Here are All the Different Types of Boxing Gloves!

Boxing has a lot of training types including sparring, bag work, and mitt drills. There also tournaments (amateur or professional) which require different gloves. When this is the case, many different boxing glove types are required for this sport. After all, the requirements of these are different. This difference may be your safety or your sparring buddy’s safety or it might be even training requirement.  

Training Gloves

You can do all training types with this type and when this is the case, it is no surprise that these gloves are way more popular than the others. After all, you don’t need to change gloves after you finish one training type. As soon as you finish one, you can start another. After you finish punching the mitts then go on with a double end bag session…

And I don’t need to remind you that you can save some money with these pairs, right?

If you are looking all around good quality training gloves, definitely check out my Hayabusa Tokushu Review (boxing gloves). Thanks to the construction (leather) and design, I really think that this is the ultimate training pair

Bag Gloves

As you can understand from the name, you can do all bag workouts with these gloves. People think these gloves are only for punching bag sessions however these can be also used for double end bag.

Modern Bag Gloves: Modern bag gloves have quite different designs and the padding, wrist compartment are constructed to protect your hands more. After all, you are punching a tough heavy bag. The wrist closure is way larger and longer than usual. These help with the stabilizing of your wrist. Of course, more padding offers more protection. Also, when it is concentrated on the glove, you can punch faster. However, don’t get used to it since the other pairs don’t have this kind of design to help you perform better.

All the Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Modern Bag Glove Brands: Rival and Title produce a lot of different and quality bag gloves.

Old School Bag Gloves: If you have been doing boxing training for a decade or so, you would have known that bag gloves were nothing like modern bag gloves. These offer way less protection for knuckles and wrists. If you use these old school bag gloves, your knuckles and wrists can get hurt seriously. This also jeopardizes your bones and I am %100 sure that you will have small bone fractures just after a couple of punches. Interesting thing is that some small companies still produce them. I actually see this glove type in Europe in small stores and I highly suggest you avoid these gloves like the plague.

Sparring Gloves

This boxing glove type offers protection for both you and your partner. After all, even the most protective headgear can’t protect you from 8 oz. boxing gloves.

It has a lot of paddling and generally injected soft padding type is preferred a lot for this glove type. The upper part of sparring gloves also has more padding quantity since you need to block your partner’s punches (hooks etc.) with it. And it is just required a lot for sparring since I am sure that you prefer more than a layer of cover material to protect your hands. Even though these gloves should be selected according to your hand’s size, many boxing gyms are required you to wear at least 16 oz. gloves. Otherwise, you simply can’t step into the boxing ring.

The cost of these boxing gloves can skyrocket if you want to get high-quality genuine leather. A good example is full grain leather. Punching your sparring partner with gloves, which have quality leather, is the best thing you can do for your partners during sparring. Since you are protecting them from awful cuts.

Fitness Gloves

The shape of these gloves is quite different. The upper side of the gloves is quite large and the front of the pair is also bulkier than usual. It looks like a mixture of sparring and bag gloves. Adidas has one affordable pair which is preferred a lot in commercial gyms. However, if you don’t do boxing for fitness, you definitely should prefer other types of boxing gloves. Since you can’t even do punching techniques properly especially uppercuts. The design is so bad that it literally forces your hand to the other directions while you are punching. You basically can’t improve your punching technique at all or do sparring with it however you can get a good sweat with a double end bag.

As I said above, if your concern is to learn boxing, self-defense, you should not touch these gloves.

Mexican Style Boxing Gloves

These gloves are made for more speed and better performance. In some cases, these gloves sacrifice protection to provide more speed. This is another style of boxing gloves and there are Mexican style boxing gloves for sparring, training gloves. However, there is an interesting fact. You would expect that Mexican Style Boxing Gloves have bag glove type, right? After all, you can punch more powerful with them. Well, according to my research and experiences, there is none. At least currently there is none on the market. I really could not find out the reason but my guess is that these gloves offer less hand protection and this is why these may not be suitable for regular heavy bag sessions. However, training gloves, which are Mexican style, can be used for bag work.

all different boxing glove styles

Competition Gloves

These gloves are used in professional or amateur tournaments. These have way less padding and laces of these gloves are also shorter. In this way, it minimizes the risk of laces to cut the opponent’s body or face.

The size can be anything between 8 oz. or 12 oz. depending on the tournament. These gloves have way less protection than normal. So boxers can punch, move faster and can offer a more “entertaining” match to people and obviously, the likelihood of injuries, knockout increase significantly with competition gloves.

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai gloves are more versatile than boxing gloves. You can clinch with them and these are also more flexible than pure boxing gloves. Especially the wrist compartment can really flex. When this is the case, your hands will sweat more with Muay Thai gloves. So Muay Thai gloves are produced for this. Some good examples are Twins Special and Boon for that. So if you are someone, who prefers to be “more relaxed” during punching sessions, you can prefer Muay Thai Gloves.

Due to the hot and really humid environment, there are many people in Thailand,  don’t prefer pure boxing gloves and prefer doing boxing with Muay Thai Gloves.

Boxing is s a sport where two people punch each other with two padded gloves (reference). So there are other glove types than regular boxing gloves. However, I only included the popular gloves like MMA gloves. Otherwise, this writing can go on and on for pages.

MMA Gloves

MMA requires way more than punching. You need to do grappling, a myriad of different submission techniques with them. So these gloves need to provide a wide range of motion for your fingers and wrists. So as you can guess these gloves don’t offer the ultimate protection for punching. Even there are many people who argue that many MMA training gloves simply can’t be used for heavy bag sessions. I also agree with that since many of these don’t have enough padding or these may not have enough wrist support so if you want to get MMA gloves for solely punching bag training, you need to research the websites and read the reviews.

However, this glove type is the most versatile one and can be used for many martial arts including kickboxing, sparring in Krav Maga… After all, it is mixed martial arts gloves.

Kickboxing Gloves

Kickboxing gloves are quite similar to MMA gloves and many MMA gloves also can be used as kickboxing gloves. Kickboxing gloves have softer cover materials and you can wipe your sweat out with them. Kickboxing gloves also have longer finger compartments and this is the reason why it is preferred for the mitts as well. These gloves’ structure is also quite good for good wrist alignment thus it offers better wrist stabilization. Also, even though these gloves are made of similar materials like neoprene etc. these gloves offer better cost efficiency than the others and according to my research, this is the most popular glove type among all glove types on this list. So this can be the reason.

These are all types of boxing gloves and brief explanations of them. I also included which one will be better for your goal (fitness, self-defense…) as well and I hope that this writing is informative for you. I know that there are some other weird boxing glove types but these are the basic ones.

Also, I included links to other pages in this writing to provide even more detailed information about these glove types. However, if you need any further information about any of them just have a comment below and I will reply to you.

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  1. This article is very informative especially for the ones who are into boxing. I’ve been wanting to try this sport and just want to know what could be the suggested gloves for beginners and where we could best buy it? 🙂 Hopefully, there’s also an article detailing boxing, muay thai and kick boxing. Thanks!

    1. It is good this article will give you all the things you need to to know about types, however when you are choosing for your first glove, you also need to know way more about the materials, designs… You can check out these gloves for beginners. Man I never did kickboxing or Muay Thai in my life. Unless someone, who is expert at these, does a guest blogging, you will not find a writing on these subjects on my site. However, you can always do a google research and find good information.

  2. A great overview on the differences between boxing and martial arts gloves. I actually have the same boxing gloves that connor mcdavid used to box Floyd, but I didn’t really understand the differences (how naive I know).

    What would you recommend for pleasure use and someone that is not an avid boxer, but wants to just go to the gym and hit the bag?

    1. I think you meant to say Conor McGregor and not the hockey player : ) Yeah that one was Everlast but I think he went with it because Everlast generally pays good money for sponsorship. In my opinion, Everlast is not good for avid boxers.

      I understand you want to do it for fitness purposes. You can check out these bag gloves. These are perfect for fitness and protect your hand quite well so these are really good choices for beginners who don’t go to boxing gyms regularly.

  3. Firstly, an interesting coverage on the types of gloves available on the market. Secondly after reading the entire message, it seems that your recommendation is mostly about training gloves which give the best cost-benefit ratio.
    For most of us, we do not train professionally yet, so our use of gloves will be mainly training and training in different martial arts.
    In other words, is it possible to say that most martial arts practitioners who combine training on a boxing bag would recommend buying the Hayabusa Boxing Gloves

    1. Yeah, you can save a lot of money with training type boxing gloves as you can use them for any training type. So it also suits you as you think of doing various martial arts training. Hayabusa Boxing Gloves is one of the most preferred boxing gloves by martial artists and I also strongly suggest the gloves of this brand.

  4. This is a very informative article. I had no clue that there were these many types of boxing gloves available. Your article has enlightened me. I might get a pair for my husband for Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

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