Wolon MMA Gloves Review – Should You Get It?

Wolon MMA Gloves Review

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on MMA gloves, Wolon can be a great option.

Wolon MMA Gloves Review

Wolon MMA Gloves Review (My Take)Protection: 8.6 / 10.0

Performance: 8.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 7.2 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 8.9 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Decent padding quality
  • Good padding distribution for bag work
  • Suitable for every training type including sparring
  • Solid seams
  • Cheap price


  • Does not last long
  • Comfort is not great
  • Bad protection for grappling

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The padding is decent. It does not move much after the impact so the memory of padding takes less deformation. However, the padding’s durability is more than a year despite that.

When you have a look at the picture you will see that the knuckle part of the glove is bigger than many MMA gloves on the market. It provides more protection for the impacts as it has more padding to distribute the shock. When you block your partners’ strikes, it does a better job so you will end up having less soreness after sessions.

The finger part is split at the base. This compartment is designed in this way. It has advantages for training performance, which will be explained below, however, it has disadvantages for the protection. It does not provide extra support for fingers during grappling (sparring). Because of this, in some circumstances, you are more likely to twist your fingers during grappling (sparring). Even though it is a slight disadvantage for protection it still is. So it does not provide “enough” support for your fingers during grappling.

With that being said, when you do grappling with grappling dummies this design does not cause any issues. After all, grappling dummies don’t fight back. So you can do anything, which you want to do, without worrying about the safety.

It has a full wrist strap and it is not thick. The wrist strap provides decent wrist support without being too tight. So as long as you don’t have a really bad punching technique, you will be just fine.

Basically, the protection is really good for bag and mitt work and decent for sparring.

Overall this pair gets B+ for the protection.

The Training Performance

Bag work, mitt drills performance: The foam is quite standard and it is nothing special. The foam absorbs the shock at a normal rate and moves only a bit after you punch. The foam is mostly concentrated on the knuckle part of the glove. This style of distribution helps you gain more momentum while punching so you can pound the bags harder. Also, I found this padding distribution better for punching a double end bag. Many people on MMA forums basically say that the gloves, which have this distribution, help you to make “lighter” punches easily so you can keep up a certain rhythm with a double end bag.

Grappling: All the fingers are split at the base so you can move all of your fingers freely during grappling. So while grappling, you don’t feel any extra tension on your fingers. Considering that you can show what you got during sparring with your partner it is good for showing off your dexterity. So it is also good to train with a grappling dummy.

Considering the protection and training performance, Wolon MMA Gloves is ideal for bag work and can be used for sparring.

The Longevity

It is made of polyurethane leather and it is quite low-quality material. This leather especially finger compartment has a lot of deformation and doesn’t stay solid for a long time. However, it has decent seams and the seams help with the durability. While punching or doing any kind of training, it stops that the glove stretches more than it should. Even though these seams are good for the durability these only help the glove last a few more months. So it basically doesn’t make much difference.

Because these gloves will basically soften after a year. After that happens, you will not grapple effectively and will not hold your opponent, grappling dummy well. After this point, the grappling dummy will slide and you will not make a strong grip.

I know very well that grappling sessions will be a nightmare for you as I was frustrated while grappling over and over again after gloves’ cover material gets soft and I honestly don’t anyone to experience it.

The padding also lasts around a year. After that, it starts moving too much after the impacts. So after you punch, the foam will not be in the zero state to protect your knuckles during the next punch. So you will feel the impacts every time you punch a heavy bag. Obviously, many injury types including fractures, soft tissue injuries can happen.

After this point, obviously, you can hurt your wrists, knuckles if you continue punching with it. So when you realize that there is something off about the padding, it basically lost the ability to provide good protection. So this is time to stop training with it and search for new MMA gloves if you don’t want to experience horrible wrist injuries.

Basically, training quality will start suffering after a year and it will not protect you well after a year. So you definitely should not be expecting a long durability and as I said my bet is that you can train properly with it for a year.

Comfort and Air Regulating Features

It has a classic MMA glove design and this alone is good for air regulating qualities. However, there is not any mesh or holes to provide extra air circulation. On the top of that, the polyurethane leather also starts to heat up after a couple of minutes. So your hands will sweat and this leather is not good about getting rid of the sweat. It is basically not comparable with the gloves like Venum Attack.

One positive thing about this leather type is that it is soft and if your hands get red easily like my hands, it will not happen easily with Wolon.

So this pair is below average about comfort and it is a compartment which needs to be worked on.

Cons of Wolon MMA Gloves

This pair does not provide good protection during sparring (grappling). But please note it is the case only for grappling.

It does not last as long as gloves like Hayabusa MMA Gloves. Wolon also does not provide good air circulation and does not wick the moisture fast.

The Cost Efficiency

Yeah, there are some cons of the gloves however it is really good for bag work and provides solid wrist and hand protection for bag work. Also keep in mind that MMA gloves, which are in this price range, do not seem to provide these at all.

Basically, you can do one year of MMA training without any performance or protection issues.

Considering all of these, the price is really good.

About the Company

Wolon is based in Shijiazhuang. It is the capital of North China.

Wolon produces different boxing equipment, gloves, and MMA gloves as well. These products have one thing in common. These are all quite affordable.

With that being said, the company revenue is reported above US$100 Million in the last year.

The company has fewer than 500 employees. Considering the “big” companies like Venum it is not impressive at all and yes the employee number is actually important in martial arts equipment companies. It basically shows that the quality will not be good as much as the bigger brands’ MMA gloves.

Wolon does not plan on growing as well so we will continue seeing cheaper alternatives for martial arts equipment like this pair of affordable MMA gloves.

Would I Train with These Gloves?

The short answer is yes. In some cases, I would definitely train with Wolon MMA Gloves. For example, if I was on a budget, instead of buying some gloves from a shopping center to beat the heavy bag from time to time I would have bought Wolon MMA Gloves. Because I think that “an unknown” glove may not provide any of the qualities which Wolon can provide for you. In addition to that, you can really hurt yourself. Also, you might be thinking of saving some money with the gloves from a shopping center but the difference between the price tags is so small and you literally have no idea what you will get from “an unknown” pair. So it is not worth the money difference.

Instead, you can just buy Wolon MMA gloves and know what you can expect from them. You will basically get a year of decent MMA training performance and good protection for bag workouts.

So if this is you, check out Wolon MMA Gloves on Amazon.

In Wolon MMA Gloves review, I talked everything about this pair. However, if you want to know anything more about this glove, just share your thoughts below.

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4 thoughts on “Wolon MMA Gloves Review – Should You Get It?”

  1. Are these 4oz gloves?

    I’m getting cut a lot sparring in 4oz and my coach has suggested that I use MMA sparring gloves (I think they are something like 6 or 8oz?).

    Do you have any recommendations?


  2. Really great article, appreciate the detail you provided. I’m new to MMA, would you recommend these types of gloves for beginners or should I start with something that is a little cheaper until I know for sure I’m going to continue with it. Don’t want to sacrifice quality if it means I’ll get hurt though. Thanks!

    1. Man, this glove is cheap as it gets. I know what you mean but considering what you say, this glove suits your needs about training quality and the price. You really can’t find a quality one with such a low price tag.

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