Training Mask 3.0 Review – Should You Really Get It?

Elevation training mask became really popular in last years since there are truly many incredible benefits of it and many people actually do their regular training sessions with them. I know that many people including professional athletes who benefited from them greatly but Training Mask 3.0 is always the first choice. With that, what is so special about Training Mask 3.0? Below you can find everything you need to know about this popular mask and I also included sizing information below. 

Training Mask 3.0 Review

A thorough review of Training Mask 3.0 Effectiveness: 9.8 / 10.0

Design: 9.9 / 10.0

Durability: 9.9 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

Aesthetics: 9.8 /10.0

Ckeck It Out: on Here

Exclusive Features

  • Improves lung capacity and ventilatory threshold
  • Train longer
  • Breathe better and deeper
  • Dial for adjusting resistance
  • The most quality training mask on the market!
  • Very popular
  • Really easy to use

First of all Training Mask 3.0 has a different air platform which is called NXT FORC3. It basically challenges your respiratory system in a more optimized way and your respiratory system and muscles improve. So, yes it is actually a completely different mask than the older model which is Training Mask 2.0 and definitely a better product.

Considering the differences between Training Mask 3.0 and the older model, Training Mask 3.0 has a more ergonomic design and thanks to the material of the sleeve and air flow system, it is even lighter than the older model.

According to many customer testimonials, you can expect to have some certain results in a week. First one is having deeper breaths. This provides you to have more energy for every breath. So as you may know, even breathing consumes your energy and even though it is a slight advantage this is still an advantage!

Secondly, you will have more endurance just after a week.

Training Mask 3.0 improves the ventilatory threshold. So what does it provide you? When you are about to run out of gas you breathe extremely fast, right? At that point, you actually spend more energy than usual and as you can guess your energy storage is depleted even faster. Training Mask 3.0 has proven effects which help you reach this point later. So not only you reach this point harder but also you spend fewer calories than usual at that point.

Is not this incredible that you will start seeing these results just after a week later?

It has 6 different intensity (altitude) levels and you can change it according to your preference. You can actually do it quite easily with the dial and you can do it without stopping your workout.

However, according to my research, you need to workout at least 4 weeks so your respiratory system can adjust to higher altitudes. However, you definitely need to be consistent. Let’s say that you are an MMA fighter and you will have a fight a month later so you need to have at least 10 sessions with Training Mask 3.0 before the match so your endurance can be more at a higher altitude where has thinner air.

Growth Hormone: According to the experiments, which are conducted by the company, after you workout under hypoxic conditions with Training Mask 3.0, you can expect to have more growth hormone in your system. So it definitely helps you build bigger muscles.

According to sizing information below, you can pick up your own Training Mask 3.0. Also, all popular training masks of this brand have good fitting rates and I also used the first model of it for two years and never had any problems with it.

Small: 100-145 lbs. 

Medium: 150 – 249 lbs.

Large: 250-300 lbs.Design: It has a really ergonomic design which is even smaller than older models and it fits well. You can check out the other cool pictures at the product page by clicking the picture above. 

Important Note: Even though Training Mask 3.0 has many proven advantages, in order to have them you still need to do your workouts regularly. Consistency is truly the key to get these benefits.

Durability: Alright, it is made of composite rubber and even though the sleeve has good stretching qualities, it is actually a really durable material. Considering my experiences with this material, it can last more than 4 years! I also read many customer testimonials which basically say that many of them have been using this product for more than 3 or 4 years. So you can easily expect to challenge your respiratory muscles with Training Mask 3.0 at least 3-4 years.

Quality Price Ratio: It lasts more than 4 years and when you consider low-quality training masks, their airflow systems can only last a couple of months. So Training Mask 3.0 has actually a good quality-price ratio.

Popularity: There is a myriad of professional fighters, athletes who train with Training Mask 3.0. I actually saw that people train with many different altitude mask brands with that this brand is more popular than others and most of the professional athletes’ first choice. According to my research, Training Mask 3.0 is the most popular elevation mask of the company and has a lot of good feedback. So, it is not only the best choice but thanks to a lot of reviews, it is also considered as a “safe” choice as well.

You should Definitely Train with Training Mask 3.0!

There are many professional athletes (MMA fighters, boxers, NFL players etc.) who actually do almost everything with Training Mask 3.0. Many of them experienced great results and after they had shared their experiences on social media, Training Mask 3.0 became more popular than ever. It also made the top of my most quality training mask list a long time ago… If you do any kind of physical activity, you can be sure that you will show better performance after you train with Training Mask 3.0. If these are appealing to you, have a look at Training Mask 3.0 on Amazon and start getting the benefits right away! You can also see many pictures from different angles on the product page.

As you may have read it above, I also had used the older model of this company and I punched heavy bags longer and I felt less tired after sessions. With that, I actually checked out the company’s site and read the research, experiments etc. I can easily say that the company put some serious effort and also included athletes’ training mask models, sleeves, etc. I also think it is really cool that we get to use the same product which professional athletes use!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my Training Mask 3.0 review and if you have any further questions just have a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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6 thoughts on “Training Mask 3.0 Review – Should You Really Get It?”

  1. Great article

    Just for clarification, if I understood correctly, the Training Mask 3.0 is a device you attach to your head/face to assist with improving breathing capacity and respiratory stamina?

    If that is indeed the case, then this is a genius product.

    Most people really run out of energy fast especially when they are not getting enough oxygen to their cells. So a system that can help improve the body’s ability to get more oxygen to cells by breathing better over time, it indeed a great product for athletes or anyone wanting to improve breathing stamina.

    1. You are absolutely right. You need to attach to your head/nose and it improves stamina. It also has some other benefits like adjusting your respiratory system for higher altitudes etc. I also love training with training masks. These seriously have improved my stamina significantly.
      I also watched Antony Joshua’s training routine just a week ago. He also uses training masks in his regular training sessions. So if it is good for him, it should be good for anyone 😉

  2. Training masks have grown in popularity lately and the main reason behind this can be the social media and Instagram videos with guys doing some extensive workouts. I must admit that people look like Bane from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

    Besides the cool villain looks it puts you in, a training mask can drastically improve your lung capacity and condition overall. I’m planning to buy one for myself!! Great review!!

    1. I see training masks whenever I go to gyms. And I recently saw Antony Joshua’s awesome battle rope workout while he was wearing a training mask but I could not figure out the brand.

      When I first saw this mask, Bane also came to my mind as well.

      You will be pleased with Training Mask 3.0 since it is the improved model of the most quality one on the market which is Training Mask 2.0.

  3. I´ve never heard of training masks before, or seen anyone use them. I did some karate years ago, but never saw anyone using a training mask. I wonder if they are a new thing or people just don´t know the benefits yet around here (in Finland). Are they popular among fighting / martial arts or also other sports? Could a training mask help a person with Asthma gain better lung capacity during training?

    1. Yeah, it is actually fairly new device and I am not surprised that it is not widely used there. It forces lung to work more efficiently and yeah, this is why many fighters use them and get ready for fights in different altitudes. However, I am not a doctor and I really have no idea about that. You should consult a doctor about that.

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