The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Boxing Equipment

If you are reading this post, I am really glad because you will start boxing and start getting amazing benefits of it 😉 There are some things to consider before getting your equipment and below I will walk you through all about it. Some of these things also can save you a lot of money. 

Let’s start with the most popular beginner boxing equipment…

Boxing Gloves

There are many training types for boxing. These are speed bag, focus mitt, sparring, heavy bag, and double end bag training. Each of these has beginner boxing equipmentdifferent requirements for boxing gloves. For example your gloves should have extra wrist support so you don’t have any injury while punching the tough heavy bag. Or when you punch your sparring partner with your glove, your sparring partner eye should be safe with your glove’s thumb-lock feature.

Also your glove’s cover material should be sturdy enough so your gloves don’t have any rough spots after long focus mitt sessions.

These are just a few requirements.



There are quality boxing gloves which are suitable for all training types. These also have all safety features for these. If you wonder about these pairs then have a look at these best boxing gloves for training. These pairs have premium quality and even though you are a beginner you may even heard of these famous brands before. In my opinion these are just perfect choices for a first pair. You can also have a look at best boxing gloves for beginners for more affordable option.

If you are more advanced in boxing then it may be better for you to get a pair of gloves for every training type however it is definitely not the case for you at least not yet.

You will also definitely need hand wraps. These provide extra wrist support, make your punch stronger and also provide protection for your knuckles. Hand wraps are simply necessary for all training types.

Even the cotton wraps are fairly cheap and there are some way better rated products, for these you can have a look at best boxing hand wraps.


Do you really need Boxing Trunks (Shorts)?

If your regular sport shorts don’t limit your movements then I think it is perfectly fine to go with these. I don’t have a best list for shorts yet however when I do, I will definitely add it here 😉 Obviously it will be better for you to wear these however I really don’t think that you need it for only training.


What about Boxing Shoes?

I see many running shoes, basketball shoes while people do boxing training.

Firstly, some of these don’t even have necessary safety features like ankle support and secondly you just can’t show your best training performance with these. Some of these shoes may not have enough grip and you can lose balance. The balance is simply vital for lots of sports and I can easily say that it is even more vital for boxing.

Some of these non-boxing shoes can have a lot of grip like wrestling shoes. I don’t know whether you wore wrestling shoes or not but it is really hard to pivot with these. If you wear these you will probably trip.

Even though wrestling shoes are preferred a lot, even these are lack of something.

Do you need boxing shoes for training


There are many reasons why we wear boxing shoes. When you wear boxing shoes instead of other type you will directly feel the difference and it will also directly affect your footwork very positively.

I highly suggest you to wear boxing shoes in any training type and I compiled a list of really quality boxing shoes with lots of research and you can also find my experiences in best boxing shoes.

These are the equipment which you need for every training type and those equipment are enough for punching bag and double end bag sessions.


With that let’s continue with gears for other training types (punch mitts and sparring)…

Focus Mitt Training


  • Boxing gloves, hand wraps and shoes (you can look at beginning of the page for recommended gears)
  • Focus mitts
  • Body protector

Punch mitt training improves many boxing skills very fast and you can do punching techniques like uppercut against resistance. It is truly priceless experience and if you don’t have a special heavy bag for every strike type then focus mitts become the only and best place for practicing it. You can also read more about it in benefits of focus mitts training. For this training you need focus mitts and your trainer or boxing buddy need a good boxing body protector. These quality body protectors are not heavy and will let trainers move freely. Even some of these can get rid of moisture quite well.




  • Boxing gloves, hand wraps and shoes (you can look at beginning of the page for recommended gears)
  • Headgear
  • Mouth guard
  • Groin guard

After you improve your skills you will want to see your improvement and start sparring.

With that you should be really What equipment do you need for sparringcareful about the safety. I saw many injuries during sparring. I saw that people lose tooth, have cuts and some even passed out. Actually list goes on and on. I also saw even worse things on internet but won’t tell any of these because I don’t want to make you scared 😉 However some of these definitely can be prevented with right kind of protective gears.

Firstly you need a good quality headgear which allows good vision and has good shock absorbing foam at the same time. For that you can have a look at this headgear list.

And I think you probably would want to smile without scaring kids right? Here are the quality mouth guards and these will protect your teeth and save you a lot of money by not going to to dentist 😉 Actually mouth guard has many other benefits. It also prevents jaw dislocation and lowers the risk of concussion.

Any part of your body can get hit during sparring. This includes your groin area. Even though I got hit two times during an entire year of sparring, still I got punched.

Obviously we need some kind of protection and there are many different groin guard types. I can easily say that there are many good designed guards and the companies use latest technology for these. Even some groin protectors are made of bulletproof materials with very good design which allows you to move freely. What else can we want more 🙂

Even though you will get punched only a few times in that area it is definitely needed and I highly suggest you to have a look these groin protectors for boxing.


What is your cardio preference?

When I first started cardio I preferred running instead of jumping rope. I simply did not know how to jump rope and didn’t want to look like a fool. With that I also needed to train my lungs and better stamina so I started running. I wish I had started jumping rope instead of running because it can give you lighter and faster foot and as you may know these directly improve footwork.

And let’s not forget that jumping rope makes your muscle a lot denser. So boxers generally prefer jumping rope instead of running and there are some very quality jump ropes which are suitable for techniques such as double unders, criss cross etc. These ropes can improve your technique faster than usual and their swing rates are also optimal. So boxers and many people, who train boxing, tend to prefer these quality ropes more. If jumping rope is your first cardio preference, then have a look at these best jump ropes for boxing. As I said even though running can provide very good cardio, jumping rope is just better for boxing and it will always be the most common cardio exercise for boxing.

These are all equipment and gears which are needed for beginners. I hope you enjoyed reading and again it is really nice that you will start boxing 🙂 If you have any further questions about these beginner boxing equipment or anything just leave a comment below.


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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Boxing Equipment”

  1. This is some great information- thank you! Really like the site, and have played with some simple boxing. This article is really helpful for thinking about gear I might need in the future.

    1. There is many guides on the net but there are not many thorough guides so I thought that I should do a guide for beginners. I am glad it helped you.

  2. Hi thanks for sharing this article I always wanted to join a boxing club but never got the chance to join but I have decided this summer to join and I stumbled across your article where you share what equipment’s to get before joining thanks for the help.

    1. This writing is your guide for every training type man. When you decide to make a purchase, you just need to follow the links. These will take you the best guides for them.

  3. This article reminded me my lost passion for boxing. I agree having a suitable gear helps improving your performance as well as enjoying the activity.
    I like jumping as well as running. I think a variation of both helps targeting different muscle groups.
    Jumping is bit intense so not only strengthens calves but helps burning more calories.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Training with aright gear is just vital for boxing training and improving performance, speed, and skills as well.

      Mixing jumping rope and running is the way to go since both of these can help for different aspects of your conditioning. But I just get too bored when I run lol and I honestly don’t have a good place to run here.

  4. Hey I am too old for boxing myself but my son who is now 15 is looking to start it up in the coming months, I have no idea what I need to buy him but the points outlined have really given me a clear understanding of what I need to get – not just the gloves, but also the trunk, shoes and the equipment needed for sparring that you mention, Thanks for the great help here by the way and keep up the good work!

    1. I wrote every equipment needed for sparring above and I even included some optional ones for other boxing training types. I am glad to help : ) If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask Michael.

    1. Yeah, boxing is quite popular in the Marines. I see many images on the websites where marines do sparring and learn boxing for self-defense. It is good that you get back to boxing.

      You have a background in boxing so I am positive that you can get in the ring and start sparring sooner than any beginner.

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