Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review (My Take!)

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review

Hayabusa started producing a new pair of boxing gloves and this one got into bestseller lists on a lot of shopping sites very fast.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review

My Extensive Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves ReviewTraining Quality: 9.8 / 10. 0

Protection: 9.9 / 10.0

Durability: ? / 10.0 (Explained below)

Comfort: 8.7 / 10.0

Cost Efficiency: 9.2 / 10.0

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As you may know, Hayabusa produces various MMA fight gears including shin guards and T3 named gears are made with absolutely top-notch materials. And more importantly, so far all of them provided incredible training quality (striking and protection). The company had worked on this special glove for quite some time and many people including me have been waiting for it. In addition to that, considering that boxing is more popular than MMA, I know that it will sell A LOT more than other T3 series.

With that being said, after the release date, Hayabusa T3 sold like crazy. Even I did not expect that. Considering all the things I have experienced in the industry, I was quite impressed with it.

Alright, this pair has a lot of unique qualities and these make it better than the most of the boxing gloves on the market. In my opinion, it is definitely one of the best, however, I could not give a specific ranking as there are no reports for long usage.

Without further ado let’s start the extensive review…

1. Padding

Alright, the padding is exceptional and I dare to say the quality is really close to Winning’s padding. If you are a boxing enthusiast and know your glove, it sounds like a huge claim but hear me out for a minute or two.

This padding has five different layers. Normally, a lot of gloves, which have multi-layers, will have a lot of problems in the future. One of these problems is flexibility and because of it, you might have a hard time to make a proper fist. Also, some gloves might be even heavier than usual. With that being said, Hayabusa T3 does not have these problems and as a side note, before Hayabusa T3, as far as I know, there was only one quality model (RDX Cowhide) which has more than three layers and does not have such issues.

Also these gloves, which have layers of padding, always have some break-in period and it tends to be a very long one. I also find this duration quite irritating as I feel strain while punching and my knuckles hurt. However, Hayabusa T3 has no break-in period whatsoever. You just put on gloves and start getting standard punching experience. You also don’t feel any discomfort with your knuckles or hands… It is another plus.

The padding dissipates the shock one layer to another and the shock basically does not reach to your hands. Shortly you don’t feel a thing. Once you know that you can actually punch hard without any fear of injury you can feel more comfortable and punch faster.

2. All About the Durability

The durability mainly depends on two things. One is padding which is explained above and the second one is the construction.

The Construction: This glove is made of microfiber fabric which is actually preferred to genuine leather. The first reason is that it can resist to wear and tear more. And the second one is that it can flex better. So the leather is likely to last a really long time. I am estimating that it can last 4+ years.

3. Wrist Support (Dual Strap Explained!)

Hayabusa T3 has a dual strap which has four interlocking points and you can adjust the tightness quite well. According to reviews, it feels like as if it is lace up boxing gloves. So we can actually say that Hayabusa nailed it as it has a lot of perfect feedback for it. This also improves the wrist support because it is tighter and provides it to be firm.

Alright, I am sure that from now on we will start seeing this closure type more often. In my opinion, Hayabusa started a trend which can last a really long time maybe forever.

The reason is that the closure type basically provides the best of the two worlds. It is easy to use and it also provides amazing wrist stabilization.

4. Training Performance

The padding is good for bag and pad work as it dissipates the shock between the five layers and transfers the shock well. With that, the upper compartment and padding weight, distribution are not different than Ikusa and Tokushu series. As you may know, many professional fighters do their punching sessions with them. And in my opinion, if something works, there is no need to change anything. It is flexible enough to make a fist however while clinching it gives a bit of resistance. So if you are planning on doing clinch work, you may want to consider another pair which is more flexible like Twins Special.

It is also good for sparring as the padding is soft and disperses the shock well. So if you get 14 oz. or 16 oz., you can very well use it for sparring.

5. Comfort

The hand compartment is smaller than usual. So it provides a snug fit.

The liner is antimicrobial and helps with odor and wicks the moisture. In addition to that, antimicrobial liners are used for getting rid of bacteria. This also helps with the odor in the long term as well.

It also has microfiber leather. It is actually not used much for gloves. However, it is not only resistant to water, it also helps water escape. So your sweat can escape.

The inner lining includes silver fabric. It is scientifically proven that the bacteria is way less likely to grow in silver fabrics. As you can see Hayabusa used the best materials for every compartment.

The lining is also soft and while punching you don’t feel any strain. This is why you can go really hard while wearing these. It has a bit more fabric to wipe the sweat more effectively and this really shows that Hayabusa actually hears people out as there were a lot of complaints about this issue with older models.

The breathability of the pair is decent. The panels are not as large as gloves like Fairtex BGV1. However, the lower area still provides a decent amount of air flow.

So overall, the comfort is above average.

6. Genuine Video Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review

Below there is a video review of Hayabusa T3 and I need to say that this guy gives a lot of useful information about the gloves’ construction and he apparently used this glove for quite some time. Also, I know that many people have not even seen a 4 strap closure and if you are wondering about that, you can also check it out how to put it on and off.

7. Fitting Votes

It gets relatively good fitting votes from users. Many big handed people reported that it might be small. So if you know that your hand is bigger than people who have the same weight you might want to consider a bigger size. However, this is optional and it depends on whether you like a snug fit or not. With that being said, if you prefer wrapping your hands twice and have big hands definitely get a bigger size.

8. One Thing to Consider

These gloves are fairly new. So there is not anyone who used them for long years. With that being said, I know that the leather can withstand the constant punishment and it seems like the stitching can stay solid for years. But I have a suspicion about the padding because it consists of a lot of different layers. Considering my experiences with gloves like some models of RDX and Fighting Sports S2, these gloves will have problems after 2 years. The padding becomes soft and moves oddly while punching. Also, after two years you will not hear that “pop” sound with these gloves while punching a heavy bag. But this might not be an issue with Hayabusa T3. We will basically wait and see. As a side note, after I get this information from a trustworthy source, I can talk more about this topic and will provide you updated information. But you need to have a little bit more patience and if you prefer, you can bookmark this page and when I update it you can read it.

Handmade: It is handmade and the stitching looks really solid as there was some serious work put in. Despite being handmade, there is not any flexibility problem and any break-in period.

Aesthetics: It has compartments and these segments give a three-dimensional look. This glove also has vibrant colors. In my opinion, thanks to these it has a unique and outstanding look. Hayabusa T3 also definitely has enough color selections.


I think that I did a pretty good job with this Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves review as it does not leave any questions. But is the price any good? As I said above, I have concerns about Vylar engineered leather’s durability, however, padding and the construction are worth every penny.

If you are looking for an all-around training glove which deserves to be on “the best lists”, check out the most recent price of Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves.

If you have any experiences with this particular glove or need further information you are more than welcome to share it below.

Image Courtesy of Combathistory via Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved
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16 thoughts on “Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Review (My Take!)”

  1. Great and thorough review here. I’m with you on the point you made about their durability. 2 years seems fair for boxing gloves literally getting banged around regularly, no? Thanks for this write-up!

    1. 2 years of durability is alright and Hayabusa can last more than that. In my opinion, the glove should last at least a year and in my opinion, two years of durability is really good.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’m always on the lookout for new gloves and martial arts equipment. Now I’ve been introduced to a whole lot more.

  3. Very exhaustive review, it does exude passion.
    I am not a martial artist myself (only a fan), but I know people who train and this brand is often mentioned. Your review matches with everything I have heard and I will definitely suggest your blog to anybody looking for some boxing gloves.

    1. I am not surprised. This brand became one of the most popular ones out there and many people have already experiences with at least one Hayabusa product.

      Well if you can share this article, I am sure they will really appreciate it, Andrew, as I think it provides a lot of useful information about the gloves.

  4. Awesome review on these boxing gloves. Before purchasing any fitness gear I always will search for reviews and what other people had to say about the item. It helps me gain trust of the product and a full understanding. Do you come from a Martial Arts background? I love boxing and have thought about learning martial arts also so this topic and post excites me , thank you.

    1. Yeah, you should do that. In fact, you should read everything which you can find online as there are many expert websites about everything including boxing, fitness gears so you can make a good purchasing choice. Basically use Google as much as possible.

      At first, I started doing boxing training. I literally had done only boxing training for years and was never interested in doing MMA, BJJ or any other martial arts. I was never interested in them.

      However, one of my friends wanted me to watch him a couple of years ago and told him his mistakes during pounding a grappling dummy. He also did some grappling and I was actually fascinated and wanted to learn MMA. After that, I gave it a shot and I literally have been rolling on MMA Mats in Thailand for years.

  5. Hey there! I do have a couple of questions about this glove that I didn’t pick up from the article.

    Is this a boxing glove for, well, boxing? You had mentioned that this company makes MMA gear. I have a kid who is getting into boxing and I would like to know if this glove is an appropriate choice.

    Maybe your answer to that question will have answered this one: Is this glove meant for boxing competition, or simply for training? I am wondering if there are organizational rules regarding the use of non-leather gloves in the ring.

    This is a very informative article and I’m glad that I got to read this before Christmas as boxing gear seams to have filled my stepson’s Christmas wish list.

    1. Yes, it is a boxing glove. That information is just about the company and what kinds of gears they produce.

      In my opinion, he can and should train with this quality pair. The competition gloves are 8 oz. and he can’t participate in boxing tournaments with Hayabusa T3. If you are looking for a competition approved gloves, check out Casanova.

      There is no regulation about leather type for boxing tournaments.

  6. Hi
    A great review. I watch a lot of boxing matches but I never knew that there are a lot of things to be considered by them in selecting even the right training gloves. I thought the training and competition gloves may not be different. Now, I understand the difference between Hayabusa T3 and Casanova.

  7. chaavi buramdoyal

    That’s a great review of the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves, what you have written is spot-on. The gloves are also of great quality and has a nice finishing to it.

    Thanks for your in-depth review of the gloves

    1. Hi man,

      Have you sparred with it yet? I want to know how it holds and how your sparring partner feels. Do the gloves hurt them much? Feel free to share your experiences.

  8. Hi
    Good looking Gloves. I trained in and taught martial arts for over 25 yrs and in that time I went through my fair share of boxing gloves. The Hayabusa T3 look really firm and comfortable, it’s a shame they weren’t around when I was training. Thanks for the informative article.


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