My Winning Boxing Gloves Review and Experiences!

My Winning Boxing Gloves Review and Experiences!

Winning Boxing Gloves is used by many pros and it is regarded as the most quality pair on the market.

There are actually a lot of reasons why this pair has such a good reputation…

The reviewed gloves below are the most popular training gloves (MS series, MS600, MS500, MS200) of the company and I will also talk about the other models to cover everything about the subject.

Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Winning Boxing Gloves ReviewProtection: 10.0 / 10.0

Padding: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 10.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 10.0 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 8.4 / 10.0

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Exclusive Features

  • Superb protection
  • Amazing padding (the best!)
  • Great comfort
  • Popular


  • Pricey

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Well, you might think that these ratings are high and I was being generous…

Well, you really haven’t read the other boxing glove reviews. I truly believe that this amazing pair deserves these.

Padding and Protection

Let’s start with one of the best qualities of this glove which is padding. The padding is the main reason why this glove is used for heavy punching and sparring. Thanks to the shock distribution of it, the glove provides superior protection for your hand and your wrist.

The used material is foam and it has serious quality. In addition to that, it is quite dense and it quickly absorbs the shock, distributes throughout the glove and dense foam improves this furthermore.

This does not only provide protection for you but this will also improve the protection for your sparring partner.

Is not this nice?

This is actually the reason why many popular boxing gyms around the world suggest Winning for sparring as they try to minimize the likelihood of injuries.

The durability also benefits from padding. High dense foam decreases the impact of shocks thus it improves durability. By the way, considering my experiences, this is the factor which you really pay attention to. Because this has a positive or negative impact on everything depending on the quality.

So the glove is a bit heavier than usual but it is only a little bit of difference and it compensates this disadvantage with design and actually has similar weight with the most boxing gloves.

Many of my commentators also mentioned that after a boxing workout with Winning, ache and knuckle pain was significantly lower than usual. And this is quite normal because the padding is soft and distributes shock really fast so they experience less pain than usual which many boxers greatly appreciate.

Quick Update: I did not know about the impact absorber however after one of my commentators had mentioned it, I needed to research it. It turns out that the glove’s wrist compartment has an impact absorber which is “L” shaped thin padding. It is just a thin layer of extra padding at the wrist compartment and it just does what the name suggests

Padding is the first area that faces the impact however the wrist support needs to be solid to reduce the shock more. It wraps your wrist well and wrist support’s shape changes according to your punching style. So your punching style, angle do not matter and this is really amazing but unfortunately, there are not many gloves which have this quality. So Winning seems like the only option when it comes to protection.

Basically, there is no surprise that this glove is the best and the protection is arguably why this glove is preferred by so many boxers.

And if you are a heavy hitter definitely try Winning and experience how much difference it provides for absorbing the impacts comparing other boxing gloves.


Leather is made of premium material and it incredibly soft. So it will be easy on bag, pads and if you choose to spar your opponents will also appreciate it as they are less likely to get cuts from it.

The leather will not stretch over time and it will stay smooth. If you are training regularly it also will not get soft or hard spots for years.

The Durability

Alright, now you learned all about the padding and leather. Even though I talked briefly about the durability I have not made a comparison with other boxing gloves. The high-density padding and leather can withstand constant abuse for years. The average durability of this glove is about three years which is quite long considering most synthetic leather gloves start tearing apart after six months.

However, if you take care of these gloves, this period can be longer. But if you are hitting the bag from various angles every day then it will be shorter.

About Comfort

As I mentioned above this glove has perfect design and it helps with breathability. The air channels are strategically placed and these provide air circulation all the time. The lining is soft and does not irritate your hand so your knuckles will not have rashes much while punching the bag hard. Though you can always improve it by using longer or thicker hand wraps.

Sweat also escapes at a good rate which does not bother your wrists and you probably don’t even realize this happening as well and won’t bother you.

Winning gets A+ for comfort.

Also, there is not any break-in period for Winning and as soon as you get your gloves you can start pounding the pads and feel natural with it. The comfort of this pair literally can’t be any better and no, I am not exaggerating as I have trained with twelve gloves so far.

Winning Lace-up or Velcro?

Winning has lace-up and Velcro models. You may have seen various models which are called MS-400, MS-300… and these are basically the same glove’s lace-up and Velcro models.

So what is the difference?

Well, the difference is the lace-up model is harder to put on and you will need help from someone else. If you train somewhat regularly and are not a professional or don’t compete at all, I don’t recommend lace-up. You can get Velcro and wear the glove in seconds… It is the same glove. The only difference is that there is a bit more extra cushion at the wrist part.

The only advantage of lace-up is that the lace-up model mimics the real environment better. If you plan on competing this can be a better choice for sparring. Also, your hands will be used to this type of glove.

Design: It has a couple of color selections including green, black and the colors definitely look vibrant however the gloves’ design is simple and easy on your eyes.

Is It Really Worth the Money?

Well, I know that you always have heard good excellent things about this pair. And yeah, it is really an excellent pair and we are lucky to train, spar and compete with it. However, you might need to break the bank to buy this pair and keep in mind that the quality is unmatched. Winning Training Gloves’ protection, leather quality and padding materials are the biggest factors for the high cost.

Most of the other boxing gloves do not even have one of the qualities above and have the price tag which is half of Winning. So these are the ones which are not worth the money and I truly believe that Winning is worth every penny you spend on it.

Obviously, if the price was lower, it would be better but it is what it is. We need to pay for the quality. You can click here to check out the most recent price.

Other Winning Gloves

Normally, I don’t write about the brand’s other models in a specific review, however, you need to know about this.

You may have seen other Winning Glove Models like pad gloves. Well, I honestly don’t doubt the padding, leather, durability of these… After all, it is Winning, right? However, I have not bought them and even don’t recall seeing any boxing enthusiast who uses them. I also have not seen a single review which people actually use it… This tells me one thing. If you are buying boxing gloves from Winning, you should consider only Winning Training Gloves, period.

About Winning (Company, My Research)

Anyway, even though Winning “upgrades” the gears from time to time this is an old school company. As you read above you can clearly see that they use materials which were used ages ago however it also uses “new materials”.

With that being said, have you seen this company’s website? Well, if you have checked it out you may ask yourself “The gloves cost a small fortune and how can the website looks like this?” Honestly, I could not believe at first too as the website was made with really old plugins (programs), etc.

Also, if you don’t only train and you actually watch boxing you can see that a lot of boxers actually spar and train with Winning Boxing Gloves. Floyd Mayweather has a collection of Winning Series. I even saw him training with the older Winning models which should not come as a surprise as Winning has been the number one boxing company for a really long time and Floyd Mayweather obviously always trained so hard and Winning was his choice back then as well.

Shortly, even though lots of things are great with Winning the company still needs to improve advertising methods.

My Take on Winning Boxing Gloves

As you can guess, Winning made the top of my recommended boxing gloves and I have a martial arts site for a really long time, have countless gear review articles and if I can only recommend only one boxing gear that would be Winning Boxing Gloves. Seriously when you consider the leather quality, training performance, padding durability and amazing protection there is no glove that can rival that. Yeah, it is pricey but it is worth the money.

If you started interested in boxing or a more advanced boxer, this glove will be perfect for you.

Get your own Winning Gloves

If you want to add anything to my comprehensive Winning boxing gloves review, below there is a comment section and feel free to add your own experiences or your questions.

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25 thoughts on “My Winning Boxing Gloves Review and Experiences!”

  1. I didn’t know that there was a science behind boxing gloves. It was fun to read. I sometimes spend like 10 to 15 minutes in the gym to whack the cow out of punching bag, but I use my bare hands. Sometimes it hurts a bit, sometimes not.
    But these winning training gloves seem to be legit, especially if you are using them by yourself.

    1. You definitely should wear boxing hand wraps and gloves, you can really hurt yourself and Winning definitely have very good quality and I know these will protect your hands even if you have very tough punching bag workout

  2. Hey man, what an awesome website, like the way you review gloves under your experience to give us honest reviews.

    Keep up the great work man! 🙂 your so into it! 😉

  3. Hey, phenomenal website, do you feel as though these gloves will reduce the need for hand wraps? Or they are just very durable and add extra support to the wrist.

  4. My brother and friends are into boxing, so I will let them about these gloves.

    You have created an excellent review here =)

    Well done!

  5. Hi
    I loved the wealth of information about these gloves.
    My son and his friends are big time into it I shall be telling them to have a look at this website.

  6. I have some cheap gloves that I bought recently. I never really knew the difference between a pricier glove, but now I do. More comfortable. More wrist support. I definitely need to get one of those Winning boxing gloves to protect my hands.

    1. There are more than huge differences between Winning and cheap vinyl gloves. These surely will provide excellent protection and punching experience at the same time.

  7. Sounds like a great pair of gloves. It’s a shame about them being tight. Does it make it easier if someone helps you take the gloves off? Do you think the makers will make it easier to take them?

    1. I don’t think that the design will ever change and we will have little hard time when we take these off. But I think it is a little price to pay for extremely high quality gloves.

  8. If you are serious about boxing then personal gloves are essential and I find Winning boxing gloves pretty good because it seems like it can stand the wear and tear.

    Thanks for this review. I would also like to hear your opinion on Cleto!

    1. Winning definitely stands the wear and tear for a very long time and it has seriously amazing quality. It is actually one of my favorite pairs and the other one is Cleto 😉 I also used and reviewed it. You can also check out review of Cleto Reyes.

  9. I had no idea about boxing gloves and their complexity. What a great read and very informative reviews. Thank you for your honesty about the brands/styles you have tried. I will share this to the public in hopes that it may reach out to those looking for new gloves! And if ever I take up the sport (I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing), I most certainly know where to start, thank you!

    1. If you can do that I really appreciate it.
      And if you will start training (I hope you do 🙂 ) I am sure that Winning does the job perfectly 🙂

  10. My nephew is really into boxing and needs to know about this! I will be sure to send him the link to your site.

    I went to Amazon to have a look around, and some of the colors must be super popular or out of stock because the sellers are asking mega-buy for them lol. Good ole Amazon. I was able to find the “average” price, and that is pretty good for a product that will last a few years, and even better to have no break-in period. Thanks for this post.

    1. Your nephew will love it 😉 After reading your comment I also checked out the prices. Some of the prices are a bit less than a few years ago. There is no wonder that man people are asking for mega-buy.

  11. Your review is very reliable as you’re speaking from a personal experience and it is very rich in information about the gloves.
    I didn’t really know anything about them till now, I think is very interesting to know the differences, benefits and disadvantages of the different brands of boxing gloves.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. When I have experience with any product, I tell them on my site 😉 Even though I have only used 8 gloves but I always do my homework before buying and can recommend any of them. However, Winning is just a giant step ahead of others and I am glad you found it useful.

  12. I have been looking for boxing gloves for my husband and trying to find the best product I can!I appreciated the size chart because I would have had no idea what size to get him otherwise. I am hoping this makes a great Father’s Day present! Thanks for the great info!

  13. Awesome gloves, as a boxer I know exactly what you mean when injuring a wrist, or even a thumb it also happens in sparring sessions too. If you throw a hook it bad angle this also affect you. If the pros use this I guess their quality is proven and seen their most popular product is their sparring mask.

    1. We all have been there. For example, my wrists are quite delicate and I am always careful about it while choosing gloves. Exactly, I sometimes just can’t punch with a proper technique during sparring but I really think Winning would be the safest choice out there. Yes, many professional fighters use this pair during sparring as well.

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