What Equipment Do You Need to Start Wrestling?

If you want to start wrestling, whether you will go to a gym, club etc. or not, there are some needed wrestling equipment/gears for your training.

Some of them are necessary for you to show better performance and some are needed for your protection. In this short writing, you can find all of these and you can also find why you need them.

I also included gears for competition and popular guides for these gears as well and without further ado let’s start.


Beginner’s Guide to Wrestling Equipment

Wrestling Singlet: This should fit just right. It should be one piece, not fit so tight and it definitely should not be baggy. Also, many gyms, schools, clubs provide it. If you are attending a local tournament etc. , you need to check the requirements for it. And if it is international, it should be either red or blue. As a side note, many singlets on the market are reversible and many tournaments require you to have two different wrestling singlets.

What Equipment Do You Need to Start Wrestling

Even if you don’t train with these, the clothing should not have anything to harm your opponent or sparring partner.

Wrestling Shoes: Wrestling shoes provide a lot of grip so you can stay like a rock on mats. In order to provide it, the sole has circular shaped patterns and it provides traction for every direction. Also, the sides of the shoes are made of materials which can stretch a lot so you can move comfortably during your session and it does not hurt the durability or the construction of the shoe. With that, if you plan on competing, you need official wrestling shoes and even though these are “official shoes”, there is not any price difference between regular wrestling shoes and official wrestling shoes.

If you are interested check out the reviews of best wrestling shoes.

As a side note, many competitions and tournaments require you to have lace covers. Since no one wants to step on untied laces, right?

Wrestling Pads: This one is actually for referees. You need to wear wrestling pads on your ankles so referees can see what happens during in a match easier. These should be made of materials which do not slide and absorb sweat well.

Protection Apparel

Wrestling headgear: Inside of a headgear should be soft and it should be made of materials which provide less friction and ears should be covered fully as well. With that, the ear part should absorb the shock extra well. One thing is to note that even the ergonomic designed boxing headgears are not suitable for wrestling and you need to get a headgear which is specifically designed and made for wrestling! As a side note, wrestling headgears should have a special design to prevent cauliflower ear which is a common injury type for wrestlers. However, there are good protective headgears on the market which minimize this risk.

Youth should get a different kind of headgear since they are constantly growing. Also, the youth wrestling headgears’ straps should have more elasticity.

As a side note, if your hair is long (according to the rules), you need to wear a head covering. According to my research, these head coverings are not popular at all and these are generally made of cheap materials. And if you ask me, just get a short haircut since getting a head covering, which can last only a few months, will not be a good investment at all.

Knee Pads: Knees are one of the parts which have constant punishment during wrestling sessions and matches. You can have bruises, fractures and skin irritation is also a problem. With that, you can avoid them with good knee pads. Also, do not these look just awesome?

Mouth Guards: Obviously your teeth, gum should be protected during wrestling sessions. With that, it also protects you from concussions and various fractures. Also, there are many studies which show that a good mouth guard can help you stabilize your jaw and after an impact, you can recover better.

Wrestling Bags: You also need a good wrestling bag which can carry all of these gears and these bags need to provide constant airflow since after a hard workout your gears will need that badly for getting rid of the odor.

Wrestling Mats: Tournaments need to have mats which satisfy certain requirements and as long as wrestling mats satisfy them you can use them anywhere. With that, these should be soft and after the impact, the foam (filler material) should return the original state quite fast.

Beginners Guide to Wrestling Equipment

Grappling /Throwing Dummy: I am sure that you can’t find a sparring partner who lets you try everything on him/her so if you want to try all combinations or pretty much everything, grappling/throwing dummy is your only option. I also know that there is a myriad of wrestling gyms primarily focus on training with these dummies.

Should you use cups? After a quite thorough research about it, I found out that there are some people who prefer wearing a groin guard during sessions and they say that it is just vital. However, the majority of people, who do wrestling training, don’t. So this decision is up to you. However, I want you to know that there are actually quite good groin protectors which have ergonomic designs and I also used one, which is also suitable for wrestling, for my boxing sessions. However, as I said it is your preference and if you want to see the good ones, check out these good groin guards.

Final Thoughts

Wrestling is a great sport which focuses on grappling and it is safer than boxing. This is why many parents are less hesitant to send their kids to wrestling gyms. Also, many universities and high schools think the same and you can find a myriad of wrestling classes. It is truly popular and I highly suggest you start wrestling and getting the incredible benefits of this sport. And in this article, you can find every gear which you need for wrestling training and competition.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this wrestling equipment guide and if you have anything to share just leave a comment below.


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