Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review – Is It any Good?

extensive review of windy muay thai boxing gloves

If you have ever been to a Muay Thai gym you probably saw that someone trains with Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. Even though it is not really popular like Fairtex or Twins, there are actually many people who do their training sessions religiously with Windy and there are many solid reasons for this.

In this Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves review, you can find everything you need to know about this pair and I also included some interesting and unique facts about the pair. There are also some tips below and these will provide you to get the most out of this pair as well.

Let’s start with the quick overview (exclusive features) and ratings of this pair and continue with the sizing information. As a side note, this pair has a good fitting rate!

Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Overview

Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves reviewProtection Rating: 9.6 / 10.0

Training Quality Rating: 9.1 / 10.0

Durability: 9.3 / 10.0

Quality / Price Rating: 9.7 / 10.0

Company: Windy

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Exclusive Features

  • Good padding quality
  • Good training performance (clinching and punching)
  • Solid wrist closure
  • Genuine leather
  • Training type pair (suitable for all training types)
  • Handmade
  • The red color looks awesome!


  • A slightly long break-in period

Firstly, Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves have an original and rectangular design. You can basically place your hand comfortably and it is flexible. This provides you to have clinch work comfortably and as “same” style pairs this one also has a rectangular shape.

Windy is suitable for all training types including bag work, focus mitts, and sparring.

Padding: The padding is layered and the layered style basically delivers the shock between the layers and helps with the shock absorption. Padding is foam type and it goes particularly well with bag and pad work.

Safety: According to a myriad of feedbacks, it has a solid wrist closure and stabilizes your wrist well during heavy bag workout. With that, it also has an attached thumb which also has a tighter design so you will be less likely to hurt your partner during sparring.

Durability: This padding type (layered) has deformation more than regular padding types and it starts lowering your training performance after 2-3 years. The leather has a solid construction and the stitching gets good feedback from many people. So the leather will definitely outlast the padding. Shortly you will get solid training performance for 2-3 years.

Comfort: As you may know, the gloves, which are handmade in Thailand, have generally incredible thermal regulating qualities and Windy is no exception. The inner lining wicks the moisture quite fast and strategically placed mesh panels provide good airflow during your session. Honestly, this quality can get A+ easily.

Some Interesting Details: This pair actually has a bit more padding on the cuff part. This lowers the tension on your wrists and I am sure that it will come in handy during your heavy bag sessions. Because it basically protects you better. I also read that many people, who prefer wide gloves, prefer this pair and give good feedback for it.

Differences between the older model and this model: TG30 (this model) has slightly more padding than TG29 (older model) but the difference is little and according to my research, you can use this model longer.

Why Should You Give This Pair a Shot? Alright, this pair is not a copycat like many other Muay Thai gloves on the market and I honestly hate the copycats because there is no uniqueness about them and these bring nothing new to the table. Anyway, this one has it and the design provides you to have good training performance. Also, this pair has been on the market for years. Also, there are only a few brands which offer truly different and quality design for Muay Thai gloves and Windy is one of them.

If you are interested, according to sizing information below, you can choose this pair here.

Youth 8-12 oz.
101-150 LBS. 12-14 oz.
151-175 LBS. 14-16 oz.
Over 175 LBS. 16-18 oz.

Below you can see a short video review of the pair.

Forums: I checked out many Muay Thai, boxing glove forum posts and people, who used this pair, generally give quite good feedback for clinching and bag work. Also, this one is one of the rare pairs which always get at least decent feedback.

Handmade and Break-in period: Like many other handmade leather gloves, Windy has a break-in period. It takes about 3 weeks before you fully break-in this pair. It is nothing much and almost all handmade Muay Thai pairs have a break-in period. The padding is stiffer than normal and after you break in this pair you will see an improvement in your punching experience and after you finish this period, obviously you will feel “natural” with the pair.

Quality Price Ratio: Considering the leather quality and training performance feedback, it is a bargain.

Colors and Aesthetic: It has 3 color selections which are red, black and pink. This pair looks just awesome and also made my cool boxing gloves list a long time ago.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get all-around good Muay Thai boxing gloves that have a unique design and provide all training types, then you should definitely have a look at Windy Muay Thai Gloves. The design is ideal for Muay Thai and as you may know, many other brands copied the original Windy design and this alone says a lot. After copying the design, these companies also have been producing these pairs for years! Shortly you can trust this pair. As a side note, I know that MANY people train with Windy in local Muay Thai gyms in Thailand.

About the Brand: The brand prefers old-school style and design. There is no doubt about that. However, it also uses the latest technology for the padding which is layered foam. I used the Ringside Gloves which have the same padding and I always felt the impacts less than usual. Shortly, this brand offers you something different and also good quality.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading the Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves review and if you need any further information just have a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Image Courtesy of Anton Murray via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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6 thoughts on “Windy Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review – Is It any Good?”

  1. These are totally awesome, love the fact that the pair actually has a bit more padding on the cuff part. The comfort level is great for the information provided. I love what you had to say about them.

    1. Exactly this is why many people prefer it. Thanks to the extra padding in the cuff part, it provides more shock distribution.

  2. These look like a comfortable pair of boxing gloves. I am actually getting started in boxing. I am setting it up in my garage for way to get in shape and for self protection. I have not gotten everything I need yet. Would this be a good beginner pair, or do you recommend something different?

    1. It seems like you want to use this pair for only training like bag work so it is suitable for you. It is a snug fit and the padding is not really that dense but it protects. So Windy can be a great fit for a beginner like you.

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive and very timely review. I live in Thailand and have been thinking about joining Muay Thai lessons for fitness as there is a gym in my street.
    I like the idea of the extra padding and the wicking qualities, as yes here in Thailand you sweat buckets.
    I’m female, does it matter? I guess I’d just choose the smallest size?

    1. I also live in Bangkok : ) Yeah, almost every street has a Muay Thai Training center/gym in here. These gloves have a bit more padding than many other Muay Thai Gloves and it will protect you more and this provides “extra” protection.
      As for your question, it actually does not matter. Just look at the sizing information and get one.

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