8 Amazing Benefits of Speed Bag Training

We all know the rhythmic, relaxing sound of speed bag right? Even we understand whether people train right or not from the sound.

There are lots of great boxers who give a lot of importance to these training sessions and spend considerable time with it. And they are very right to do so. Some of the incredible names are Mohammed Ali, Joe Calzaghe, Manny Pacquiao and many more. Let’s start with the physical benefits of speed bag training.

1. Shoulder, Arm, Wrist Workout

The speed bag training provides constant tension on muscles especially shoulder, wrist and arm. It provides hypertrophy and strength gains at the same time.

speed bag training session

After just a couple of minutes in training, you will start feeling incredible burning in your shoulders. This gives an incredible tone to muscles. Also, these muscles will get used to work together in incredible harmony. The speed of your punches will increase and keep in mind that speed is the most important factor for momentum. With that, your punching impact will be more.

2. Cardio

Boxers tend to go in shape very fast and speed bag training is definitely one of the top reasons. Shoulder and arm muscles work in incredible pace and according to “Title Boxing”, when you do speed bag session 20 minutes in triplet rhythm, you will burn around 200 calories. It is actually a lot because you only use shoulder, arms and wrists in training. We already have relatively less fat in these muscles compared to the rest of the body.

Thanks to these cardio sessions you will burn even more fat in this area and have better looking shoulders and arms.

3. Well, This One is Very Obvious

After all, it is called speed bag training and you set the pace. When you first start training, it probably will be very hard to maintain a certain pace. With time, you will certainly get better about it. Also when you get expert, you might want to change the size of the speed bag and train with a smaller one. Smaller speed bags provide faster rebound rate and will challenge you more.

I do speed bag sessions two times per week. After six months of training, I generally change the size and start training with a smaller model. Even though I change the size, I sometimes train with larger ones time to time. In this way, I keep changing intensity to have even better overall results. When you get used to train with a certain size bag, you can change it.

Six months is obviously not a rule, it can be more and less depending on your training frequency and talent.

4. Incredible Skill Improvement for Boxing

Unlike heavy bag training, your hands and head will be up all the time in speed bag training. This will help you to develop a habit. If a boxer has a hard time to keep his or her hands up during matches, he or she definitely needs to spend more time with the speed bag.

Speed bag training benefits having dense shoulder and arm muscles

When I was training with speed bag, at first, I did not look cool and actually did not have any punching technique for speed bag. With that, I got better with time and even though I am not an expert about it, I improved my punching technique and when you have a proper punching technique, results will be even better.

Also, it is small and doesn’t have a lot of striking surface like punching bags. So even the speed bag is just in front of your head, it will sometimes go little left, right.. and force you to improve your accuracy. It improves many skills in boxing.

5. Hand Eye Coordination

Speed bag training is simply the best place for improving hand eye coordination. Its striking surface is very little and obviously, the training is very fast. Your hand and eye should work in harmony to maintain a certain pace.

You can also have hand eye coordination improvement in other boxing training like sparring, focus mitt training. However, none of them can improve this aspect like speed bag training.

Also, lots of people on boxing forums say that the training benefits their basketball matches. It improved their ball stealing ability.

6. Timing

Lots of boxers do speed bag training for solely improving their timing. It has obviously other and lots of benefits, however, I have to agree that best side of this training is to give better timing sense. Without timing, it is really difficult to maintain constant tension on muscles or get decent cardio. With proper timing, you get best physical benefits, hand eye coordination, speed etc.

benefits of speed bag training

7. Reflex

We can’t be able to land perfect punches on the speed bag all the time. It will sometimes go right, left, slow or fast. For maintaining proper pacing, you should react to bag’s movement in milliseconds. It is truly amazing for reflexes.

Lots of knockout artists have said that they spend lots and lots of time with speed bag. Some of the names are Marvin Hagler, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Julio Cesar Chavez …  Obviously, it can’t be the only reason of knockouts however clearly speed bag training helps with improving reflexes.

This skill is more than vital if you are doing boxing, MMA, martial arts training or learning self-defense skills.

8. Focus

When I train with a heavy bag, I sometimes don’t hit the bag for 5 seconds. And I don’t even realize it during my training. However, speed bag keeps reminding you to have certain pace. When I don’t hear that rhythmic sound, I immediately realize that I need to adjust my punching.

It literally forces me to focus.

Can be a Criteria for Choosing Boxing Gym

When I go to a new boxing class or gym, I actually look at how they treat to speed bag training. I have gone to lots of gyms in so many cities and countries. One of my most important criteria is that “Do they see it important or just as a piece of fun equipment?”. Because let’s face it, there will be lots of other intense training sessions like heavy bag, jumping rope, sparring, focus mitt…  and sometimes they may see speed bag training as not important. The reason also might be that they don’t have enough speed bag platforms.

So if they see speed bag as an important tool, it is probably worth spending time in it. In my opinion, it is a really good way to evaluate boxing or martial arts gym.

Conclusive Thoughts

There are so many benefits of speed bag training. It will improve your punching skill, focus and provide denser muscles. Also, I have to admit that the rhythmic sound of speed bag is pretty relaxing. If you are interested in doing this incredible training, there are some equipment, gear that you need to consider. You can start by looking quality speed bag platform’s exclusive features. Some of these have solid warranties as well. I hope you enjoyed the writing and if you have experienced any other benefits of speed bag training which I did not cover, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

Image Courtesy of  Mark Mathosian, U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Maddelin Angebrand and KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “8 Amazing Benefits of Speed Bag Training”

  1. Yeah, I need to get one of these – a speed bag. I wonder how long it would take me to even learn the rhythm of keeping it going for even a short bit?

    Everything you’re mentioning here sounds great!

  2. Wow I’ve never really considered all the benefits to a speed bag. I’m not a boxer, but I’ve done a few kickboxing classes just for exercise. The focus, eye hand coordination, improvement in reflexes is what interests me most. Would I benefit from one as a form of exercise with no intention of ever actually boxing?

    1. Yes you can. For example, it will tone your shoulders, arms. Also you will have better timing sense, I am sure it will help with your other exercises as well.

  3. I have Rocky in my head as I read this – that training montage with the speed bag always motivates me. Trying to set up a small gym in my garage for some upper body work – I never thought about the muscle toning aspect of the speed bag. I thought it was just for, well, speed…. Nice article

    1. That is good that something motivates you, we always need motivation 😉 It will give you incredible shoulders you won’t have much difference as you expect but it will definitely tone your upper body.

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