How to Wrap your Hands for MMA? (Very Easy Methods!)

How to Wrap your Hands for MMA

There are quite of a few reasons why we wear hand wraps during MMA sessions. Some of them are protection for knuckles and if you have weak wrists, it does not hurt that you do one more roll with your hand wraps.

There are quite a few of wrapping techniques but not all of them are suitable for MMA. And actually wrapping your knuckles more is necessary since MMA gloves don’t have much padding and protection as boxing gloves. In this really short article, you can find a video for how to wrap hands for MMA and below you can also find the instructions, what you should be careful, and my experiences. I also included my preferences as well.

Without further ado, let’s start and if you are looking for a visual representation of it just check out the video below. Continue reading

Why do you need to wear Hand Wraps for Boxing and MMA? (6 Reasons)

Why do you need to wear Hand Wraps for Boxing and MMA

Wearing hand wraps looks like a small detail, right? Well, it has actually vital importance. If you do combat sports like MMA, boxing, kickboxing the chances are your hands get damaged, irritations all the time. There are actually many other things which can happen like fractures, irritations, broken bones…

And I saw that many people in my current MMA gym do not even bother wearing one so I decided that I should write about this topic and came up with 6 really important reasons why we should wear hand wraps for boxing, MMA, and many other martial arts. Continue reading

MMA Gloves and Shin Guards Size Chart (Guide)

MMA Gloves and Shin Guards Size Chart (Guide)

Recently I got a comment which basically says that he wants to know a particular brand’s sizing chart. Actually, I got similar comments before so I decided to have a web page, which is dedicated to the sizing (MMA gloves and shin guards), on my site.

There are many brands and some have different sizing charts than the others. So I gathered sizing information of MMA gloves and shin guards for you to see them in one place.

In this article, you can also find how you should measure your hands for MMA gloves and shins, calves for shin guards.

I also tried including some of my reader’s questions about sizing.

Let’s start with sizing information of MMA gloves and after that, you can find sizing information about MMA shin guards. Continue reading

How to Find a Good MMA Gym? – 6 Really Good Tips!

How to Find a Good MMA Gym

Finding a good MMA gym can be a difficult task and you need to make sure whether an MMA gym good or not before you join. After all, you don’t want to break the bank and get nothing in return, do you?

So according to my research and experiences, I gathered 6 suggestions for you to find a good MMA gym. Without further ado let’s start with a really important criterion. Continue reading

How to Buy Boxing and MMA Equipment? – 7 Really Useful Tips

How to Buy Boxing and MMA Equipment

Alright, I have been in a buying process of boxing and MMA equipment more than 90-100 times and I can say that I trust my experience about it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you need to consider many things before you invest any money in boxing and MMA equipment.

With that, over the years, I have learned a thing or two while choosing gears and in this content, you can find my 7 tips which will help you buy more quality boxing and MMA equipment!

If you are a beginner or want to learn all boxing gears, you can check out this beginner equipment guide. I included every boxing gear on that list. And you can check out here for learning all MMA gears which you need for training. You can follow the tips below for choosing any gear in these lists. Continue reading