Fairtex BGV16 Review – Should You Really Get It?

My review for Fairtex BGV16

Fairtex BGV series has something for everyone and this includes women too. Fairtex BGV16 is made for women and if you are a guy, you can check out BGV14 which is also an all-around good training pair.

Fairtex BGV16 Review

Fairtex BGV16 Review

Protection: 9.3 / 10.0

Training Performance: 8.2 / 10.0

The Durability: 8.1 / 10.0

Comfort: 7.1 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 6.8 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Snug fit
  • Shock absorbing good padding
  • BGV8 model’s design
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • It is designed for women


  • Your hands can slightly get hurt (irritations etc.) at the beginning (First few weeks)
  • Does not provide perfect wrist protection
  • Short break in period

Check It Out: Fairtex BGV16

Fairtex thinks literally everything and everyone including females. It does not only produce gloves for every training type including sparring but it also has gloves for competition.

In this overview, you can find out all about Fairtex BGV16, why it is a good choice for women and cons as well.

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Training Performance

It is a training type pair.

Well, soft padding is preferred for sparring and if you will spar in Muay Thai, Fairtex BGV16 should be definitely one of the considerations as other Fairtex Gloves have harder padding. It is also more flexible and you can do clinch work comfortably, move your fingers more so basically you can control the glove easier. BGV16 is well stitched (handmade) and has more padding quantity than regular pairs.

The design is also ergonomic as well

Shortly, the glove is snug fit.

Thanks to these, it is preferred in both boxing and Muay Thai as you have more control over the gloves.

Also, these qualities definitely provide advantages during sparring.

With that being said, soft padding is not particularly good for bag work. After you punch it delivers the shock a bit slower. It is just milliseconds but this is not ideal for preparing matches.

However, it does not lower the benefits which you get from the workouts. But if you are really serious and preparing for matches, in my opinion, you should own a separate pair of gloves for bag and mitt workouts.

The design is rectangular and the glove is “small” and you can do clinch work comfortably.

This one also has a grip bar and many Thai Style boxing gloves don’t have it to allow more freedom for clinching. But this one has it however it is quite ergonomic and light so while forming a fist you feel more natural with it. Considering that many Muay Thai boxing gloves don’t feature it, it is a quite good addition for people who want to practice punching more.

The Protection

It has a short wrist closure. As you can expect it is not as supportive as the gloves with longer cuffs and does not provide the same support. Don’t get me wrong it is still decent but if you are thinking of pounding the heavy bag heavily all the time, this pair of boxing gloves is not ideal for that. Sure if you do light punches or just don’t punch heavily it will do a good job to support your wrists but as I said if you punch heavily all the time you might want to consider another pair like BGV1.

There is also extra padding at the fingertips for even more protection. Shortly, Fairtex BGV16 is quite protective and considering my knowledge, there are not many other gloves that have more padded area. Seriously, it is quite well padded.

It has soft foam which is protective for your sparring partners and it absorbs the shock without moving too much. Basically, it is a bit softer than the Fairtex BGV gloves’ padding. While punching, thanks to soft inner padding, your knuckles don’t get hurt.

Why It is Perfect for Women?

With that being said, this new soft padding provides more protection and considering that anatomically women’s hands are more delicate, it is perfect for them.

It has also quite ergonomic design and provides a quite good fit. This helps the glove to have quite lightweight as well so they spend less energy than usual.

Almost every Fairtex pair has the following quality and this quality makes this pair more suitable for women. These gloves are more flexible than the others so you can clinch opponents or make a fist without having a hard time.

Thanks to these qualities, you are spending less energy while carrying the glove, doing clinch or even forming a fist. Even though these are just small details these help you save more energy during sessions and I am sure that you can use the extra energy during sparring or any workout.

The Longevity

The leather is genuine and has quite good quality. It is higher-end genuine leather and this glove is handmade in Thailand. The cover material can continue lasting without a significant defect for years. The soft padding is known to have more defects in the long term and it loses the ability to absorb the shock fully after a couple of years. Considering the reports, you can do any type of training for around 2 years.

The Comfort

This pair is compact and does not even have a bit extra room. It is good for training performance but your hands sweat more during the workouts and when this is the case, your hands are less comfortable during sessions.

It has a break in period. Your hands can get hurt a bit and the inner part can be rough on your skin during this period. However, after this period is finished, this will be no longer an issue.

The liner is not too soft and it wicks the sweat extra fast. Considering that it is all around training type gloves, this comes in handy during sparring or pure striking type workouts.

The slit is shorter and has a smaller area than other Fairtex Gloves. This allows less air than the other models so there will be less air circulation.

As you read above, this glove has padding everywhere and the quantity is a bit more than usual at some compartments including fingertips. These make the glove tighter than usual. Before you buy you keep in mind that as some people don’t prefer wearing extra tight boxing gloves.

Basically, there are some positives and negatives about comfort but all overall it is definitely above average.

BGV8 Vs. BGV16

BGV16 has the same design as BGV8. It is amateur competition gloves that were used over 3-4 years by great Muay Thai fighters. There are quite a few videos in which fighters use this pair during tournaments. If you want to see how BGV8 looks, you can just do a quick research.

So using a design, which already works just fine, is a “safe” choice as it performs well.

Finally, I liked the fact that this one has different colors like purple whereas BGV8 has standard colors like Red.


As I stated above in the protection section, the wrist support is not excellent and I am not particularly a fan of matte colors. It has a standard Fairtex break-in period which lasts a couple of weeks. And I know that some people may not like punching with a glove which has soft padding but it can be positive for some people as well depending on your choice.

Other than these, it does not have any negative sides.


It is not tapered as BGV6 and it does not have vibrant colors like other Fairtex series. In my opinion, they should make some improvements in the looks department like adding some colors, however, some people just love the matte looks of the gloves.

Fairtex BGV16 is handmade in Thailand. The stitchings are solid and the glove has a certain cool look.

Cost Efficiency

It is alright. You get a glove which is at the high end of average Muay Thai Gloves. It lasts longer than many other training type gloves, however, I think that the price could be better. Below I provided a link after you follow it you can see the price and decide whether it is suitable for your budget or not.

Final Verdict

Literally, there are only a few gloves which are produced for women and only some of these are produced by a good company.

Fairtex BGV16 has a lot of good qualities like extra protective padding and you can control the glove easily. So if you are a female considering everything I can suggest you train with Fairtex BGV16.

Note: It does not have a lot of feedback yet but the user reviews are good so far.

This is everything about this pair. If you have any questions about Fairtex BGV16 review or better yet if you used this pair please leave a comment below.

Image Courtesy of Ville_De_Caudry via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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12 thoughts on “Fairtex BGV16 Review – Should You Really Get It?”

  1. This is awesome! A glove designed specifically for female hands. There are differences in build between men and women. So an item that is tailored for women will be so much more comfortable. And even better, it’s made by a good brand.

  2. I am glad to hear that as a woman I can purchase a glove that is designed specially for women, because our hands are not the same as men’s hands. thank you for this post, very helpful.

  3. I just bought a pair of these after a bit of research. Funny that on the official UK fairtex website it mentions nothing about them being specifically designed for woman, also mentions nothing about any specific ergonomic design Centred around female hand anatomy? I’ve looked on a dozen online distributers and only one says they are for woman. I don’t have a problem obviously, just somewhat confused.

    1. Yeah, I am also aware of this.
      I researched on forums and also if you click the link above and go to the product page and have a look at all Fairtex BGV16 models you will see that almost all of them mention that these are designed for females. But it really does not matter. There is just more protection and inside counters are a bit far away from the center.

      1. A message directly from fairtex UK …. “Yes I’ve seen that mentioned before. It’s not a “women’s specific” gloves so to speak, it’s just their original Thai translation was a bit misleading when they launched that model. It is good for women, yes, but it’s equally good for men too. The BGV16 is one of the best fitting gloves of the range, similar to a BGV1 but it’s a more comfortable fit and includes a grip bar.”

  4. Hello, I love this boxing gloves and using since 2008. Now I want to purchase a new pair of boxing gloves of another brand. Can you suggest me which one brand is best? Thanks

  5. I’m a female and bought the 14oz BGV16 and my hands literally swim in them. I can pull them off without even undoing the wrist Velcro.

    1. Hi, you should buy according to your weight or the size according to the chart on the product page. However, you can try wrapping hands one more time and see whether it helps or not.

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