Best Boxing Glove Deodorizers – The Complete Guide

boxing glove deodorizer reviews

Cleaning boxing gloves extends the durability significantly. And obviously it will save you from bad odor. And if you do sparring with your pair it can even save your sparring partner from the smell 😉

Below there are best boxing glove deodorizers. These are many people’s first choice (including mine) and have been used in many boxing gyms. I also have used the first one for a year and I am more than happy with my experiences. Without further ado let’s start with the most popular and quality boxing glove deodorizer.


1. Meister Glove Deodorizers for Boxing and All Sports

Quality: 10.0 / 10.0Best Boxing Glove Deodorizer Review

Quality / Price Rating: 10.0 / 10.0

Best Place to Buy: amazon

Exclusive Features

  • Gets rid of bacteria
  • Gets rid of odor
  • Your glove will dry very fast
  • Smells nice
  • Very good price
  • Can be used with any type of glove
  • The most popular and quality deodorizer on the market

I used boxing hand wraps and boxing gym bag of Meister and I am quite satisfied with both of these products and I can say that Meister is a decent company, produces affordable products which do the job just fine. However this boxing glove deodorizer simply has premium quality.

I used this one however currently I don’t use this deodorizer. But the reason is that I forgot it somewhere and I train in Thailand and honestly I don’t have the best online shopping opportunities in my city. But I just loved the product while I was using it.

It gets rid of bacteria and smell quite well also if you get one with scent (lavender) your boxing glove will also smell nice. And it is the best rated about drying the glove. It will just dry sooner with this deodorizer. So what does this provide? If your boxing glove dries sooner its durability extends even more. I know many people overlook this however this is seriously a huge plus.

I made extensive researches for this product and many people on forums (sherdog and several MMA forums) just loved using Meister and don’t go their boxing sessions without it.

As you may know that cedar chip is a highly durable material and if you don’t do something stupid (excuse my language) you can use this glove deodorizer for very long time.

You can also use this deodorizer with any type of glove including MMA gloves and muay thai gloves as well. With that the company even says that you can even use it for your boxing shoes as well. Actually I have not tried it however I think it should work.

Price: The price of all boxing glove deodorizers is around $10 – $15. And I really hope that the price stays the same 🙂 Considering that this deodorizer can be used for very long time and various gears you have a pretty good deal. Go on amazon for the most recent price.


2. Revgear Glove Dog Deodorizer

Revgear Glove Dog Deodorizer ReviewQuality: 9.0 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

Exclusive Features

  • Gets rid of bacteria
  • Gets rid of odor
  • Will do the job just fine
  • Cheap
  • Popular (I have seen it in many boxing and MMA gyms)

I have experience with Revgear. I actually used boxing gloves of the company and now I actually couldn’t even find it online. They might just stop producing it because it just sucked. On the contrary Revgear boxing glove deodorizer gets the job done. It gets rid of the smell well and helps boxing glove dry completely.

Cedar chips leave a fresh scent in your gloves and many people describe as refreshing.

I also have seen that many reviews which basically say that the shipment is ultra fast. So if you are about to die from bad smell, Revgear can be a really fast solution.

In my opinion you seriously can’t go wrong with this deodorizer.

Price: As other boxing glove deodorizers, Revgear also has cheap price. Check out the price on amazon.

As a side note: I constantly saw these two products over and over again. I moved one city to another all the time and I trained in many different boxing and Martial Arts gyms. With that only constant things were these boxing glove deodorizers. I don’t have the exact data for both online and offline sales but apparently these are sold a lot.

Final Thoughts

Actually there are not many boxing glove deodorizers on the market and there are only a few quality products which are commonly used by people who do boxing training. And Meister just leads the way. It is the most popular product on the market and it delivers quality. Meister Deodorizer will clean your glove and make it odor free and there are also couple of nice scent choices as well. If you are interested, check out the latest price on amazon.

Why should you get boxing glove deodorizer? Firstly you don’t have to deal with Febreze and couple of other cleaning stuff. So when you consider the price it is actually cheaper and saves you money. Secondly it also extends the durability of boxing gloves significantly and if you have leather boxing glove, it will have even more positive effects for your pair. So again you will save money 😉 Even though genuine leather boxing gloves tend to last more than any other type, quality of genuine leather boxing gloves can go bad faster than others. And I am sure that no one ever wants that their $150 genuine leather boxing glove’s quality lowers significantly, right? However if your boxing gloves start tearing apart or padding starts losing its quality then using a deodorizer makes no difference whatsoever. If it is the case you can check out these quality boxing gloves.

I highly suggest you to get a boxing glove deodorizer and I really want to say that now we are lucky because these deodorizers did not always exist and I had to do some old school cleaning for my boxing gloves about 2-3 years. But now we don’t have to have hard time for cleaning it 😉 I hope that you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about my writing please just have a comment below.

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