Is Ringside a Good Brand? – The Harsh Truth

Is Ringside a Good Brand

I have been constantly getting questions about Ringside’s reputation and I thought that I should have a writing in this site about it. I have many experiences about Ringside equipment, however, I used only a couple of Ringside boxing equipment. These are boxing gloves, boxing shoes and a punching bag. I also checked out many customer reviews on various sites, forums and I also know my friends’ experiences about some Ringside Products as well and in this writing, you can find all of them.


Note: Before you start, I want you to know that most of my writing consists of my experiences and researches. YouIs Ringside a Good Brand will read bad and good things about Ringside. So before you read, you should definitely keep in mind that these are mostly my own experiences and even though I trained with some Ringside products and have many experiences about the company, I have not used most of this company’s products.

Let’s start with the most common question…

Are Ringside Boxing Gloves any Good?

This actually has been asked to me a lot. First of all, Ringside uses injected padding for many gloves and it seems to be working for sparring pairs. This injected padding moves more than regular padding and it is soft, disperses the shock quite well. It is just excellent for a boxing glove and thanks to this quality, when you punch, you will barely feel it. However, if you want to transfer as much as power possible, this padding type is not good. So injected padding is actually bad for a regular training or heavy bag glove and this is the reason why Ringside training type gloves generally get very poor ratings. I think Ringside knows about it and based on my researches, Ringside started using a different kind of padding for heavy bag pairs and even though some of these are a little bit overpriced, you can get an excellent training with them (heavy bag, punch mitts etc.)

So shortly Ringside has some good, average and very low-quality boxing gloves and if you want to know more details about Ringside gloves, have a look at Ringside Boxing Gloves Review. There, I reviewed the most popular pairs on the market and you can have detailed information about them.

Are Ringside Boxing Gloves any good


What About Other Products? (Punch Mitts, Boxing Shoes, Heavy Bags…)

Firstly, I want to talk about shoes. Recently, I used Ringside Boxing Shoes (Diablo) and it was “alright”. It was actually too tight and did not provide good stretch and I remember that when I was dodging to the sides I always felt more unpleasant than I would normally feel. Also, the material quality is again alright and there is nothing spectacular (other than great quality price ratio) about that shoe whatsoever. However, I heard very positive things about other Ringside Shoes and these have very high ratings as well.

With that, the punch mitt of the company is also top notch. It is called Ringside Heritage Panther and I had my best sessions with it both as a trainer and trainee as well. If you are looking for punch mitts, I highly suggest it and you can have a look at Ringside Focus Mitts Review for detailed information

I don’t have direct experience with Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand but my old boxing gym had a pretty tough time to install it. Well, at least trainers said that and I checked it. It was actually true and apparently, people assemble it pretty hard.

I saved my favorite for the last. I simply loved Ringside’s free standing heavy bag. It was truly amazing and it had a pretty good design which just provides good and solid rebound rate. Also, the material of it is also top-notch as well. If you want to know more about it, you can have a look at the review.

Note: I keep hearing different things about other Ringside Heavy Bags, so you should definitely have a look at the reviews before you buy any Ringside punching bag.


Customer Service, Return Policy and Other Related Stuff: Imagine that a company has been producing variousIs Ringside Boxing Equipment Good boxing, MMA… equipment for a very long time. You expect that customer service, return policy and satisfaction guarantee etc. to be rock solid, right? Well you would be right 😉 I have some direct and some indirect experiences with Ringside and even though my old boxing gym’s heavy bag stand problem was solved slowly it was solved and I also read that some defected products were changed immediately.

Even though I see some complaints every now and then and it is seriously not much and I see it for almost every company out there.

Other Countries (other than the USA): I spent a lot of time in Europe and South East Asia and I constantly saw Ringside Products. Even though; some countries and cities don’t even have Ringside Stores or online buying opportunities, however, the brand is just so famous and people somehow get Ringside products and I also saw Ringside IMF Sparring pairs all the time.

Price: Alright, Heritage series is really expensive but keep in mind that the quality of it is also unmatched and some Heritage products are my all-time favorites in their categories. With that, the standard Ringside products have really good prices and generally tend to give good quality price ratios.

Final Notes: All I want to say is that there are only a few brands which you can trust completely. Unfortunately Ringside is not one of them. But still, some Ringside products are quite good and deserve lots of attention. So if you think of getting any Ringside product, I highly recommend you to check out the reviews and look at actual buyer testimonials etc. So you can make a good purchase. Because I honestly haven’t witnessed a brand whose product quality changes so much. For example, Ringside produces the most quality punch mitts on the market however it also produces worst ones as well and I really think that this is the main reason why I got MANY questions about this brand. I hope that this post clarified many things about the brand and the products. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my brand overview and if you have any questions or further experiences about Ringside, you can just have a comment below.


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    1. Yes, I just checked it online. You can find many Ringside boxing equipment in Dubai including heavy bag and boxing gloves. There is even Apex series which is not available in many countries.

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