Top King Shin Guards Review – The Ultimate Guide

Top King Shin Guards Review The ultimate guide

Two shin guard models of Top King are preferred a lot by Muay Thai and MMA fighters and in this Top King Shin Guards Review, you can find out all about them and some notes about the company.

Top King Empower Creativity Shin Guards Review

Top King Empower Creativity Shin Guards ReviewProtection: 9.3 / 10.0

Durability: 9.1 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.2 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Good striking type shin guard
  • Excellent foam quality
  • Decent fitting reviews
  • Good value
  • Looks cool
  • Definitely one of the best shin guards!

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The design is quite ergonomic and covers your entire shin and instep without being too bulky. This helps shin guards weigh less so you can kick fast. It is supposed to do that. After all, it is a striking type shin guard. You can kick shields, do bag workouts… Basically, other than grappling you can do almost any striking training type with it.

The Padding

The padding is quite dense and it is denser than the most padding types. Many industry experts say that it is the densest padding which they experienced. This also provides a more ergonomic design. However, if you prefer less dense padding type, Twins Special Shin Guards might suit you more.

The Durability

It is made of real /genuine) leather. It is not the best quality as the shin guard below, however, it is way above average, sturdy and can easily withstand constant punishment without having deformation for long years.

The dense padding provides a decent durability period as well. I checked out a couple of people’s feedback and they stated that they started feeling the impacts after around 2 years.

The durability period is way longer than many shin guards in the same class.


Thanks to the design, really dense padding and reinforced instep part, Top King Empower Creativity can protect anyone. The good thing is that even “big guys” reported that it protects them well.

The cool thing about the instep is that the design is natural and according to my extensive research and experiences when that is the case, it just protects better. For example, I always have a distinct pain in my foot whenever I kick heavy bags long so I always prefer good instep protection which is reinforced. Considering that you will only strike with this shin guard it is a good quality.

The grip is also a lot. Basically, these shin guards stay in place throughout the session.


The inner part is soft and the liner of Top King is top-notch. It gets rid of sweat effectively. As almost any Thai brand, Top King does an impeccable job for it. Also, whenever I kick heavily with shin guards, my skin is irritated as my skin is quite sensitive. Because the inner parts of many shin guards can cause rashes. However, the soft inner part of Top King does not cause this. Basically, if your skin gets red easily and irritated Top King is a good option.


It is ergonomic and it provides a closer fit than the other shin guards. It has velcro straps and you can adjust it according to your preference easily.

The Cost Efficiency

Considering the leather quality, 2 years of usage and above average striking sessions. In my opinion, the price is decent.

If you are planning on doing striking sessions, Top King Empower Creativity can accommodate beginners and more experienced fighters. If you are interested in checking out this shin guard closely, check out the video below. It is a good review and the guy also shares how to measure calve, shin size etc.

Aesthetics: Top King Empower Creativity looks just awesome. In my opinion, it is the coolest looking striking type shin guards on the market. The gold strips and the colors are vibrant. The shin guards are also handmade and you can see the finest details on the sides and it has a cool logo. In addition to that, you also have many color selections including white and gold.

You can easily find Top King Empower in many best lists and many people in martial arts gyms argue that it is “the best”. Considering the qualities, they might be right.

Top King Leather Review

Top King Leather ReviewProtection: 6.3 / 10.0

Durability: 9.6 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.5 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Perfect leather
  • Decent striking sessions
  • Good air flow and comfort


  • Below average protection
  • Has only two sizes
  • The shin guard above is just superior to this one

This shin guard is also a striking type shin guard and according to the product description, it is suitable for tournaments and any striking training type.

Let’s start with the good qualities…

The Leather and Durability

The leather is just perfect. It has slightly more quality than the leather of shin guard above and it is quite sturdy.

With that being said, the design is different and this makes Top King Leather (this one) a worse choice.

It is shorter and covers less area. And after you wear this shin guard, you will see that it does not provide a close fit. These create a couple of problems. First of all, this naturally decreases the grip so while kicking, it becomes a bit looser than it should. And this jeopardizes your physical health. The same thing also happens with the instep compartment.

It has a bit more padding and even though the middle part has a bit more padding the side’s padding quantity is close to it. Basically, the padding protects your shins and you will have fewer bruises after heavy kicking. The foam is the same and lasts around 2-3 years.

But when it sometimes becomes loose, these qualities do not matter much for the protection.

This one has less foam at the instep compartment and even though it provides more mobility you have less protection.

I wished that it had the same fit as the shin guard above so the protection would have no issues.

So this shin guard is basically below average for protection and even though the other qualities are good Top King Leather is not preferred a lot because of this reason.

It has three straps.

Looks: It looks really nice and the leather does not wear out any time soon.


The design helps with the comfort as it provides more air in so there will be more air circulation. Your shins will sweat less and be fresher. The inner lining is also developed with the latest tech since it gets rid of sweat at a fast rate and this is the best quality about Top King Shin Guard Leather by far.

The Durability

Considering that this one’s leather is better and it has the same padding type, it lasts more than the shin guard above. The durability is around 3 years.

Cost Efficiency

If this one just offered more protection, it would be awesome. Other than this, it has amazing leather quality and price.

If you are interested in buying Top King Leather, you can check out the most recent price.

However, other than the leather quality Top King Empower Creativity (the shin guard at the top of the page) is just superior to Top King Leather (this one) and both are in the same class.

Complaints about Top King Leather Shin Guards

I sometimes see that there are complaints about Top King Leather Shin Guards as they don’t fit well but it is a minority. Also, keep in mind that these complaints are about the second shin guard which is Top King Leather.

The company started producing fight gears less than a decade ago in Thailand so Top King is a fairly new brand. However, it is considered the top company by many. The company’s products look generally better than the rivals’ websites and according to my thorough research, this company integrates the technology and old-style gear production more. I also liked their website as it has a user-friendly interface so I can find everything that I need easily and it is a plus as many martial arts’ companies literally don’t care about that.

Top King Empower Creativity Shin Guards have really good ratings from the users and if you are thinking of getting a pair of shin guards I highly suggest you give them a shot.

If you get this one of these shin guards, you will need to be careful about cleaning as once genuine leather shin guards start producing bacteria, it invades the leather shin guards at a faster rate. However, you can use these shin guard cleaning methods to prevent that from happening.

As a final note, these shin guards are produced by Muay Thai Company. These can be used only for striking and these are not suitable for grappling.

If you will also do grappling, you can check out these good MMA shin guards.

If you have any questions about Top King Shin Guards review or anything to add, please feel free to let me know in the comment section!

Image Courtesy of Pfc. Mike Granahan via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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4 thoughts on “Top King Shin Guards Review – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Hi, I like the fact Top King Leather has high durability, but you said it offers less protection. That is something to consider. I was surprised that both shin guards have the same price, so I think the Top King Empower Creativity is the best choice.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, the prices can change any minute but as of now, you are right. Exactly, Empower Creativity’s design makes it a better choice.

  2. From your review, it looks like Top King Empower Creativity Shin Guards are better in quality, thank you for the details and information. It was easy to select the better option when checking the price, both are very similar in price.

    1. Exactly. Empower just has better qualities, design, and materials. When these are in the same price range there is really nothing to think about.

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