Hi Everyone, welcome to findbestboxinggloves.com!

I am Furkan and I am a huge martial arts enthusiast. Let’s talk about why I created this site.

After I had started practicing boxing and MMA, I became a better person. Now, I have a way better body, health and I also developed personal traits that benefit me in so many ways.

This is why I started this site and I want everyone to benefit from boxing and MMA as much as I do.

If my articles or shares catch your interest or you have anything to say, recommend, ask please do so. I have over a thousand comments so far from my regular readers. If you have any questions, I would love to talk to you.

I update the site regularly with tips for training and gear recommendations so if you bookmark findbestboxinggloves.com , you will not miss any of these.

I am also quite active on Pinterest. I always share useful tips, gear recommendations there.

Also, you can reach me via the e-mail address below for any questions or business inquiries.

email: furkan@findbestboxinggloves.com

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Tomislav Z.: Also known in the martial art writing community as “Tomi”, Tomislav is an experienced martial art writer with thousands of articles under his name, out of which most have been written for the top publishers in the industry. But that’s not something Tomi cares too much about. He is a passionate writer who enjoys sharing his love for combat sports with other people, entertaining and educating the readers, and growing while doing so.


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