Boon Shin Guards Review – The Complete Guide

Boon is one of the most preferred brands for MMA and Muay Thai and as you may know, this company produces many combat sports gears in Thailand like Twins Special and the company is not far away from the place where I live.

I can easily say that Scott Marr, who is co-owner and Managing Director, does an incredible job and these fight gears are tested quite well and as a result, the company keeps growing rapidly. This is also the main reason why I trust the company.

This is also the reason why many foreigners in Thailand also get this Thai company’s equipment and train in martial arts gyms with them.

Boon Sports Professional Leather Shin Guards have many good qualities and in this Boon Shin Guards review, I will walk you through all about it. There are also quite interesting facts about this shin guard and you can find them below as well.

Boon Sports Professional Leather Shin Guard

Boon Shin Guards reviewTraining Performance: 9.1 / 10.0

Durability: 9.5 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.8 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.2 / 10.0

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Exclusive Features

  • Incredible leather quality
  • Decent padding (foam)
  • Medium thickness
  • Great moisture wicking capabilities
  • Rear closures
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Looks awesome

Boon’s leather has incredible quality and the grain leather is produced in Thailand. All I can say is that you can not find any better leather quality. It is really hard to have defects. The leather also has very close stitching and it is handcrafted. This is actually the best part about this shin guard and the leather’s durability gets A+ without a doubt.

The shock distribution of it is classic. It has almost equal foam distribution throughout the shin guards which is preferred a lot and does the job. So there is no surprise there.

However, the instep’s foam quantity is a bit more and if you have instep pain time to time like me, you will have less soreness and pain in your instep if you prefer kicking with this shin guard. So instep part is a bit bulkier than normal and shin compartment has medium thickness. It does not add much weight and the weight is another quality which is the same with many other striking type shin guards (good examples for that are Hayabusa Tokushu and Venum).

I also prefer that my shin guards’ shin compartment is less bulky. Since when you kick you will realize where the shin guard is and you feel like you have more control over it.

So if you consider these and padding distribution does not compliment kicking fast however it provides you to have more control over your kicks, I can say that training performance is way above average and it protects your foot quite well. Also if you are a type of person who tends to kick without a proper technique this quality actually can come in handy for fixing your technique.

Comfort: The liner goes well with the quality leather. It is comfortable and when it combines with high-grade materials, your shin and foot will stay fresh.

It is also soft so if you are kicking hard and fast you will feel less soreness after your kicking sessions and it stays where it should be.

It is also handmade in Thailand like many other Boon martial arts equipment.

Price: The price is actually decent. Since it is made of top-notch leather and an expert, who produced a lot of shin guards, crafts it for you. In my opinion, the price is not cheap, however, it is still decent. You can check out the most recent price and see whether it is suitable for your budget or not.

An Interesting Detail: Above I mentioned about the leather quality and it has arguably the best leather quality among all the shin guards. Even Hayabusa Kanpeki series don’t even come close and the padding quality is above average. One thing is to note that, the leather quality does not determine the durability here, the padding does. This is why this shin guard is unique and thanks to that, it literally lasts for years. When you will feel odd with the padding, you will understand that it finally becomes useless but this will not happen for years. Generally, the sides start having more padding.

Aesthetics: The craftsmanship is quite well and you can literally see the finest details when you look at the picture. I have kicked with a lot of different shin guards over the years and I can understand that these shin guards are handmade by just looking at the picture. And when I evaluate aesthetics, in my opinion, it looks really cool.

Also edges of the shin guards are not sharp since many shin guards, which are not handmade, can hurt the outer material of punch mitts. If you went to an MMA gym for a quite some time, I am sure that you are aware of this situation, however, thanks to the “more natural” edges of it, this situation will not happen with Boon. So, if you care about your or gym’s martial arts equipment, this shin guard is a solid choice.

It has classic rear closures which can be adjusted for any calf. Whether you have big or really small calves like me, it is suitable. Since considering my research, the fitting reviews are decent.

Quick Summary 

Durability: A+

Training Performance: B+

Cost: B

Looks: A+

Who Is It for? Alright, Boon Sports Professional Leather Shin Guards are one of the best MMA shin guards out there. The leather is genuine and literally, the others on the market can’t beat it. The padding is decent. Whether you are a professional fighter or a complete newbie, I think that you can use Boon Sports Professional Leather Shin Guards. As a side note, many trainers in MMA gyms in Thailand suggest this very shin guard to students and I even had friends in Samut Prakan who used this shin guard’s older edition. If you are interested, definitely have a look at Boon Shin Guards. Boon is one of the companies which I trust about shin guards. It is fairly popular and as I mentioned on social media and Boon Boxing Gloves writing, I know how the company operates quite well and I am satisfied with it.

If you have any questions, experiences or anything to share, I would love to hear your thoughts about my Boon Shin Guards Review.


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4 thoughts on “Boon Shin Guards Review – The Complete Guide”

  1. I was looking for high quality shin guards and I know everything from Thailand is of highest quality I have Venom MMA gloves and they are so comfortable.I practice my kicks hours on end and am conditioning my shin bones to become stronger. Do you think these shin guards have enough impact where i will feel every kick i throw? i just don’t want it to be to padded where I don’ feel nothing. If you know what I mean?

    1. You train quite hard and I understand that you need to “feel” where you kick and how you kick.
      The padding distribution is almost equal and it is not heavily padded in one area like some Title Shin Guards.
      So you will “feel” the impacts while you are throwing a kick.

  2. My husband is practicing karate and he also has fighting training, are these guards recommended for this type of training? if not, can you recommend something suitable for karate training?
    Thank you for an informative article.

    1. You better check out to a karate site as even though I did some kicking techniques time to time and spent a considerable amount of time while kicking shields I really don’t know whether Boon is suitable for karate or not.

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