5 Amazing Benefits of Focus Mitt Training

benefits of focus mitts training

Focus mitts training is an incredible place for improving many skills in boxing or any other martial arts which includes strikes. And many people have fun and it can be done anywhere. Let’s not forget that it has also incredible physical benefits.

There are so many reasons why pad work is trained a lot in gyms by everyone including kids and women. Let’s start with how it benefits your striking skills and continue with physical ones.

1. Improve Striking Technique

This one is actually a unique benefit and other than focus pad training you can only get it from double end bag session. Because you simply can’t do punching techniques like uppercuts with heavy bag or speed bag.

punch mitts training

Even though double end bag allows you to perform many punching techniques, the resistance is very little and this is an obvious minus for double end bag.

However, you can have it in focus mitts training and in my opinion, it is just priceless. This is one of the most important reasons why you see that many people in boxing classes do this training religiously.

Sure you can do it also with sparring but I don’t think that you will get many strike chances in sparring.

Also, you try blocking your sparring partner’s attacks so you will be under constant pressure and won’t have enough opportunity to work on your skills during a sparring session. Whereas you won’t feel any pressure while punching focus pads. And this is really the ideal place for you to improve your punching skills as fast as possible.

2. Physical Benefits

According to muscleandfitness, an adult can burn around 500 calories during a session, considering that you will also face resistance it is an amazing workout blend. So you will get aerobic and anaerobic benefits at the same time and this will provide you to get more toned (denser) muscles.

Also when training is both aerobic and anaerobic, it challenges your muscles even more and it can help you to have a deeper sleep.

3. Get ready for Sparring and Learn from your partner

After all, you will practice punches and try to be “readier” for sparring and the mitt holder will decide how you will punch and when you will punch. So you will react according to another person. Unlike heavy bags, it will be unpredictable.

Also, you need to position yourself suitably so you can punch properly. And again you can not experience this real environment anywhere else except sparring.

You might probably know lots of combo types and you may even be really good at these. However, your trainer will make you perform different combos and this provides an incredible skill improvement.

The same goes for your defense as well. Even though shadow boxing improves defense and dodging skills greatly, still you decide how to dodge and when to dodge. Doing these against a real person will be totally different, challenge you and will be a good experience.

These will prepare you for sparring.

With that, your trainers need to hold mitts properly during hard strikes and the padding of the mitts should absorb and distribute the impact quite well. So you can continue having smooth punching experience and trainers also don’t have a hard time during the session. There are some really quality products which provide these features. If you think of doing pad work, you can have a look at these quality focus mitts and their features. Gloves also need to have certain features. For example, these will face intense friction during the training and first of all these need to be durable for that and should not have rough edges. Because it can seriously hurt cover material of focus mitts. There are a few more necessary features and you can find all about it on best boxing gloves for training. These gloves are just great for punch mitts.

benefits of focus mitts training

4. Motivation

I have seen that many people get lazy during punching bag training and don’t punch it for seconds. And this includes me. I even do that without realizing it.

You also set the tempo during the heavy bag, speed bag and shadow boxing. If you are not motivated “enough” during these sessions, you won’t get benefits in a maximum way. Whereas when you have a partner, who challenges you, it will be motivating and your pace won’t go down even for a second. In that way you will have very sweaty sessions.

5. Self-Defense

I also witnessed that many people do pad work however they don’t spar because some of them are afraid of getting punched and some have health problems. Even though they don’t spar they can learn self-defense with mitts.

phisical benefits of focus pads

During the session, you learn how to dodge and strike. Also, your muscles start doing these movements autopilot. And these are vital for self-defense.

Pad work can be done almost anywhere. You don’t need a punching bag or a ring, you just need a partner and portable gears (focus mitts, hand wraps, boxing gloves and a short which allows you to move freely).

With that, not all boxing gloves are suitable for focus mitts. Pair’s cover material faces intense friction during the session. And gloves should not have rough edges because this can hurt mitts. I am also sure that you want your pairs to be sturdy enough to last long. There are some great pairs which have all these features and more. Training gloves are just great for this training and you can expect to use them for at least 3 years.

Conclusive Thoughts

Pad work is really fun and I don’t get bored even for a second. Plus, I always learn something new from my partner. It prepares you for sparring and thanks to this training, you know how to position yourself for throwing the perfect punch.

It is physically challenging and helps you to get a fit body. And let’s not forget that you get a chance to implement all actual striking techniques (uppercuts etc.) during this training.

It is also a great and fun way to learn self-defense. There are so many benefits of focus mitt training and in my opinion, everyone should do it. If you have the right and protective gear, then it is also completely safe. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you experienced any other benefits, which I have not covered, please just have a comment below.

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26 thoughts on “5 Amazing Benefits of Focus Mitt Training”

  1. I always knew that mitt training is great for the boxer but I didn’t realize just how beneficial it was. I was particularly interested in learning that it is good for self defense. Do you have a post about such techniques and skills that we can use for self defense?

    1. This training is seriously great for everyone and it is also fun.
      I actually don’t get into training stuff. I do boxing training a lot and used many gears however teaching techniques is not my best side. I hope it will be in future 😉
      By the way I will send a good boxing mitt training drill video link to your e-mail. I am sure you will like it.

  2. I’ve had a reflex bag for years and I love it. It tends to bounce back in a somewhat unpredictable way …sometimes.

    In that regard, you get a little bit of reflect training, but I have to admit, it’s not much.

    I love the aerobic workout of punching the bag along with the resistance countering the reflex gives you.

    That said, it sure would be nice to try this against a partner. You convinced me, I’m going to look into the equipment that you recommended.

    Now I’ve just got to find someone to train with me.

    1. Reflex bags are great and actually there are not many products on the market. I think the only quality one is Century reactor bag but other products just suck. Maybe you trained with one of these.
      And sounds like after you find a partner, you will love this training type too 😉

      1. Actually no, I was using an EverLast product that they discontinued. It was …adequate.

        I often found myself chasing it around the room (filled the base with water).

        You’ve given me another product to look at though, thanks for that!

        1. I even did not hear that Everlast has a reactor bag but being adequate can be the reason why it is discontinued. You are welcome and I am sure you will love training with that bag.
          I am also sure that it will be not discontinued, because it has very high quality 😉

  3. You know me by now, Furkan, I don’t box. But my husband and son still do, just to keep fit. And they use mitts in their training, which is where I can see all the positives you mention.
    But I’d say there are are couple of advantages to using mitts versus bags. Naturally they save in space. We have a bag in the spare room, which takes a lot of room(!!). You can use mitts anywhere in the house.
    And then, using mitts regularly as a form of exercise is good for your mental well-being. Yes, it helps you burn calories and keep fit, but it helps your mind too concentrate away from daily stress and on to the defense movements.
    Maybe, one day, my husband and son will convert me too!

    1. Yes Giulia I remember that your son and husband box.
      Actually yes you just need focus mitts and after you finish punching you just put them away. It is really good for saving space.
      I actually have fun while doing mitt drills too. And as other boxing training it just clears my mind.
      I think that you definitely should train with your husband and son. Sounds like you will really like it.

  4. Now this looks like my kind of workout! I get bored on the bag and I tend to get lazy just like you mentioned. I love to workout doing things that will require absolute attention as I wander when I’m not engaged. Will give this a go! Love your great tips on all things boxing.

    1. Heavy bag is actually fun but as you said Linda it sometimes becomes really boring. When I think that I should give more attention during training sessions, I also start punching mitts 😉

  5. Even though I am not a boxer, I think it is a good idea to have some knowledge of self-defense. It would certainly help to strengthen my muscles.

    I will pass this information on to my son, and he can look into it as an activity for him and his son.

  6. Great article. Never really considered some of these but I can certainly see the benefits over heavy bags and speed bags. Thanks for the great tips.

    1. Every training has its own unique benefits and focus mitts have its own 😉 And I am glad you started considering it.

  7. Great article! Focus mitt training sounds like a lot of fun! I have watched a trainer and his client doing focus mitt training in the studio I used to train at. I always thought it would be fun to try, but it also looked at bit intimidating. I know a few trainers who do kickboxing and some focus mitt training. I will think about contacting one of them.

    1. Hi Sandra, I am glad to see you here again 🙂
      Focus mitt is practiced in many combat sports and I actually found punch mitt training intimidating as well. But it has amazing benefits and actually there is nothing to be afraid of 😉 I think this can be really good experience for you Sandra.

  8. I have never heard of focus mitt training until now- but mind you I am not versed whatsoever in martial arts or boxing. I am considering kickboxing myself for overall conditioning and also to release stored up emotions/stress etc. Thank you so much for this reminder it came at a perfect time 🙂

    1. I am glad you will start doing this training Andrea, and this training will definitely help you get release your stress. After certain you will do these movements auto-pilot and I hope you will forget all about your problems as well 😉

  9. Thanks for this article. It was very informative, and I had never heard of focus mitt training before reading it. Being able to burn 500 calories in one weekend is huge! I took a boxing class once, and I know it was a heavy duty workout, even for a newbie like me. I will have to check this out – you make it sound very appealing.

  10. Christina Taylor

    I have always LOVED boxing and combat classes at the gym! Can’t wait to get back into it, I had a blast doing it and lost weight, too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Man, I think it is seriously what I think too. These are fun and have many physical benefits as well. And actually, punch mitt training is my favorite.

  11. Wow, great content. As somebody who used to train in martial arts all the time, reading this post was pretty nostalgic. What are your thoughts on kicking bags that can stand by themselves? Do you have a particular brand that you like to use? Which brands should we stay away from? Curious to hear your thoughts!

    1. Man, I also spent considerable of time with mitt drills.
      You mean free-standing bags, right?

      I really like Century Bob Xl and the precision, training quality is just unmatched. Century bags dominate the free standing punching bag market.
      I would say be careful while getting Everlast. Not all of them but some don’t have a sturdy body and these can be broken in any minute. And after spending a lot of money I would hate if that happens.

  12. I really enjoyed your post of benefits of mitt training. I can attest that it is one of the funnest things you can do for cardio. I can’t imagine being on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes but if I’m doing mitt training then half an hour goes by so quick. Of course I’m sweating buckets and exhausted but it was not boring or tedious! The hand eye coordination benefits are pretty remarkable as well. Did doing mitt work encourage you to start sparring with others?

    1. I also sweat a lot and even though I don’t do long mitt drills, I always feel extremely tired and have serious soreness in my legs, arms, chests…

      Man, it prepares you for sparring. That is for sure. Punching combinations, moving your head, body… These all help for sparring, however, nothing prepares you to take a punch.

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