How to Be a Professional Boxer? (Extra Tips)

how to be a professional boxer extra tips

So do you want to become a boxer? Do you know what it takes to be one?

becoming a boxer

If you are interested in it and learning all the requirements then this guide is for you.

I also personally know a lot of tough guys who just gave up. So read this article carefully as it can help you decide whether being a professional boxer is right for you or not and I also included tips that I learned from successful coaches over the years.

Watch Boxing Matches Regularly

This is quite important. You need to see how boxers move in the ring, observe how they punch… So you can actually learn from the greats. You can also copy the moves and make the moves even better by modifying them for your own style.

Also, you can be more familiar with the rules and understand what is going on during a match. After watching a few events, you will know that you should not throw a punch to the groin area.

Join a Boxing Gym

Learning boxing is not rocket science however it is not a walk in the park either. People can start learning from boxing DVDs, watching boxing events… However, everyone, who aspires to be a professional, needs to train with a boxing coach regularly, period. Boxing coaches can properly teach fundamentals of boxing so you can form your technique and comprehend defense, footwork techniques better.

Nowadays I see many coaches who are level headed and prefer everyone to ask questions. This is amazing as you get access to experts all day. Trust me people did not have that luxury a decade ago.

It is important to watch classic matches and boxing events regularly before you join a gym. So you can have a discussion with like-minded people and learn from them.

Basically; you will get ready for a real fight in a boxing club. Your coach evaluates your skills, determination, physical condition etc. and if you are ready you will start entering tournaments. However,  to enter tournaments, you need to get a license in a state where you plan on entering tournaments.

how to have an amazing boxing carrer

How many professional boxers do a boxing gym train? If there is not any boxer, just find another boxing gym that has a history of training boxers. Also, your trainer needs to have some experience beforehand. Because there is a huge difference between teaching boxercise classes and giving an amateur boxer footwork tips to spend less energy in the ring. The latter requires way more knowledge and experience.

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Choose Premium Protective Gears

You need to protect yourself especially your head during sparring. Some of the protective gears are boxing headgears, groin guards, hand wraps. Protective gears are made for both you and your partners.

These soften the blow, protect you from bone erosion, and do much more. So if you want to have a long successful boxing career then boxing gear selection becomes extremely important. This is why many famous boxers stick to certain famous brands like Grant, Ringside…


Education is not required. If you are above age 18 and below 36 then you are good to go. There is not a strict requirement regarding these. We can say that barrier to entry is low.

You need to have a license and some states may have extra requirements like extra licenses, training certificates, tests etc. So you need to check the rules and regulations in your location. These tests are physical conditioning tests, health checks, psychological tests… They may even contact your previous employees so they can evaluate your character better. These may sound intimidating however according to my experience, most people, who try to get a license, actually don’t have a hard time.

Consult a boxing coach in a boxing club as boxing coaches actually trained professional boxers and showed them guidance. So they tend to be familiar with requirements.

About Salary

The average salary is 51000 dollars. It is not bad, right? Considering that many jobs including waiter, delivery person simply don’t pay that well. So a boxer’s salary sounds pretty good to some people. Thus it is no surprise that many young people want to be a professional boxer.

You get repetitive punches to the head. This can cause permanent damage. The bones, muscles are damaged all the time. So it is fair to say that boxing is a dangerous sport. Also, boxers need to train really hard and put their blood and sweat in it. Keep in mind that boxers don’t make much money in the beginning. I am sure that you saw boxing movies where a boxer struggles with money in the first years of his career. Well, I have seen it too many times.

Shortly, boxers don’t have an easy journey.

So it is no surprise that boxers should be incentivized. The following is not a typical example however, it is the reality for some boxers. A lot of successful boxers including Floyd Mayweather are among the richest people in the world. After boxers have certain success, it is quite easy to make sponsorship deals that will build wealth.

Learn How to Work with Other People

Boxers need to work with various people. These are managers, nutritionists, promoters, coaches…

Boxing is not a team sport however you work with a lot of people as if you are a team. For example, managers advise you about what to do before a fight and which events you should participate in. Boxers also need to work in coordination with managers and nutrition coaches as you need to tell your nutritionists your fitness goal which should be determined by you and your manager. Thus nutritionists can prepare a proper diet according to your goal.

So if you are not a team player learn to be one as your success depends on it.

Be Determined!

It is really difficult to be a successful boxer. You get bruises, may break your bones, damage internal organs… Sometimes you may not understand how a boxer floats in the ring effortlessly and may wonder when you can do that.

I am also pretty sure that many boxers are tired of non-stop traveling.

Let’s not forget that boxers do not make much money at first. So there are many challenges and the only way to cope with these difficulties is to be determined.

I actually have a lot of stories about how boxers, who have the potential to be stars, quitted because of these difficulties. Boxing is definitely not for everyone.

With that being said, if you are determined and shine in Golden Gloves Tournament you can fast-forward your boxing career. It is a long shot but would not this be amazing?

Is it Hard to be a Professional Boxer? Yes, it is quite hard. As you read above you need proper training for years, talent, and determination. Even if you have these you will still need some luck as many times you don’t get the matches which you want.

Final Words

If you decide to become a boxer, here is a summary of what you should do.

  • Watch boxing matches, learn the history of boxing
  • Pick a good boxing club
  • Check the license requirements and have everything ready as soon as possible so you can enter the next tournament
  • Have a good team of professionals who have your back

This writing includes a lot of details about these however it is best to plan everything with a coach who actually trained professional boxers.

Do you have anything to add? If you have, please drop a comment below so you can help someone who has a dream to have a successful boxing career.

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