Grant Boxing Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?

Grant has been around for decades and it is truly an old-school company. Last time when I checked, it did not even have an official site. It’s hard to believe, right?

Even though the company does not have an online presence, does it mean that Grant is bad? Well, it is certainly not. After all, Floyd Mayweather, Paul Smith Jr. and Austin Trout trained with this brand’s gloves during their regular sessions and also many professional, amateur boxers punch their opponents with it during matches. This tells something, right?

Below there is a really thorough review of Grant Boxing Gloves and you can also find a sizing chart as well.

Normally ordering Grant is a pain in the ass but now it is available on Amazon (finally) and I honestly don’t know how long Amazon will have Grant in their stocks. So ordering it is not a problem for now 😉 

Note: As you may know that the company works with orders and I highly doubt that Grant Gloves will be available on Amazon for a long time.


Grant Cowhide Leather Boxing Gloves Overview

Grant Boxing Gloves ReviewProtection Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Durability: 9.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 7.5 / 10.0

Check It Out: Amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Incredible padding quality
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Cowhide leather (sturdy)
  • Suitable for all training types
  • Very good ventilation
  • Lining keeps glove fresh
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Looks nice
  • Very rare


  • Varying quality

Firstly I want to say that the padding level matches with Winning however it is a bit rougher than Winning’s padding. With that, it also does not move much and boxers, who prefer that the padding does not move much, always get Grant and train with it in their sessions.

It has a bit more padding at the upper side however it does not slow your punch down since the padding is stiff and it is light. So when you block your partner with your pair, thanks to more padding at the upper side, it takes the shock more than usual and as a result, you will feel it less. If you are thinking of sparring, this quality alone makes Grant a great choice.

The padding quality is seriously unmatched and this is another reason why you constantly see that your favorite boxer wears Grant. After you hit the heavy bag, it does not move much and apparently, it also does not lose the quality one bit. It can even outlast the leather.

After you hit the heavy bag, the padding does not move much and apparently, it also does not lose the quality one bit. Because it generally outlasts the leather.

Speaking of the leather, the leather type is cowhide and I am sure that many people will agree that when I say it is the sturdiest cover material. I used many boxing gloves which are made of cowhide and the durability of them is just outstanding. With that, I never used Grant Boxing Gloves before however I constantly see people’s experiences online, checked many forums and read people’s experiences who are serious about their training and trustworthy. According to my research, you can use Grant at least 4 years.

The wrist part is made for your hand and wrist so while you do punching techniques like hooks, uppercut etc. it does not inhibit your wrist movement. It feels “natural” and this is actually another plus of this quality Mexican handmade pair. 

My Trainer’s Experience: One of my friends generally complains about doing uppercuts and hooks with other pairs, however, he said that he does not feel awkward with Grant and loved this quality of the pair. 

The thumb compartment is not too small and it is not stiff. If you generally don’t like the thumb area of pairs, you can definitely give Grant Cowhide Leather a shot.

The liner also helps with the ventilation and helps your glove to stay cool and according to verified buyers, it gets rids of moisture quite well. The liner is also softer than many other liners as well. 

Thanks to ventilation and comfort qualities, the durability is not affected by these problems above.

So how long can you use Grant? Considering that many people continue using it more than 4 years, if you clean your pair and take care of it regularly, you can even extend this period.

Grant is suitable for all training types (heavy bag, punch mitts, double end bag, sparring) and you can choose this training type pair according to size chart below.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart                                                                              View More on Amazon


Are There any Cons of Grant Boxing Gloves?

Normally, I would start with the ordering issue but since you can do it with Amazon, this won’t be an issue whatsoever. With that, there are still some issues. Firstly, is it worth the money? According to me, it depends. If you are looking for an excellent pair then you can go with Grant, Winning or Cleto Reyes. However, if you look for better craftsmanship and a different padding style which has excellent quality, you should go with Grant. There is also another issue. The quality also varies. After all, it is handmade and Grant does not mass produce. So what is the meaning of these? It means that you simply can’t expect the same quality from every pair. For example, you can order a pair and your friend can order another one. Then you can have the exact same sessions. Your pair can last 3 years and your friend’s pair can last 5. Even though this is just an example, it is the reality. However, the gloves will certainly have a certain quality, with that you need to consider this issue before you buy Grant Cowhide Leather.

What about the Price? It is the most expensive and rare boxing gloves on the market and as you know MANY professional boxers use it and keep in mind that many of these boxers don’t get sponsorship money and these guys religiously train, spar with them. However, it is an expensive pair but definitely, it is not overpriced. If you have the cash I would say buy it.

Break in period: It will take only a few weeks to fully break in.

Looks: Of course this is personal but as you can see that craftsmanship is really nice.


Final Thoughts

Even though I am “an Internet guy” and can deal with the ordering, I did not want to deal with ordering at the time. Anyway, if you have the chance and cash, don’t miss this opportunity because while I am writing this, this pair is available on Amazon. As you know, this pair has incredible craftsmanship, leather quality and last but certainly not least the quality padding which is a bit stiff and forgets its memory pretty quick. This improves the durability and helps you have more quality training sessions. It is also distributed well and protects your knuckles, wrists and the upper side of your hand (while your sparring partner punches your gloves) pretty well. If you are interested, have a look at the price on Amazon. I hope that you enjoyed reading my Grant Boxing Gloves (training) review and it is helpful to you. If you have any questions or experiences with this rare pair, have a comment below. 


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8 thoughts on “Grant Boxing Gloves Review – Is It Really Good?”

  1. Hi,
    My Friends son is a professional boxer. Now I don’t know any thing about boxing. I did hear once about these gloves whilst having a conversation with his mum.
    I do recall these Gloves been brought up and how hard they were to find.

    Now you say they can be bought on Amazon. So thank you. I am sharing this Blog immediately with my friend and her boxing champ.

    Baring in mind all her sons box too. She has 5 of them the eldest boy been the professional.

    Thank you for sharing this great article.
    Regards Deborah

    1. What a family : )
      Well, these are pretty difficult to find and I am glad that you remember the conversation. Grant is really famous among the boxing community and especially professional boxers tend to have at least one training with Grant and see how it feels. I am pretty sure that they will appreciate it Deborah and I also appreciate that you share it with them ; )

  2. Hi Furkan

    Thanks for the comprehensive and honest review. I have been looking for a good solid pair of boxing gloves for my husband and this sounds like a quality pair.

    What have users said about it? What are their common complaints? I just want to make sure I am getting the best pair for the money if you know what I mean 🙂

    1. I understand. I am sure that as any boxing fan he will be really happy when he will see Grant : )

      Grant has a few problems. First of all, the most common problem is that this pair is quite expensive. I am not saying it is not worth the money but I would appreciate if the company lowers the price : )

      There is another thing to consider. It is not exactly a complaint but sometimes right glove’s weight may not match with left one.
      As your hands are getting used to pairs, it will be completely fine and it is just a few grams. But we should keep in mind that these are handmade and as every handmade out there may have some small weight (just a few grams) differences.

  3. Hey there. I found your review when I was looking for some training gloves for my son.

    These grant gloves look nice, but for someone just starting out (and using boxing mostly as a way to get in shape)…it seems like these might be overkill.

    Do you have any recommendations for entry level gloves? I would prefer to spend something in the $30-$50 price range.

    Also, I checked out Amazon using your link…I didn’t see any Grant gloves offered. Am I missing something?


    1. These have quite expensive prices and if you are looking for a pair just for getting fit, your son can train with Grant but he doesn’t need it.
      I understand you. There are quite inexpensive gloves which are perfect for doing some training. You can check out these gloves under 50. I think you can find some pairs for your budget in there.

  4. As an avid boxer, with a daughter who takes part in the mixed martial arts, this site is quite the find. The info on not only gloves but other gear as well is great, and much needed. Please keep it coming, as this is a growing area of sport for sure.

    1. It is always good to hear these from a fellow boxer. These gloves can take a lot of punishment and even after years, it will be like you just ordered it. Many people, who participate in MMA, also use this pair to use during punching bag sessions for long years. I will continue it for sure and have your e-mail address. I will shoot an e-mail whenever I have a new writing about this stuff.

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