How to Properly Install a Double End Bag?

how to properly install a double end bag

Setting up a double end bag at home or gym can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing.

how to properly install a double end bag

Double end bag training has lots of amazing benefits for fighters. You can practice various punching, kicking techniques and defensive movements as well. Let’s not forget that it is just great for reflexes. It also helps to build muscle mass and can help you burn fat as well.

There is literally a myriad of reasons why everyone needs to include it in a workout routine.

Without further ado let’s start how to properly install a double end bag with an amazing video which shows every step clearly. You can also use this method for installing a double end bag at your own home. So I really appreciate whoever made this video as I also have been using it in local boxing gyms for years and it always worked out as it should.

After the video, you can read the written instructions, my mistakes, and a few recommendations as well.

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1. Gather all the necessary equipment for installation.

  • A double end bag
  • Floor and ceiling anchors
  • Bungee cords
  • Locking carabiners
  • Eye bolts (din 580, din 444…)
  • Swivels

2.  Mount the ceiling anchor to the ceiling which can support the rigorous double end bag sessions.

3. Put the cord or rope in the ceiling mount and let it drop to the floor. Mark the drop point. Drill the point approximately two and a half inches and the hole should be half-inch width. You can do it with any method.

4. Put the floor anchor in the hole. If it is not placed fully, use a hammer to do it. After that, put an eyebolt on it and screw the eyebolt until it does not move at all.

5. Measure the height between the ceiling and the floor. This height is the equivalent of a bungee cord plus a piece of rope and your double end bag.

6. It is very likely that your rope is way longer than it should be. First, fold the rope in half and adjust the rope according to the height (between the double end bag and the anchor) that you need to use. After that, make a couple of nods to make sure that the rope is tight enough. Then put it in a double-ended swivel. Put another carabiner to the other end of the swivel. This will be put on the ceiling anchor.

After that, put the locking carabiner to the other end of the rope so it will be ready for you to place the double end bag.

After this step, the ceiling part is over.

7. Fold the bungee cord in half. Put a locking carabiner to the part with no holes. This is the part which you will put the double end bag.

8. Put another locking carabiner to the holes of the bungee cord. Then put it in a double-ended swivel. Put another locking carabiner to the other end of the swivel. Finally, put this carabiner to the floor anchor.

9. Lock all the locking carabiners so your double end bag does not fly after you strike!

Alright, these were all the steps for how to set up (install) a double end bag and the cool thing is that you don’t need any extra equipment. Furthermore, you can apply this method anywhere.

My Mistakes, Recommendations, and Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, many tools are adjustable so you will not have any issues with them. So just buy them and adjust them according to how deep the hole is. The rope and bungee cords can also be adjusted. You can fold them in half, do different nod types…

Basically, you can change the height as you wish and make them suitable for the height of your room or gym.

With that being said, there are definitely some things to be careful and if you are not, you won’t get a good experience with a double end bag and definitely won’t improve your striking skills effectively.

Make sure that you screw the eyebolts really well. These should not move at all. If it does, the rope or bungee cord will have more freedom than they should and you can’t have an ideal recoil rate at all. The bad part is that you really may not notice that during a session as I generally do not notice it either.

how you can set up a double end bag at home

Your floor and ceiling should support the anchors and the tension while working out with the bag. Actually, this is not much and if you don’t have a really weak ceiling that can fall over you in a minute you should be just fine. Since the tension equals only 20-30 lbs. which is quite low and I am sure that any ceiling should be able to support it.

Anchors should stay really solid. These should not vibrate at all and stay like a rock. Because these can affect the rebound rate badly and in addition to this, the anchors have more tear and wear than they should.

If you follow these steps to a tee, you can easily install a double end bag at your home or gym.

Yeah, there are also some other ways to do it. However, as many of you know it by now, I worked in a lot of local gyms and so far I never had any problem with this particular method. And I am an old-fashioned guy. If something works I don’t change it. In addition to that, these materials are quite common and you can find them quite easily. Also, I am really bad at building and installing stuff so if I can install a double end bag with this method, I am very sure that anyone can.

If you have any questions about how to set up (install) a double end bag or something is not clear, just let me know below.

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Source: Trust Do Boxing
Image Courtesy of JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON and via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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  1. H Phomrong Maring

    I’ve always been thinking of purchasing a Double End Bag and here you are, with this useful article for all to go ahead buying it with care.
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    That was a good read and look forward to reading such useful information.

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    1. It is good that you found the article so you can set it up easily : ) I think that people don’t think much while getting a double end bag so I wrote down everything I know about it and hopefully people can make better choices.

      If an explanation of a step etc. is not clear, I am here. You can ask anything.

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