Here are Wrestling Shoe Brands Which I Trust

Alright, this one will be short writing as I only have experiences with only a few good brands. These experiences are my, my brother’s and cousin’s experiences with various wrestling shoe experiences with various wrestling shoe brands

There are obviously a lot of different wrestling shoe brands out there and I only had a chance to wrestle with a couple of famous brands.  After a lot of wrestlers asked for general brand recommendations I decided that there should be a wrestling brand recommendation writing on my site.

Asics: Alright, you knew this one is coming, right? Asics is one of the most popular wrestling shoe brands, if not the most. Anyone, who wrestles, at least heard the brand and I know that many of you already have done rigorous wrestling footwork drills with one of the brand’s shoes.

The company was founded in 1949. The company always cared about research and development throughout its history. It even opened a really big research institute in 1990 in Kobe and that alone says a lot about the company’s vision.

Right now, the company’s research team consists of 200 people and this is actually quite a lot for research and development team for a gear company.

This is why the company can manage to provide a good balance between the flexibility of the shoe and material deformation amount. This is actually the main reason why you can stay on mats better with this brand’s shoes for long years. For example, you can see that many Aggressor models are quite comfy, don’t irritate your ankles and basically glue your feet to the ground when these are fully on mats. So it will be harder for your opponent to break you.

And the awesome thing is that the side parts don’t have much deformation. When this is the case the shoes stay in great shape even after years.

Also, this brand is insanely popular and there is a myriad of fitting feedback of this shoe. I even read how an amateur wrestler’s toe feels with a model of Asics shoes. Now, that is a lot of information.

So if you are in a decision process for which brand shoes to learn, practice wrestling with, Asics should be in your consideration.

As a final note on the brand, Aggressor models (especially 3 and 4) are the most preferred wrestling shoes of the brand.

Adidas: Adidas has a wide variety of shoe types and when wrestling became one of the most popular martial arts Adidas increased the product selection a long time ago.

If you prefer light shoes and want to move faster on mats, you will just love many Adidas models including HVC2.

Some of you may have read my little brother’s experiences in an earlier post with this shoe’s boy model. It is basically the same as the adult model and the shoe still goes strong after 31 matches. And this is the only insole of a shoe which does not hurt his sole too is my brothers experiences

Also, the interesting thing is that Adidas uses one piece of rubber gum and it is flexible than most shoes which have one piece of gum. It is thinner but the traction stays the same. This is why these shoes’ soles are a bit shorter (a couple of millimeters) than the other wrestling shoes. Adidas shoes’ also tend to have bigger meshes thus it has more area to let air in and obviously, comfort is directly correlated to this.

These two brands (Adidas and Asics) have really high quality-price ratios. The materials tend to be synthetic leather and soft mesh. These give the best bang for the buck. So, these are on the more affordable side.

However, the following brand’s shoes definitely don’t fall in that category.

Otomix: The company established in 1986 and it has been delivering quality martial arts shoes ever since. Other than wrestling shoes, it also has boxing shoes for heavy hitters.

When you think about that it has shoes for different wrestling styles, the company has a variety alright. But I think it is not the most important feature of these shoes. These have really light weights and impeccable construction. Even if you are thrown on wrestling mats a lot the shoes probably last more than a year.

Also, thanks to incredibly quality materials the sides tend to withstand the extra stretching which occurs a lot during a wrestling match. This is why these provide support and make your ankles more stable thus you can deep squat in them. Even the names are MMA, wrestling, lifting shoes or something along in these lines.

When you consider these about Otomix brand, it is normal to expect that the wrestling shoes are on the pricier end and most Otomix models have a wide variety of design selections and look really awesome.

You can just throw many models of these brands in a washing machine as long as this process does not affect the construction badly. This is another plus for people who don’t like to wash them by hands or any other painful method.

Alright, these are the wrestling shoe brands which I completely trust and have experiences with. If you wonder whether you should train or not with these brands’ older models here is your answer, yes you can.

If you have questions about the other shoe brands feel free to share your thoughts below!

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