry and fresh. This glove is like a luxury sport car. The inside looks small but it is really comfortable 😉


Break In Period

I had to punch five months to complete the Cleto’s break in period. After that, my training’s quality increased incredibly. However, it is not the case with Winning, it has NO break in time and really decreases the period of adjusting to the gloves. With that, it provides the best training when the moment you wear them.


Which Size You Should Get?

According to the sizing chart, you can get your gloves. However, if you do sparring , you may not be allowed to use less than 14 oz. So you should consider 14 or 16 oz.

boxing glove sizing information

                                ==========>Get the Best Training Gloves on Amazon<==========

Simple Yet Elegant

This pair’s design is not “cool” looking like Title or Cleto. It looks classic and personally it looks really elegant. You have wide selection of color and they are very catchy.

Unique Features

  • Ideal for heavy bag and sparring
  • Protect hands so well
  • Gloves LAST at least 2 years
  • Fit hands so well and comfy
  • Top quality leather
  • No break in time
  • These are the best boxing gloves on the market


  • It is tighter than other gloves


Should You Get the Best Boxing Gloves?

Winning Training Boxing Glove is one of  best boxing gloves I have ever used and the other one is Cleto.  Honestly, I could not be any more satisfied with my training. Should I use these gloves? I am addicted to boxing training and have been doing training at least 3 times in a week for more than 3 years. I consider these gloves are the best and will buy this Winning Boxing Gloves or Cleto after my current gloves tear apart. Should you get this pair? If you are like me or consider doing boxing training and can spend extra money, get your  own Winning on amazon today and start training. I know you will LOVE the every minute of your training with it, I hope you enjoyed the Wining boxing gloves review and if you have any question or personal experiences, please leave a comment below.

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Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t know that there was a science behind boxing gloves. It was fun to read. I sometimes spend like 10 to 15 minutes in the gym to whack the cow out of punching bag, but I use my bare hands. Sometimes it hurts a bit, sometimes not.
    But these winning training gloves seem to be legit, especially if you are using them by yourself.

    1. You definitely should wear boxing hand wraps and gloves, you can really hurt yourself and Winning definitely have very good quality and I know these will protect your hands even if you have very tough punching bag workout

  2. Hey man, what an awesome website, like the way you review gloves under your experience to give us honest reviews.

    Keep up the great work man! 🙂 your so into it! 😉

  3. Hey, phenomenal website, do you feel as though these gloves will reduce the need for hand wraps? Or they are just very durable and add extra support to the wrist.

  4. Hi
    I loved the wealth of information about these gloves.
    My son and his friends are big time into it I shall be telling them to have a look at this website.

  5. I have some cheap gloves that I bought recently. I never really knew the difference between a pricier glove, but now I do. More comfortable. More wrist support. I definitely need to get one of those Winning boxing gloves to protect my hands.

    1. There are more than huge differences between Winning and cheap vinyl gloves. These surely will provide excellent protection and punching experience at the same time.

  6. Sounds like a great pair of gloves. It’s a shame about them being tight. Does it make it easier if someone helps you take the gloves off? Do you think the makers will make it easier to take them?

    1. I don’t think that the design will ever change and we will have little hard time when we take these off. But I think it is a little price to pay for extremely high quality gloves.

    1. Winning definitely stands the wear and tear for a very long time and it has seriously amazing quality. It is actually one of my favorite pairs and the other one is Cleto 😉 I also used and reviewed it. You can also check out review of Cleto Reyes.

  7. I had no idea about boxing gloves and their complexity. What a great read and very informative reviews. Thank you for your honesty about the brands/styles you have tried. I will share this to the public in hopes that it may reach out to those looking for new gloves! And if ever I take up the sport (I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing), I most certainly know where to start, thank you!

    1. If you can do that I really appreciate it.
      And if you will start training (I hope you do 🙂 ) I am sure that Winning does the job perfectly 🙂

  8. My nephew is really into boxing and needs to know about this! I will be sure to send him the link to your site.

    I went to Amazon to have a look around, and some of the colors must be super popular or out of stock because the sellers are asking mega-buy for them lol. Good ole Amazon. I was able to find the “average” price, and that is pretty good for a product that will last a few years, and even better to have no break-in period. Thanks for this post.

    1. Your nephew will love it 😉 After reading your comment I also checked out the prices. Some of the prices are a bit less than a few years ago. There is no wonder that man people are asking for mega-buy.

  9. Your review is very reliable as you’re speaking from a personal experience and it is very rich in information about the gloves.
    I didn’t really know anything about them till now, I think is very interesting to know the differences, benefits and disadvantages of the different brands of boxing gloves.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. When I have experience with any product, I tell them on my site 😉 Even though I have only used 8 gloves but I always do my homework before buying and can recommend any of them. However, Winning is just a giant step ahead of others and I am glad you found it useful.

  10. I have been looking for boxing gloves for my husband and trying to find the best product I can!I appreciated the size chart because I would have had no idea what size to get him otherwise. I am hoping this makes a great Father’s Day present! Thanks for the great info!

  11. Awesome gloves, as a boxer I know exactly what you mean when injuring a wrist, or even a thumb it also happens in sparring sessions too. If you throw a hook it bad angle this also affect you. If the pros use this I guess their quality is proven and seen their most popular product is their sparring mask.

    1. We all have been there. For example, my wrists are quite delicate and I am always careful about it while choosing gloves. Exactly, I sometimes just can’t punch with a proper technique during sparring but I really think Winning would be the safest choice out there. Yes, many professional fighters use this pair during sparring as well.

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