Fairtex BGV5 Review – Should You Get It?

Fairtex BGV5 Review

Fairtex has another glove from BGV series which is called BGV5 and truth to be told Fairtex BGV5 is loved by some people and hated by some people and there are definitely legit reasons for that.

Fairtex BGV5 Review (Super Sparring Gloves)

My extensive Fairtex BGV5 Review and explanations of the qualitiesTraining Quality: 8.8 / 10.0 (Only Sparring)

Protection: 9.1 / 10.0

Durability: 9.0 / 10.0

Comfort: 8.0 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 8.7 / 10.0

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  • Padding protects you and your partner
  • Good training performance
  • Offers excellent clinch work
  • Above average leather quality
  • Decent wrist support
  • Great air regulating qualities


  • Your knuckles may hurt slightly from time to time

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1. Padding

The padding is decent however it is not as good as it is advertised. And you will need time to fully experience what this padding can offer you. There are definitely some details which you need to know before you ever step into a ring with this pair.

Let me break it down everything about the padding below…

Even though the padding of BGV5 is soft (after all it is a sparring type glove) it is also very dense at the beginning. While punching it protects your partner without an issue. With that being said, it does not lower the shock on your knuckles much at first. The reason is that the padding is really dense and requires a break-in period. So you actually will need to spend around a month in the ring to feel comfortable with the gloves. So get in the ring more often and it will be more comfortable with time.

In my opinion, it is not one of the cons. However, the following is. Even after this period is finished, you may feel a slight pain from time to time in your hands. Even though it rarely happens it is still a con.

The clinching will be more difficult at first as the glove gives a bit more resistance than it should. However, it also gets better and will actually reach excellent flexibility. Fairtex is actually the best in this department!

The glove size is smaller than usual and the contours are made according to your hand. I really like it as it provides a closer fit and the fitting is quite suitable for clinching which is reported over and over again by users.

One other thing is to note that the padding is totally different than the other boxing gloves of Fairtex like Fairtex BGV1. And I know that many avid boxers, Muay Thai fighters already trained with other models of Fairtex. Even though you may be familiar with the other gloves of the brand, this padding will feel different.

This pair has three layers of padding. So while punching these distribute the shock three times before it reaches to your hands. Each layer’s padding quantity is equal. When the layers have equal quantity of padding, it feels more “natural” and it feels like there is only one layer.

Many boxing gloves, which have layers of padding, can create safety problems because the layers’ padding quantity is different. Considering my experiences, It is always a good choice to have gloves like Fairtex BGV5. Because when time passes, the layers will have kind of equal deformation thus you will be safer in the following years. I actually had the same experience with Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves which use a similar layer style.

You can see that many people spar with Fairtex BGV5 In Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. Obviously, this glove is produced here, however, the interesting thing is that even though it is not the most popular choice according to my research a lot of fighters religiously prefer this model over many other quality sparring models which are also produced in Thailand.

2. Protection

The padding protects your partner quite well as it is softer than the other Fairtex Gloves’ padding. In addition to that, it has a larger thumb compartment and it is attached which is again expected from a proper sparring pair. However, many people don’t seem to understand why it is larger than usual. The reason is the padding distribution. It has more padding quantity than usual. So in order to have a natural padding distribution this part also has more padding quantity than usual. With that being said, the padding can hurt your knuckles slightly from time to time so you can expect soreness after some sessions.

The padding at the upper side is not really bulky and even though it is not bulky it does the job and protects your upper hand from impacts well. And in addition to that, literally, no one complains about the protection of the upper hand so it is a huge plus. Because many sparring type gloves have this problem. The bulky padding of the other gloves protects really well however it also slows you down. With that being said, you won’t have this issue with Fairtex BVG5 and this brings a definite advantage for the training performance. Basically, you can move your hands faster while punching or blocking your partner’s attacks.

Ergonomic Design: The padding is less than usual and considering that Fairtex Gloves have small hand and wrist compartments, this glove has a really ergonomic design which also provides it to have a lighter weight than other sparring pairs.

I think that the biggest selling point of Fairtex BGV5 is the training performance as I am sure that many people would love to spar and show what they got with a pair which literally helps them to show better performance (punching fast, blocking better etc.).

How is the Wrist Support?

You are not punching a heavy bag but still, you are punching a real person and this also requires a good wrist support. The closure of BGV5 is wider and larger than many other gloves and this is quite necessary for sparring.

I researched how the feedback is and considering the users’ experiences, it is above average.

3. The Leather

The leather is genuine and can withstand constant deformation over 3 years. This genuine leather is quite sturdy and thick. It gets hardly any defects. So even after years, your sparring partner will feel only the smooth leather. And the cool thing is that when it has deformations, it is not going to cause cuts at first. But it will cause cuts after these spots get bigger. But this will not be likely to happen within three years.

4. The Comfort (Air Regulating Qualities, Freshness)

The liner is slightly softer than the other models but it is still rougher than usual. However, it does an impeccable job for wicking the moisture. Even after a couple of rounds, there will be only slight moisture on your hands. The liner slowly wicks the moisture and this creates time for the sweat to escape. Considering my experiences with other boxing gloves, this is ideal for your hands to stay fresh throughout the session.

Fairtex BGV5 Review

5. The Quality Price Ratio

Alright, the price was bad a couple of years ago and when I looked at the data the pair was not selling much at that time. So I think that the company realized that and all of a sudden they lowered the price. Now the price is not bad at all for the durability. And considering the training performance and comfort qualities, according to me, it deserves the price tag.

6. Cons

As you can read at the padding section, you may have sore knuckles, hands after the sessions. This shows that the padding quantity or density will not be sufficient every time you punch. The meaning is that your knuckles, wrists can feel the impact from time to time. But this is definitely not always the case.

The Popularity: Have you ever been in martial arts gyms in Thailand? Well, I live here and constantly see that many fighters choose this glove over the other popular sparring gloves.

Looks: It has a classic Fairtex logo and the classic rectangular shape.

7. Should You Get Fairtex BGV5?

In my opinion, it is not the best boxing gloves for sparring out there. However, even though it has cons which may be important for some people it has definitely some certain superior qualities which some people really like. Two of the most important qualities are the good design and the lightweight which will provide you amazing sparring sessions. And the sturdy genuine leather offers you good value for your money. If you are interested, have a look at Fairtex BGV5 on here and see whether you like the price or not.

Additional Information: Back then Fairtex was lack of service centers and you probably have seen that there were several complaints about it on forums and various other review sites but that was a long time ago and this was solved a long time ago. Now there are more than enough service centers in the USA and the rest of the world.

In this Fairtex BGV5 review, I included every quality of the pair and what you need to know about them. If you think of sparring, in my opinion, it should be one of your considerations. If you have questions or experiences with the pair, feel free to leave a comment below.

Image Courtesy of Eric Langley via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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16 thoughts on “Fairtex BGV5 Review – Should You Get It?”

  1. Excellent information and very thorough. It looks like the benefits of the BGV5 gloves definitely out weigh the cons. However there could still be better gloves out there, and with the price being lowered I think the company knows it. I may have to wait until the next version comes out before deciding on this brand. See if they learn from past issues.

    1. I think that this glove can be suitable for many people. Yeah, there are some other superior gloves but these generally have higher price tags.

      Well, I suggest you don’t wait as I don’t think that the company will replace this really popular glove with another pair anytime soon or you can just pick another one.

  2. Janice Fox-Henley

    Thank you for the thorough review of the Fairtex BGV5 Super Sparring Gloves.
    You have laid the groundwork for someone needing to make a learned decision about the BGV5 Gloves purchase.
    I knew nothing about boxing gloves, and I feel I could recommend your review to a fighter.
    I like the way you clearly state the Pro’s and Con’s as you see them!
    I thought your post was a good read, and your website, well-planned and designed!

    1. Many fighters train with this pair. In my town, I constantly see fighters spar with it. It is extremely suitable for clinch work. In my opinion, this one is the most suitable pair for clinching as your hands have more freedom than any other Muay Thai Gloves on the market. So you can clinch more effectively.

  3. Thanks for sharing, great review on Fairtex BGV5 Super Sparring Gloves. Your detailed post has given me some insight into boxing. IMO, the pros of Fairtex BGV5 does outweigh its cons as Maryann has pointed out in another comment.

  4. Great post I love all things martial arts related thanks to Jim Kelley and Bruce Lee.i was taking a Muay Thai class it was great for conditioning and self defense . I saved your https://findbestboxinggloves.com page in favorites in my browser for reading your other articles .Have a great week and stay vigilant bro

  5. Wow, the these Fairtex gloves sound pretty good! I have used similar gloves, and love mine. I’m always in the market for something that could improve my fitness or work out experience. Do you recommend any good sparring gear to go with the gloves as well?

    1. They are great for sparring as they don’t hurt your sparring partner with hard padding as many other Fairtex Gloves do.

      You can start by looking at these headgears and go from there. There are ones which are light and provide good peripheral vision. You can ask any sparring gear related questions there as well.

  6. Hello! Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it.
    I want to ask you what would happen if I use this model for bag work too?
    I do Muay Thai, and have just purchased this in Amazon, above BGV1, just for the 10 dolar difference between them and reviews but I need them both for sparring and bag work.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It is okay you can use it as long as you get the right size. However, padding can toughen after some time and you can hurt your sparring partner. But you can use it for a long time without this issue.

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