Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring – Safer and Better with These Pairs

Boxing sparring training gives the real experience without lots of damage and it surely gives adrenaline. When I show up to boxing ring for sparring, I feel like a contender and in a way I am. I try experiencing everything from footwork to my defense. I also have good chance to show my skills. And I think free standing punching bags can’t tolerate me all the time 😉

In order to get the every benefit of this training, you need certain equipment with certain vital features and qualities. In this short content, I walk you through about all of these features, recommend two best boxing gloves for sparring and you will also find the sizing information for your hand.


Product Type: Best Boxing Gloves for SparringBoxing Gloves for Sparring

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating for Cleto Reyes Extra Padding: 9.3  / 10.0

My Rating for Title Sparring Gloves:  8.3 / 10.0



Sizing of Gloves

You can use the following table for choosing a sparring pair. Keep in mind that some gyms don’t allow you to spar with less than 14 oz. So you can choose accordingly. And Cleto Reyes Extra Padding is produced only for sparring and it does not even have 12 oz. or below.

training sparring boxing gloves sizing chart


You Can Never be too Safe. Well maybe You Can…

These pairs have incredible padding quality and provide incredible PROTECTION with 2.5” molded foam for your knuckles and your sparring partner. Thanks to lots of quality and soft padding, sparring partners can not be knocked out even if you have the best chance for punching them. Though I am sure that they will feel the pain.

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding and Title have one very important special safety feature and that makes these gloves superior to other sparring gloves. It is the wrist strap safety. This feature protects your wrists and decreases chances of bruise. I never understand that some gloves don’t even have that. This feature is simply a must.


Quality Leather Gloves are Excellent for Sparring

Sparring gloves experience lots of different kinds of deformations. I can’t even imagine the variations of deformations while training with your sparring partner. Even though it is not a real match, sometimes it can get very intense and durability of the gloves is tested over and over again.

Leather is important for durability in all training types. However, it is just deadly important for sparring. If you wear Title or Cleto, you can check this mark. Both of these are made of quality leather and have durability for intense frictions. Even though these have both very good quality leather, Cleto’s gloves are known for its leather quality. I also have used Cleto’s Training Boxing Gloves (other model) and it lasted around 2-3 years and I am quite satisfied with the durability of it. Cleto Reyes Extra Padding also have the same (goat skin) genuine leather. And it is built to last and I am sure it will LAST around 2-3 years. Even though Title’s leather quality is “slightly” behind Cleto, it uses good quality leather which is cowhide.

most quality sparring gloves

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Hands Always should be Relaxed

Both of these gloves have nylon mesh. Thanks to this feature your hands don’t have much sweat during the training. I always see it as a big plus whether these are heavy bag or sparring gloves. Focusing on challenging physical activity is already hard enough and I don’t want to feel any extra discomfort. Even though these pairs have not premium thermal regulation, both of these gloves have certain air transfer quality and Cleto has premium LINING, which gets rids of moisture and it always gets excellent feedback. So even if you get beat up in sparring; look at bright side, your hands always stay fresh 😉


Training Performance

This is the MAIN reason of why Cleto gets better ratings in boxing and martial arts forums. Cleto Reyes focuses on everything including protection, comfort and last but certainly not least the training performance. Lots of boxers, trainers give feedback like “I punch better with this pair” and this is the main reason of why Cleto’s training model is my all time favorite. When you wear Cleto Extra Padding, you punch better due to its weight and padding distribution.


Velcro or Lace up? It should be a Personal Choice but…

Normally it does not matter whether you use velcro or lace up for sparring. Because you have sparring partner and if you have lace up gloves they can tie it for you. So it is not much of a big deal. However, lots of companies give importance to produce velcro ones in last decade. Why wouldn’t they? Because lots of people train alone in gym or home so they generally don’t have training partner with them. Because of that velcro pairs are preferred much more than lace up ones. When it is the situation, companies have focused on producing velcro boxing gloves in last decade. I am pretty sure that it will continue, because life sometimes will not allow you to train with boxing partner.

Also both Cleto and Title gloves are velcro.


The Final Verdict

Cleto and Title both have good quality and lots of padding. Also these pairs offer quality leather. However, extra training performance and excellent leather quality of the Cleto makes the difference. Will I pay extra money and get Cleto? DEFINITELY. If my boxing gloves have more durable leather and gives better training performance, I will gladly pay the difference. Also thanks to Cleto’s lining hands will stay fresh during the sparring session. Honestly, I can’t ask anything more from a pair. Cleto Extra Padding is simply the best boxing gloves for sparring on amazon . Also, you can check out the quality alternative Title Boxing Gloves. I am a believer of these products. These both have lots of good reviews, ratings on high authority boxing forums and also on Amazon. I hope you enjoyed reading best boxing sparring gloves and if you want to find extra information about Cleto Reyes Extra Padding check out its detailed info. If you have any questions or personal experiences, PLEASE leave a comment below.


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26 thoughts on “Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring – Safer and Better with These Pairs”

  1. I wish my brother had these gloves when he was younger. He would always sweat easily when he would exercise including boxing training. He would do punching routines to help his endurance and sweating was an issue including wrist pain.
    He did not stick with it for long though. He found tackling the punching bag more enjoyable than actually hitting it with his fists. He was a football player. If he was still doing it, he would go with Title for sure.

    1. If a boxing glove don’t have that feature it can cause lots of injury. If he would do boxing training one day, remind him about the Title 😉

  2. Thanks for te review on sparring gloves. I think the Velcro ones would be best for me as sometimes I may want to train alone. So this was a good tip.

  3. I have a pair of Everlast boxing gloves. I’m pretty sure they’re the cheapest on the market. I train with a bag so it’s ok for now. I can see the Title gloves have a better wrist protection from the image you added. Mines are really narrow at the wrist level. I would definitely go for these if training with a partner.
    Do you have a helmet suggestion for sparring?

    1. Well Everlast is cheapest one but if you do train with heavy bag it may not protect your knuckles you can take a look at this post for better and safer training.
      I will do it in next months for sure right now I am writing many boxing gloves related posts after I finish them, I will definitely begin boxing headgear reviews 😉
      Update: I have a best list for headgears now 😉

  4. Thanks for the info. My cousin boxes and its good to read an honest review and learn a bit more about what to look for in a glove. Thank you for your help.

  5. O man

    so I had no idea the thought that actually goes into boxing gloves. Obviously some thought what goes into it, but I figured these were all the same. I was way wrong. I tried boxing once with my cousin, and got my $#$% handed to me lol. Good article.

    1. Hi, when I first started sparring I had similar experience 🙂 Basically some features provide better protection and some of them are just more ideal for sparring.

  6. I’ve always wanted to feel like the real deal in the ring with some “lace up” gloves, but I’ve only ever experienced the velcro. Like you said, I think it helped quite a bit when I trained alone.

    Thanks for the review, now I know where to go when I’m ready to get back into training again.

    Do you have a recommendation for gloves meant just for the bag, or speed bag?

    Thanks again.

  7. Excellent gloves. I’m not a boxer but always do the heavy bag warm up instead of the usual boring treadmill or StairMaster. I have used some cheap Everlast “toy” gloves in the past and can immediately tell that Cleto is way superior in quality and sturdiness. The stitching is outstanding and the gloves smell like cow hide. The best part is the attached thumb – an asset for beginners like myself. I have medium sized hands and these gloves just fit right because I also wear 180″ hand wraps underneath them. At the finger tips, there is some type of reinforcement which I can grab onto while working the heavy bag. These gloves are not very soft but do an excellent good job cushioning my hands – needless to say, I always wear hand-wraps beneath them. Cleto built to last, and the way I use them, they’ll easily last 5+ years.

    1. Heavy bag can be used for everything and this is why I love training with it. I generally do resistance training and I know so many people do cardio with “light” punches.
      I also get that leather smell from it and I am glad that you really know what you are talking about. I and lots of my friends had the same experience with bad pairs.
      And Cleto Reyes can last around 3+ years if you take care gloves well.
      I am also sure that you will love Cleto’s pair for sparring too as your training pair of Cleto.

  8. I’ve been playing with the idea of taking up boxing for training purposes as I’ve heard it can be a very good workout. This article has cleared up some of the grey areas for me so thanks for that.
    I have to admit I’m not entirely sure if I should go for it yet as I am a fairly small guy and don’t want to just embarrass myself.

    1. Boxing training is a great way to get in shape and sparring will definitely help you for that. However if you just start boxing training, then I suggest you to learn some basic moves first then train with punching bag, double end bag and focus mitts as well. And when you think that you are ready for next step, start sparring. I am sure it will be fun and improve your skills greatly.

      By the way being small will be no issue. Because in gym, trainers will match you according to your size. So no problems there 😉

  9. Hi, I am a beginner in boxing and excited to learn a new sport. I have seen many fights before but never tried until recently.

    I want to buy a new pair of gloves but it seems that there are many things to consider before buying.

    My plan is to learn the basics and go to the gym 2-3 times per week.

    Is Cleto the best option for me or I should try other alternatives?

    1. There are definitely some things to consider and I think your plan seems sufficient for learning to spar and according to me and many boxing authoritative figures, Cleto Reyes Extra Padding is the best option out there and I am sure you will love punching your partner with it 😉

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