Century Reactor Bag Review – Is It Worth It?

Century produces many bag types. These include hanging, free-standing and also reactor bags. This company is truly one of the best at producing quality bags. I used another popular bag of Century (“Bob”) and I am extremely satisfied with the results and durability of it. Reactor bag also has some of its materials.

Let’s start Century Reactor Bag Review with exclusive features and the warranty period of this most popular reactor bag on the market.

Exclusive Features

  • Very natural striking experience
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Suitable for low kicks (low base)
  • Durable cover material (vinyl shell)
  • Quality foam as filler
  • Incredible for improving timing and precision
  • Portable
  • Can be filled with sand up to 50 Ibs
  • You can use it with or without gloves
  • The best reactor bag on the market


  • Sand is not included

Product: Century Reactor Bag

Warranty: 1 year

Height: 57″

Durability Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Training Quality Rating: 9.8 out of 10.0

How many years can you use it?

Century always gives a 1-year warranty for its punching bags or heavy bag stands. And this bag also has a one year warranty period as well. However how many years can you use it? First of all this bag has foam as a filler and it is very common for quality bags. After you strike the bag, foam disperses shock and it increases the durability. And it will prevent rough or soft spots that can happen over the years. So you can continue getting a smooth punching experience for a long time.

Secondly, this bag’s outer shell is made of quality cover material and it allows you to train with this bag without gloves. It is simply amazing and even though many other bags are also “soft”, their cover material can hurt your hand however Century reactor bag won’t.

So how about users’ experiences? Many buyers use it for around three years without any issues. And still, they don’t report any problem with durability. If you consider its price, it offers a great value which is always the case with Century.

Training Quality

Reactor bags provide benefits that can’t be gotten from anywhere else. Sure speed bags are great for improving timing and hand-eye coordination but you can only punch it with a certain technique and by the way, it is not a regular technique like jabs, hooks, etc. This bag allows you to do this so you can improve your timing, hand-eye coordination while punching the bag hard.

There is a video below and you can see how to use it for striking and if you have a partner you can even use this bag for improving your defense technique and timing.

===>Get the Most Quality Reactor Bag on the market

It is literally perfect for these and there is hardly any competition on the market for reactor bags. There are a few companies that produce reactor bags. And these do not have good reviews or even average reviews for the training quality. The other reactor bags just can’t seem to provide a decent and natural rebound rate. And as you can see from the video it will give you just these. And it also gets good feedback from boxing gyms as well.

Cardio Benefits

Due to its nature, it does not give you much resistance like heavy bags and it gives an incredibly fast rebound rate. So you can have very sweaty workout sessions with it. It can be even used as a fat-burning tool.

Let’s continue with other unique benefits…

Your back muscles won’t work much during punching bag or speed bag training. Whereas when you punch Century Reactor Bag it will give you little resistance and definitely won’t hold you. So you will need to use your back muscles a lot during training with the reactor bag.


Thanks to its cover material it is really silent during a workout and if you think of using it in your home or just want your bag to be silent then it is exactly what you need.

Also after you fill it with sand (up to 50 Ibs), you can roll it easily and use it anywhere. It occupies very little space and it is suitable for everywhere.

What does this bag can provide for your boxing and martial arts skills?

If you do boxing, MMA or any other martial arts, which include striking, then you will get many benefits from this bag. As you know its rebound rate is very fast and it will increase your reaction and timing skills. This will prepare you for sparring and thanks to hand-eye coordination benefits, it will also help you to strike and punch more accurately. With that, it can also provide the same thing for your defense and blocking skills. These are truly crucial for boxing and any other martial arts.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your timing and hand-eye coordination with reactor bag is your only choice. Also, there is not any competition for this bag type and Century Reactor Bag provides the best quality among them. It uses foam and quality cover material and you can use this bag for at least 3 years. It is also very easy to move and can be used in small spaces as well. This bag comes with a one year warranty.

Why are not many Reactor Bags on the market?

You can see many free standing punching bags or hanging ones on the market but we rarely see reactor bags. So why is that? The reason is that many companies put so much effort into heavy bags because these are way popular than reactor bags and these simply don’t put the same effort or make enough investments for reactor bags. The other reactor bags on the market don’t provide a good rebound rate or durability. With that Century clearly did a perfect job for it and in my opinion, it is the best “bag” company out there.

I hope you enjoyed reading Century reactor Bag review and if you have anything to share please leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Century Reactor Bag Review – Is It Worth It?”

  1. Nice. I’ve been looking for something like this for my apartment. I need something that doesn’t make a lot of noise. I can’t hang anything from my ceiling because of the rules.

    Do you recommend this or one of those body dummies more, for an apartment or condo?

    1. It is great for small spaces, its base cover only little space and its shell absorbs the impact quite well so there won’t be much noise and your neighbors won’t complain at all 😉

  2. Furkan,
    This would be great for a small cardio workout each day. Being easy to move and lasting for at least three years, I can see using it everyday. What kind of seams does it have and are they very well put together. this sis the place where I have seen the bags like this fail first.

    1. Considering the durability this bag is quite good in this category. According to my research, the seams are not handmade. These are made with a machine but Century bags’ stitching is generally really solid and as you said you are not likely to have a problem with the stitching.

  3. Susannah Toraman-Clarke

    My son has been studying MMA since he was 3 years old & is now almost 9yrs, he is looking for a good solid bag to train on at home as he is now preparing to enter tournaments. Does this bag tip over at all when hit?
    Does it need a lot of space to allow movement of the bag when in use?

    Many thanks

    1. That is quite a long time. I guess he can be considered intermediate if he focused on training during those three years.

      As long as he punches it with the correct form it will not tip over. This bag has been around for a while and gets awesome reviews and obviously training quality is a factor.

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