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Best Heavy Bag Hanger – Secure Your Bag and Get Awesome Workout

Best Heavy Bag Hanger – Secure Your Bag and Get Awesome Workout

I trained with hangers which gave incredible striking experience and I also trained with hangers which gave awkward swing. It can make your workout best or worst. If you think of getting a hanger, there are a couple of features to consider including swing rate, silent training, durability… And these hangers on this list basically provide ALL of these and have “longer” warranty periods.

Let’s start with the best heavy bag hanger and continue with their exclusive features and cons of these hangers.

Note: If your ceiling is low you can buy a spring for your punching bag. These are very short and will hold the bag just fine. However, if you have tall ceiling then getting a chain will be a better option. Because it will give you freedom of height. Also if you think of including kicks, you can adjust the bag accordingly.

1.    Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount 140

Exclusive Features

  • 360 degree freedom
  • Vibration inhibitor
  • Amazing punching experience
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very silent
  • Top notch heavy duty material
  • Simply the best product on the market

Warranty: Lifetime

Capacity: 140 Ibs

Check It Out: Amazon

My gym had used this cool looking spider mount for 3 years before I moved to another country and we never had any problems with it. Firstlaw gives LIFETIME warranty and you won’t hear any mechanical sound even after years. There is an incredible vibration inhibitor which enhances durability. This is one of the most important reasons that Firstlaw is the first choice for a hanger. After couple of years, some mounts can give “weird swing” and this feature prevents it happening and gives you very smooth punching experience.

These mounts are used in lots of gyms (including mine) and Firstlaw has best ratings and feedback among all. Considering these excellent ratings, it is obvious that customer service is rock solid like the mount. Its capacity is 140 Ibs and it allows bags to have 360 degree spherical motion. Its price is higher than its rivals however considering lifetime warranty and these unique features it is such a small price to pay. You can mount this hanger to any dry floor or open floor joist and it is very easy to install. There are real buyer reviews which say that they install it in 15 minutes.

And I love the claims like “ if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it no question asked” from trustworthy companies. And Firstlaw gives it. I am also sure that you will love using Firstlaw Spider Mount.

2. XMark Heavy Bag Wall Mount XM-2832

Exclusive Features

  • Steel mainframe
  • Best choice for wall hanger
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install

Warranty: Lifetime

Capacity: 150 Ibs

It is classic wall mount and very easy set up. It can hold up to 150 Ibs and has also lifetime warranty. It has vibration inhibitor to have better and good punching experience. This feature is simply a must for a hanger. It provides both durability and quiet workout.

XMark is very well known company for producing boxing equipment and thanks to 11 gauge steel frame, this mount is really sturdy.

I know that it is not totally relevant but I had experience with XMark’s speed bag platform and it gave top notch punching experience. Based on its quality materials and reviews I am also sure this mount will give quality punching experience and you can use it smoothly for years. XMark wall mount will allow you to have 360 degree footwork. Also its manual is very straight forward and you can implement all the steps easily.

3. Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Exclusive Features

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Provides good punching experience
  • Steel mainframe
  • Pull pin system for saving space

Capacity: 100 Ibs

Warranty: 1 year

Yes4All created a classic hanger with an INCREDIBLE price. It allows you to hang bags up to 100 Ibs and again it minimizes vibration. It also has steel mainframe and this hanger is also sturdy. However there is a unique feature which truly separates it from other punching bag hangers. If you have limited space or want to minimize the used space, then you need Yes4All. It uses push pin system so you can slide the bag to the side when you don’t use it. Its steel is sturdy and lots of buyers on martial arts forums reported that they have been using it more than 3 years. It comes with 1 year warranty and all hardware for installation.

Let’s continue with hangers for a rafter…

4. Promounting Rafter Mount for Heavy Bags

Exclusive Features

  • Perfect for rafter
  • Vibration inhibitor
  • Steel construction
  • Powder coated for extra durability
  • 1 year warranty
  • Silent

Capacity: 120 Ibs

Warranty: 1 year

This one is for wooden rafter or joist. It has spring action to reduce noise so your neighbors won’t hear a thing 😉 Even though it can be used for wood its weight capacity is 200 Ibs and thanks to powder coating this mount has durable finish. Promounting has 1 year warranty and the company has many mounting models with decent reviews. It is expert about mounts for wooden joists. Its hanger has also vibration inhibitor and it is good for a joist hanger. So I can easily say that if you have wooden rafter, then Promounting is simply the best choice.

Keep in mind that the beam should support 4 times of the bag. However if you want to hang a tall bag (longer than 50”) then it needs to support 5 times of the heavy bag’s weight.

Hangers for beam…

5. Firstlaw Fitness Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

You probably saw how great Firstlaw Spider Mounting is and it is the most quality hanger of the company. However it is not only quality one. They again give lifetime warranty for Firstlaw Wood Beam Mount but you won’t have the same quality. It will give quality punching experience however it does not absorb vibration well. So quality of punching experience will get lower with time and you may have that “weird swing” in future.

However, you will have quality punching experience much more than any beam hanger. It is very study and can take load up to 250 Ibs. Firstlaw Fitness is the ONLY  quality wood beam mount which allows bag to have 360 degree movement. If you want to hang your punching bag to a beam then Firstlaw is for you. Below, you can see the difference between Firstlaw and other hangers.

For people who want to “try” a hanger…

Everlast Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

If you have trained martial arts or boxing, you probably know Everlast. It has also hanger for beams. This hanger also has powder coating for longer durability. However the design and construction of spider mount and wall mounts on this list inhibit vibration and provide rock solid stability. Everlast hanger also provides stability at first. So you may ask “will it start vibrating next years?” I know it definitely will.

With that it comes with complete hardware including all bolts and nuts. You can install it to any wooden floor or ceiling and it is crazy cheap. So if you are not sure about using a hanger, this is a great choice because you barely spend any money and can see whether it is for you or not. It is also suitable for double end bags as well.

Final Thoughts

best heavy bag hanger reviewsA hanger can provide best training or it can make your training session worthless. It can truly make this kind of difference. If you need the most stable, quietest hanger which can give you 360 degree freedom, I strongly recommend you to pick up your OWN Firstlaw Fitness Spider Mount. It will surely give you the SMOOTHEST striking experience for long years to come. However you might want to hang it to a wall then XMark is a great choice and lets not forget that both of these have top notch vibrator inhibitor and LIFETIME warranties.

I hope you enjoyed the content and found your best heavy bag hanger. However if you think of getting a stand instead of hanger, check out these best heavy bag stands and their unique features. If you have questions or experiences related to any of these hangers, please leave a comment below.

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Reader Comments

  1. These hangers look awesome, especially the Spider Mount.

    Spider Mount looks cool but how does it secure to the ceiling? And can you adjust the height?

    One more question, if you use these types of hangers in your house, you will need to drill holes into the ceiling or walls, is it? So a permanent hole in the wall or ceiling in inevitable if you want to set this up in your house?

  2. Great information. I didn’t realize that there were so many different heavy bag mounts and hangers. We have a heavy weight bag in our basement, which hangs from one of our rafters but I don’t think we have the proper mount for it. I might have to consider one of the Promounting Rafter Mount, as it might be the safer way to go. Thanks for the information.

  3. Thanks for the thorough coverage. I’ve learned a lot about hangers. I’m no boxer and I do not use punching bags, but if anyone ever asks me about hangers, I will know where to send them.

    1. You are welcome Peter, I am glad that you learnt a lot and I hope you will start training, because boxing is just a great sport 😉 I am also sure that when you send someone they will find what they are looking for.

  4. Very insightful information. I have a boxing bag and it actually isn’t really secure. I never thought about the actual pieces that secure the bag until I stumbled onto your site. Thanks for sharing and I’ll have to come back here.

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