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Fairtex BGV9 Review – Should You Own It?

Fairtex BGV9 is one of the popular models of BGV series and as you may know, there are a lot of boxing gloves of BGV series because people just loved training with them over the years.

According to my research and experience, Fairtex BGV9 suits most people’s needs and it is actually many fighters’ favorite pair and below I will explain the details why this is the case. There is also another quality which makes this pair quite a solid choice for people who likes their hands to be “fresh” at the end of their workouts.

There are also some disadvantages of training with this pair and you can also read this at the end of Fairtex BGV9 review.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV9 Review

Fairtex BGV9 reviewProtection: 9.4 / 10.0

Training Quality: 9.3 / 10.0

Durability: 9.4 / 10.0

Comfort: 10.0 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 9.1 / 10.0

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According to my knowledge, Fairtex BGV9 is one of the hardest pair on the market, if not the hardest. In addition to that, it is a quality one which is really hard and this actually brings some serious advantages.

When the leather is really hard, it has defects less than usual. So while punching a heavy bag or mitts, which were made of really hard and sturdy cover materials, Fairtex BGV9 just has fewer defects. As you may have experienced that soft pairs like Ringside Apex feel like it can tear apart in any second while punching a bag and the foam actually can. However, you will not have issues like this with this pair.

This pair also has hard padding and it basically delivers the shock throughout the pair however the padding does not move much. As you may know, Fairtex Gloves generally have really hard padding and BGV9 is one of them. When the padding is like this, it lasts more.

Another cool fact is that while punching a bag, thanks to the hard padding you can hear a clear “pop” so you can tell whether you are punching right or not. And many starters will find this useful. Also, the padding does not get soften with time and it does not lose its quality. So after 1-2 years, you will still be able to hear that, however, as you can guess it will not be clear and high as your first day of training.

So the leather does not get much deformation during a heavy bag training and in addition to this, the padding is perfect for bigger impacts and protects your hands well. So shortly, Fairtex BGV9 is ideal for heavy bag training and mitts.

Considering these there is no surprise that Fairtex BGV9 can last 3+ years.

This pair has an attached thumb and while making a punch it makes sure that your thumb is not in a weird position.

Craftsmanship: This is another handmade pair by Fairtex and it also has quite good stitching which basically never gets a single bad feedback. I seriously don’t know anyone who has complained about the stitching or the construction and considering that I live in Thailand and know a lot of serious fighters who use Fairtex it is a huge plus.

Also when you have a look at the picture you can easily realize that this glove is crafted with care. The inner part is not bulky yet it is solid so while you are making a punch you lose less energy and you can use this extra energy for your next punch!

Boxers generally use this pair for bag workouts which makes a lot of sense. Imagine that your knuckles are sore or have a small injury. The padding barely moves and the stiff padding surely protects hands and the gloves are not heavy so it actually does not affect training performance like many other pairs which have lots of padding. Sure these other pairs, which have a lot of foam, can and will protect your hand. But when this is the case these gloves have heavier weights and obviously, you punch slower. Basically, you do everything slower with these other pairs which have lots of padding. However, you don’t have this issue with Fairtex BGV9 and you can continue having good punching experience without any downsides. Is not this just awesome?

Alright, hard padding and cover material have a lot of advantages which many people including I just love but it also has some disadvantages as well.

This pair is a training type pair however if you punch your sparring partner with it, he or she may never spar with you again. Because as you may have read this above, this pair is juıst too hard for sparring and should not be used. Even the most protective headgear may not protect your partner well. This is the first disadvantage.

The second one is the long break in period. You need at least a couple of weeks to break in this pair and this is longer than many other pairs on the market. The reasons are obviously the hard padding and cover material. The padding will not feel “normal” after a couple of weeks however training with it regularly definitely helps with the shortening of this period. You will also see that the cover material softens after a couple of sessions however it will be still quite hard.

Protection: The padding delivers the impact so well that your knuckles do not feel a thing while you are punching. It has a medium size velcro closure and it just has enough length for providing firm support and it is not bulky at the same time.

Comfort: It has quite big air channels and like any other Fairtex Gloves which are made in Thailand, Fairtex BGV9 is also quite good for providing comfort. The lining basically wicks the moisture quite fast and gets rid of the excess moisture so your gloves will not get heavier. This is also good for punching performance and helps you have better and faster sessions.

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How about Quality Price Ratio?

If you read my other reviews of the brand, I did not give good ratings for the cost efficiency. However, this pair lasts more than them thus it deserves a better rating than them. (B+)

Even though you can’t use Fairtex BGGV14 for sparring and it has a long break in period, this pair is amazing for pads and bag workouts. With that being said Fairtex BGV9 also has a really good reputation among boxing community.

In this Fairtex BGV 14 review, I wrote down all the details about this pair, the advantages, and the disadvantages. However, if you have anything to add, ask or share, just leave a comment below.

Image Courtesy of st_luke via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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  1. Hi Furkan,
    I was looking into Fairtex BGV14 review. I am glad I ran into your review. Lots of great info in the post. Thanks for sharing this.

    I like the good and bad you mention in the article. And most importantly it is in my budget. I definitely try it out.

    All the best in producing more such products review in the coming days ahead.


    1. Man, this is one of the mid-level boxing gloves and it will be a good boxing buddy for a couple of years. It basically will have fewer defects than the Fairtex Gloves and you will realize that the padding is quite sturdy and hard just after a punch.

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