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Best Heavy Bag Stand – Rock Solid Ones

When I was younger and while I was training with classic heavy bag, I used to fear that some guy with big muscles punch and knock down the entire heavy bag stand. Over the years, I have learnt that it is not easy 🙂 However heavy bag stands can lose its stability with time and buyers should consider having a quality heavy bag stand with a good warranty. In this short content, I will walk you through about quality boxing bag stand’s features, give recommendations for best heavy bag stands and their warranty information.


Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand

Best heavy bag stand review

Lots of punching bags are made exclusively for boxing, but not this one. It is for all kinds of martial arts. It can hold up to 350 Lbs.  and this provides you to hang very tall and heavy punching bags to it. In that way, you can add low kicks to your workout routine.  It is 7.5 feet tall and has very easy 5 screw assembly. Also, it comes with 4 unfilled sand bags to weight down the heavy bag station. After filling the bags with sand, you can put these on its legs.

It gets EXCELLENT reviews and it is the best rated punching bag stand on the market. As you may know, Outslayer is very respected MMA company and it gives 10 years of WARRANTY. Okay, its price tag is 2 times more than heavy bag stands on this list. However Outslayer’s warranty is 30 times more than Everlast’s warranty and 10 times more than Century’s warranty.

These simply make Outslayer the first CHOICE for punching bag stand. This stand is also perfect for home, since its base is triangular shaped and can be set in corner.


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Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand

Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand Review

Ringside heavy bag stand is a classic looking one. It has lots of good reviews about its durability. Ringside’s legs are made of steel and 95″ tall. Like other heavy bag stands on this list, it allows 180 degree striking area. I personally have no experience with this one however it has been reviewed as very durable on boxing forums and it is in best seller section on Amazon. Ringside is more suitable for larger areas. Because its legs are apart 35 inches from each other. This is more than other boxing bag stands and allows more footwork. If these features are appealing to you, then check out this affordable stand on here.




Everlast – 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand Complete Set

This 2 station heavy bag stand is the best seller complete platform. I think it will stay at top poisition for very very long time, because it has no competition whatsoever. Even though it has short warranty period, this heavy bag stand have steel legs and it is reviewed as highly durable. Everlast comes with COMPLETE set including 100 Lbs. punching bag, boxing gloves, hand wraps and one speed bag. They only forget a boxing mouth guard 🙂

Everlast - 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand Complete Set Review

Even though its boxing gloves’ protection quality is not good, you can use hand wraps for better protection. One of my favorite side is that its chain is adjustable to any height so the stand can be adjusted for everyone.

After purchasing the product, its warranty period is only 120 days. I see it as a BIG con. After 4 months, you are simply alone to find a service and pay money to repair it. According to me, it literally SUCKS. But this heavy bag stands are better reviewed, rated among others and honestly it is the most quality complete set on the market. So I have included Everlast complete set in the content.


Century Heavy Bag Stand

quality alternative for heavy bag stand

This heavy bag stand can hold up to 100 pounds. It is very easy to assemble. 3 steel plates pegs stabilizes the stand and it is the most important feature. As an example, my old gym used some 2 plate peg heavy bag stand and they were not so stable. Even there were little swinging issue with the platform. This boxing bag stand comes with a 1 year of warranty and have a very reasonable price. I have to say Century knows exactly what to do about producing punching bags and stands. If Outslayer did not exist, Century would be my first choice, since it has one year warranty and very durable platform. You can also check its extensive review for more detailed info.

Price: Check out the latest price on Amazon.


Best and Ultimate Choice

All products on this list have certain quality. However Outslayer stands out BIG time. It has amazing reviews and if its company don’t trust the stand completely, they would not have given 10 YEARS of warranty. Get your own best punching bag stand to use at least 10 years. Or you may need a complete set including hand wraps and gloves then check out Everlast Complete Set. I hope you already found your stand and if you have any questions or personal experiences about these stands, PLEASE leave a comment below.


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Reader Comments

  1. I’m so glad I saw your post on best heavy sand bags! I didn’t know these existed and really want one for my husband who doesn’t want to hang anything from the ceiling in our new house. These stand would be perfect then, thank you!


    1. You are welcome. I can’t hang anything to ceiling too:( I live with my family now and they certainly don’t want that. You are welcome Grace

  2. Hi Furkan,

    This is a really interesting post on the best heavy bag stands, it’s very timely as well as my existing stand has essentially reached its last legs.

    Its’ been about ten years in fairness, how long would you expect the bags above to last? I do a mixture of boxing and kicking/ knee strikes.

    1. Hi Nate, their leg quality is so important for durability and grounding. I think Outslayer heavy bag stand is just for you because you can hang tall punching bags and you definitely cant hang heavy ones. It allows to do low kicks and probably it will do the job for you.

  3. Hi Furkan,

    I think my friend is in the market for one of these. He has taken up Tae- Kwon-Do (sorry if spelling is wrong) and for training purposes he was going to buy one. Is there a particular one that would be best suited to this type of MMA?

    1. I think Outslayer would be great choice since your friend can hang tall punching bags to it and practice low kicks with it. Also it is great for punches 😉

  4. Hi, Furkan
    I have tried to find a way to use my boxing gloves but haven’t succeeded yet. I don’t have any space for a punching bag inside but can use our annex. Then a stand would fit perfect like the ones you talk about in this review.
    I didn’t know it existed so thanks for telling me about this opportunity.


  5. Hey Furkan. Thanks for the informative post. I’ve been interested in buying one of these for years, and your info has helped me out tremendously. You are obviously very knowledgeble on this topic, and I appreciate you sharing it.

    Thanks again!


  6. Furkan, I thank you for this post on best heavy sand bags.Very intersting I think this is a great thing to exercise at home to keep your body active. Great website, nice and clear for searching.Keep up your good work!


  7. Dude I am in some desperate need of getting back in shape. I was looking for the best one and now I have more to choose from. I’m not looking to spend a whole lot and I’m not trying to be the next Jean Claude Van Dam, so what do you think will be the best fit for a dad like me that’s just trying to get back in shape?

    1. well I am sure a standard heavy bag will be good for you 😉 Everlast have decent punching bags and if you are looking for doing some kicks as well I suggest Outslayer since you can hang longer punching bags, train and get fit very fast 🙂

  8. Some quality stands there, and it’s good to see that the Outslayer is the one to buy. You are right they wouldn’t put a 10 year guarantee on it.

    1. It has lots of good reviews and it is the best one on this list, I think it is a great choice for people who consider doing boxing training for a long time

  9. Hi Furkan, the bag stands are really impressive. The ten year warranty on the Outslayer is the highest I have ever heard of. The company must really have a sturdy, strong product for a warranty to be that long. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

    1. Actually that makes two of us. I have never heard that too, It is expensive but Outslayer have at least 10 times longer Warranty among these bags. Actually, Century is ideal too even tough it has only one year I know that it lasts a long time

  10. Hi Furkan, thank you for this review. I’ve been looking to purchase a really good quality heavy bag stand for a while, and Outslayer sounds like a good fit, but the Everlast set still looks like good value for a low price.

    I’ll probably need a little more time to think about it, but your comparison review has really helped!

    Thanks again

  11. Hi Furkan,thanks for this. I actually learned what it is called. When I trained before, I used to use one but I never bothered to ask what it is called. This is a great review bro and I’ll keep this in mind when I build up my personal gym set. This one will definitely be in my list as I benefitted from it in my training =)

    1. Hi man, I am glad you liked it and learnt the name of it 😉 These are great choices for a boxing gym for your home (silent, solid no vibration etc.) If you have any more things to ask you know my site and e-mail 😉

  12. Very informative article! Having a heavy bag has always been on my wish list, I think you may have inspired me to finally get one!
    thanks for the information

  13. This is really cool. I have a 15 year old son that is really into boxing. He is always at the gym training on his technique and watching instructional videos on YouTube. He talked to me about getting him some extra equipment at home so he can get some extra work in at home and get the edge over his competition.
    So this post was exactly what I was looking for and think it would improve his skills a lot. I am most definitely going to look into this. Great review, very helpful.

    1. That is really great man. He will surely progress faster when he will start training at home. However, these YouTube videos can be misleading and he can pick up some bad habits which he can’t get rid of in the future easily and that would be really bad for his development. If you have time, check out these instructional videos and in there you can see what I am talking about better.

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