Vulkan Gi Review – The Ultimate Guide

Vulkan is California based company and if you go to Fountain Valley, you just can’t miss it. The company mostly produces higher-end gis and this gi company is getting more popular by the day.

After I get a question from one of my visitors about my experiences with one of Vulkan Gis, I gathered two good quality kimonos and reviewed them.

Without further ado let’s start this review with a quite popular model…

Ultralight Vulkan Jiu-Jitsu Gi Review

Ultralight Vulkan Jiu-Jitsu Gi ReviewTraining Quality (Performance): 9.8 / 10.0

Durability: 9.2 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.7 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

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Exclusive Features

  • Honeycomb Weave
  • Really light
  • Good fit
  • I have really good experiences!
  • Great for regular jiu-jitsu sessions
  • Comes preshrunk
  • Competition ready!

My Experiences: Recently I got a comment from John and he basically asked me about my experiences with Ultralight Vulkan. This guy will also come to Thailand quite soon and he wonders whether he can train with it like me in a hot climate or not. Since many local martial arts gyms in Thailand don’t offer the best comfort. I actually understand why he asked these questions since as you may know, honeycomb weave tends to provide less airflow. There is a reason why you can roll on the mats with this gi in a place which doesn’t have good air conditioners. This gi’s honeycomb pattern is not frequent as the other Gis and it basically provides that.

This gi is quite light and it is incredibly light for a gi which is made of honeycomb weave. It is only 2.6 lbs. !

You basically get the best of two worlds. It is light so you can do submissions, escapes fast with it. In addition to this, honeycomb weave is also quite durable and my gi never got baggy.

The rubberized collar is preferred more since it wicks the moisture fast and basically, it provides very good comfort as well. The rubberized collar is actually standard for Vulkan Gis and this material is preferred a lot for preventing bacteria invasion.

This gi was actually my second gi and as a side note, I showed the most progress in jiu-jitsu with this gi. I even moved up to a new belt! However, this can be just a coincidence since I improved my stamina with a training mask at the time so I could go longer and pushed myself. I was doing submissions on mats almost every day. With that, I can say that shoulder, arm stitchings do not lower your range of motion and compliment your groundwork.

Please note that when I will get back to Thailand, I will definitely update this part of the review with my new experiences. As you know, it has a rubber collar and even though my skin is quite sensitive while doing any of the movements, submissions with this gi, my neck did not get red too much since rubber is softer than the other gi materials.

I always washed this gi at cooler temperatures after every session and never had any problems whatsoever. I was in Thailand so the gi dried pretty quickly so I actually can’t give any feedback about drying since there everything dries extremely fast. Also shrinking is not an issue since it comes preshrunk.

This gi is also IBJJF approved so you can enter any tournaments like Brazilian Nationals with it.

Considering my experiences, if you are looking for a unique and high-quality gi, I highly suggest you get your own Ultralight Vulkan. The video below shows this gi from every angle and you can also see how it looks like.


Finally, this gi is made in Brazil, has many sizes and fitting rate/feedback is way above average. Actually, this is one of the most important reasons why I bought Ultralight Vulkan in the first place.

Vulkan VKN PRO Jiu-Jitsu Gi Review

Vulkan VKN PRO Jiu-Jitsu Gi ReviewTraining Quality (Performance): 9.0 / 10.0

Durability: 9.6 / 10.0

Comfort: 9.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.4 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Durable
  • Honeycomb Weave
  • Comes preshrunk
  • Free BJJ videos!

Vulkan VKN PRO Jiu-Jitsu Gi mostly accommodates people who have an average body type. So if you have an average body or don’t have muscle mass, this gi will be a good fit for you.

Alright, the pattern of honeycomb weave is more frequent than normal so if you train at higher temperatures or just want to be comfier, this gi is not ideal for you. The gi above (Ultralight Vulkan) is just better about it. With that, the frequent pattern helps you train with Vulkan VKN PRO longer and thanks to that, the quality/price ratio improves vastly.

This pre-shrunk gi has new patch colors and this kimono just looks really good. Shortly, you just need to check out the craftsmanship ; )

After you buy this gi, you will also get free BJJ videos /tutorials which include submissions, various triangles, and more. In my opinion, it is a good bonus and you can watch these videos any time. So if you are going to a BJJ gym or take lessons etc. you can teach these movements, submission techniques like straight arm lock from mount to your buddies. After having a look at it, I know that any level jiu-jitsu practitioner can benefit from it.

When you consider that you get cool BJJ submission videos, instructions with this honeycomb gi, the price is actually not bad at all. If you wonder about the price, check out the latest price.

Thoughts about Honeycomb: This weave type is not popular as single or pearl and every weave type has its advantages and disadvantages. It is normally heavier than the others however as you know, it is not the case with the first gi on this list, which is Ultralight Vulkan, at all and this weave type is quite durable. However, as I said it is not popular and the reason is that it is quite hard to produce this weave type and as you can imagine the price goes up a little bit. So this is why it is not preferred as much as the others. In addition to these, Vulkan Gis, which have honeycomb weave, get good feedback from my online and offline sources and please keep in mind that I also rolled on mats with one of them for quite some time ; )

Let’s Wrap It Up

As an interesting note, many Vulkan Gis are actually made in Brazil and it is not a coincidence that many other quality Gis, which are made of honeycomb weave, are also made in Brazil.

Basically, above Vulkan Gis are definitely different and unique. Also, you may have seen that a lot of BJJ black belts prefer Vulkan Gis and shortly, these Gis can be your new favorite.

With that, I really think that Ultralight Vulkan is superior to the others. It is lighter and actually has better craftsmanship. Since the patterns are less frequent yet it is quite durable. As you may know, it is really hard to implement and the craftsmanship gets A+ without a doubt.

I also have 9-10 months of experiences with Ultralight Vulkan and could not be more pleased with my experiences. Also, when I will get back to Thailand, I will update this writing and add some cool pictures ; ) If you are interested, you can check this gi out on here.

As a final note these Gis on this list are IBJJF approved and if you will enter tournaments, both of these Gis are suitable.

If you have any further questions about the reviews of Vulkan Gis or need more information, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you within two days.


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2 thoughts on “Vulkan Gi Review – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Hi there, thank you for sharing this information about the Vulkan Gi. Over the past few years, we are seeing more and more alternative Gi’s being produced and used which are lighter and faster drying than the traditional cotton Gi. What sort of fabric is the Vulkan Gi made of? You refer to it being a honeycomb weave, but I wasn’t sure what the actual fabric is… hope you can help. Thanks so much, Cheers, Karen

    1. Exactly. The technology for producing gis are getting better and better Karen. If you are referring to these models (Ultralight), it is made of cotton which is made of honeycomb. It is quite durable and dries faster than other honeycomb weave gis. If you have any other question, feel free to ask!

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